Chapter 10

The next morning, the hobbits awoke knowing that they would be starting out on their adventure today but also they couldn't help but wonder what Legolas and Aragorn would be like, would they be happy or sad or angry or what

The four hobitts headed outside where Boromir, Gimli and Gandalf were already standing waiting whilst Elrond was talking to Legolas and Aragorn in low whisper's so the hobbits walked over to the others.

"It is a fine morn, no? To be heading on this quest" Boromir spoke up as they soon as they stopped in-front of him. They still weren't all together sure if they should trust Boromir or not but were growing a bit more trust-full to him since he had not tried to steal the ring again as of yet.

"You leave us with high hopes" Elrond said walking over with Legolas and Aragorn who looked ready to go weapons set up and everything. It was pretty hard to see the non-warrior side of them.

"Aye, my lord Elrond" It was Frodo's turn to speak knowing that he was the one who would have to go out and finally get into the fire's of Mount Doom to destroy the one ring forever and ever.

12 Months Later.

Finally it was gone, Frodo thought as he lay awake in the hospital wing in Rivendell, the journey had been perilous and they had lost Gandalf in the mines of Moria only to find that he had survived and came back as Gandalf the white but also Frodo and Sam who became separated from the rest of the fellowship heard about the death of Boromir from his brother Faramir but they also met Gollum who wanted the ring for himself.

However both he and the ring were gone and the only thing that Frodo had left to remind him of it was his half finger of all the other nine.

"You did a wise thing, Mister Frodo" Sam said a couple of days later to him after Legolas and Aragorn had been bound together since they both got back okay and fine.

"Aye Sam. I shall write a book upon it. It shall be called, It Had To Be You."

And with a laugh, Frodo got set to work on what would soon be his next greatest book after his Uncle's Biblo't There And Back Again, A Hobbit's Tale.

The End.