It Had To Be You

Chapter 1

It had now been two hours since the Council Of Elrond had finished and the fellowship was gathered round still in the circle from before.

Gandalf looked around seeing that Frodo and Sam were sitting together with Merry and Pippin who were talking about how much they were going to miss the Shire.

Boromir and Gimli were sitting eyeing each other from across the room wondering who the more threatening was.

And Aragorn and Legolas, Gandalf looked to see that Legolas was reading one of the many books that the wizard had seen him read every year whilst Aragorn sat with his head on the elf's shoulder trying to stay awake.

Gandalf chuckled slightly watching as Aragorn placed his hands around the elvish Prince's - soon to be King - waist watching as Legolas shivered at the touch.

Chuckling once more he saw that the hobbits had turned their attention to him.

"What's funny Mister Gandalf?" Sam asked him watching as the others except Legolas and Aragorn turned to him.

"I was just remembering a time when young Aragorn could not stand Legolas. It is indeed good" Gandalf said watching how everyone sat up whilst Aragorn seemed to have finally fallen asleep, his head on the elf's lap.

"A story, Gandalf, tell us please?" Pippin pleaded and Gandalf knew he couldn't say no to a story but Legolas would need to be aware.

"Legolas, the story, do you mind?"

Legolas shook his head eyes still on his book saying he didn't mind the story being told.

"Okay, well Aragorn was young at the time. It was his first meeting with Legolas and..."

"Ada, I do not wish to marry this Prince. I absolutely refuse" Aragorn rode forward with Gandalf beside him knew he sounded like a spoilt brat but he didn't want to be seen with a Prince, that would just make him look pathetic and needy.

"Come Estel, need you act so immature, Legolas is a fine young man and he..."

"I do not care if he came from Mount Doom Gandalf. I shall not marry him" Aragorn knew that nothing would change Gandalf's mind now that they were in Mirkwood. The place where the Prince he was soon to marry lived.

"Estel, give him time, I assure you he does not want this as much as you" Gandalf tried pleading with the young man but knew it would do no good.

Aragorn was just too stubborn.

"Nay Gandalf, I refuse to marry a spoilt rich brat, one such as the Prince of Mirkwood himself, I absolutely refuse to be stuck to him till time ends it days and be forced to clean up the stupid Prince's..."

"Gandalf?" The new voice was questioned and Aragorn turned seeing a young man looking not much older than himself standing just outside the entrance his hood was pulled up on his cloak to hide all emotion but Aragorn thought he saw some tears fall from the man's face.

"Gandalf, who is Estel?" Pippin asked all of a sudden breaking the silence of Gandalf telling the story.

"Pippin, it's Aragorn silly" His cousin Merry slapped him on the head telling Gandalf to continue.

"Anyway, yes well the man..."

"Gandalf, is it really you? The man pulled his hood down letting Aragorn see the long blond hair that fell to the man's shoulders.

"Legolas, it is good to see you" Gandalf dismounted from his horse hugging the man whom he knew as Legolas.

Aragorn sighed, this was going to be a young five months.

Legolas turned to him hearing the sigh.

"Gandalf, who may this be?"

"This my friend is Estel, better known as Aragorn."

"Ha, I told you Pippin" Merry but in making Gandalf sigh knowing this story was going to take forever if Merry and Pippin took so long fighting.

"Merry, Pippin" Gandalf tried to stop them but couldn't so he leaned back wondering what to do when he saw two flashes appear and looked up to see Legolas in-front of the two hobbits holding his twin knifes out in-front of him.

"Merry, Pippin, Gandalf wishes to finish his story fore night-fall, be silent or I shall cut the head that hangs from your neck."

Legolas turned to walk away and Gandalf whispered a thanks to the elf knowing he could never do such a thing.

"Anyway, where was I oh yes..."

"Ah yes, Estel, the human I am to marry" Aragorn noticed how Legolas didn't seem to be too happy about this but neither was he so he could just ignore him or try to get along for the sake of Middle-Earth.

"It is a pleasure to meet you" Aragorn held out his hand wishing the Prince to take it but did not expect what he got instead.

Legolas spat into his hand turning away in anger whilst Aragorn sighed wondering what he'd done to annoy the elf before he remembered and his anger returned.

"Oi" Aragorn yelled out but Legolas seemed to pay him no heed as he continued to walk back to Mirkwood with Gandalf following on his horse once more.

Groaning Aragorn jumped down from his horse with grace, a talent he had picked up from living with elves for so long before he began to sprint towards the Prince who was unaware of his presence so the two of them ended up rolling on the floor whilst Gandalf yelled for them to stop.

"Leave me be" Legolas gritted his teeth as Aragorn punched him once, twice, three times in the stomach.

"Did your mother not teach you manners" Aragorn went for one more punch but was caught unawares as Legolas flipped him onto his back whilst the elf brought his elven knife close to the man's throat.

"Speak no words of my mother or face death" Legolas's words sounded cold in the man's ears and he tried to move from the grip but knew he had no chance.

"I'm sorry" Aragorn said knowing how he felt about his mother as his had died when he was young.

Legolas moved off him allowing the man to stand and he whispered.


That was the final straw as Legolas lunged at him bringing both man and elf to the floor as they wrestled together on the ground whilst Gandalf wished there was something he could do.

Finally he came to his senses.

"Estel, Legolas" He dragged the Prince of Mirkwood off of Elrond's foster son to see that they both looked the worst for wear.

Estel had grass stains over his back and sides with a bruise beginning to show just below his eye.

Legolas on the other hand had a cut lip, his usually flat hair was strewn all over his head and there was a large red mark on his forehead, a gash.

"I wish you two to stop this now, Legolas you should know better and Estel, Lord Elrond would be appalled by your behaviour" Gandalf looked at both of them telling them with his eyes that he was not kidding on.

"I'm sorry Gandalf that I have to marry such a prissy like the Prince Of Mirkwood" Estel said before he felt Gandalf's grip on him tighten as he was pushed to the ground once more by Legolas who began to punch him showing how much of a non girl he was.

"And that did not improve young hobbits" Gandalf continued watching as the hobbits looked over at Aragorn and Legolas who were both hugged close together.

Legolas was once more reading his book whilst Aragorn sat braiding the elf's hair.

"I don't believe that they could hate each other" Frodo said eyeing the way that Aragorn and Legolas were behaving with each other.

"It is true young hobbit, look Aragorn?" The wizard called out the man's name who stopped braiding looking over at his companions.

"Aye Gandalf."

"I'm sorry Aragorn that you have to marry such a prissy like the Prince Of Mirkwood" Gandalf repeated Aragorn's words from years before wondering what would happen.

Aragorn gritted his teeth looking up at Legolas who was still too in his book then he saw it, the elf's eyes were glazed over, he was asleep.

"Gandalf, I do not wish to remember that, it hurt" Aragorn felt his stomach as if he could still feel the elves punches.

"Did Legolas really get you good?" Pippin asked watching as Aragorn nodded before rolling up his sleve to reveal a nasty looking burn.

"And this is also from Legolas. He burned me, tell them the rest Gandalf."

Gandalf nodded looking at the hobbits then at Boromir and Gimli who were still interested. Even Aragorn sat down next to the hobbits.

"Okay, well it was the second week and Aragorn and Legolas were still not getting along so I suggested something..."