If you're Homophobic, then why are you kissing me?

Chapter One: Disturbed

Suzaku Kururugi could only stare at them. He couldn't even bring the thought to mind. Just the thought made his stomach churn…

Why had he run into Milly and Kallen while they were kissing? Oh, why oh why are the gods punishing him like this? He moaned and leaned against the wall, slowly sinking to the floor. He was in the Student Council Room, trying to remove the thought from his mind.

It wasn't his fault he was homophobic; he couldn't picture any two people of the same gender together. It just didn't seem natural… He groaned again, the thought reappearing… just as Lelouch walked in with the others. Suzaku's eyes widened as he saw Milly and Kallen and quickly stood up. "Hey, Suzaku, are you feeling all right?" Kallen wondered as she sat down at the table.

"Yeah, I'm fine," he said, too quickly for Lelouch's liking. Lelouch gave him a questioning look as he sat down. Suzaku quickly took a seat beside Lelouch, away from Kallen or Milly, luckily. He still liked them as friends, but right now… he wouldn't be able to sit next to them without screaming bloody murder randomly.

"Well, I have an announcement before our meeting," Milly announced as she stood at the front of the table. Rivalz gave her an odd look, but had his full attention to her all the same. Lelouch was still looking at Suzaku weirdly, but turned his attention to Milly as well. Kallen had a knowing look on her face, as if she knew exactly what was going on. Shirley looked happy, waiting for the president to announce what she had to say. And Suzaku was staring at the wall behind Milly, forcing himself to have a blank face. Nina wasn't at the meeting. "I want to make it official. Kallen and I are dating!"

A knowing look dawned on Lelouch's face while an outcry from Rivalz happened. He looked at Suzaku, who glanced at Lelouch and froze. There, Lelouch sat and the sun was lighting everything around him. He looked… well…

Suzaku looked away, his eyes widening as he realized what he was thinking. Was this what it had felt like for Milly and Kallen? He glanced at the two girls, who were arguing with Rivalz while Shirley congratulated them. Surely, he wasn't feeling something for Lelouch… right? Maybe it was because he hadn't kissed someone in so long…

Lelouch stood up. "Suzaku, do you want to come to the bathroom?" he wondered loudly over the squealing as Milly kissed Kallen's cheek. Suzaku gulped, then nodded, and stood up.

"Sure, we can go for now," Suzaku agreed, following Lelouch out of the room.

Milly gave Lelouch an odd look as they left, but Lelouch simply rolled his eyes in an 'I'll explain later' look. She looked at Kallen, who shrugged. "Maybe they're going to the bathroom for some alone time," she said, a smirk forming on her face. Milly giggled.

Lelouch opened the bathroom door for Suzaku, who stumbled into the room and leaned over the sink, his wide eyes staring blankly ahead. "I'm sorry about that. I should have explained to Milly that you're-"

Suzaku forced himself to shake his head. "I'm fine, Lelouch. I mean, I'm happy for them, but…"

"I know you're homophobic, so I should have pulled you out of there right away," Lelouch said, leaning against the wall besides Suzaku. Suzaku's eyes flickered over to Lelouch.

"I said it was fine." Suzaku swallowed. "I ran into them earlier and I saw them kissing and…"

"Oh…" It made sense now. Normally, Suzaku didn't freak quite so badly when two people of the same gender were together, but if he saw them doing something intimate… that usually took the freakiness to a whole new level.

"I'll be fine soon," Suzaku continued with a shaky smile and he straightened up. "Let's head back; I don't want to cause us to miss the entire meeting."

"Are you sure? We can wait until you're-"

"I'm fine." Suzaku lead them out of the bathroom, flashing Lelouch a quick smile as he passed him.



It was later that evening. Lelouch had offered Suzaku to stay at his home that night and Suzaku agreed. He was in the kitchen with Nunnally, folding paper cranes. Lelouch was out, in the hall, waiting for someone. He was waiting for Milly, to be exact. And he wanted to make sure Rolo wouldn't be able to walk in on their conversations.

"Okay, Lelouch, what was up earlier?" Milly demanded as she walked down the hall towards.

Lelouch shook his head. "You have to promise you won't tell anyone. Suzaku told me this a long time ago and it's really personal for him. It's probably one of the only things in a battle field that would break his cool."

"Okay, I get it. Now what is it?"

"He's homophobic."

Milly was surprised. "Oh, that's why," she said, a knowing look crossing her face. "Why hadn't anyone told us earlier?"

"He doesn't want anyone to know. He feels really bad about it."

"I see. Well, that would probably explain why he wasn't talking to Kallen or me today."

"Well, you see, normally, Suzaku doesn't freak out too bad about it. However, he ran into you two earlier that day…"

"Oh…" That made sense now. "Well, this is going to be interesting. I won't be able to put my plan into action right now then," Milly pouted, then a grin formed on her face. "He isn't the scared homophobic type, right?"


"Great! I'll see you later."

Lelouch stared after Milly, an uneasy feeling filling his stomach as he watched her run off. "What were you up to Lelouch?" Suzaku wondered, handing Nunnally another crane for her light purple eyes to inspect. Nunnally turned to look at her brother, smiling.

"Oh, Milly had wanted to ask me about a festival we would be doing, but she didn't give me any details," Lelouch said smoothly, settling down beside Nunnally and picking up some paper.

"Is Suzaku going to be staying here tonight, brother?" Nunnally wondered as she spread the wings out.

"Had I not told you yet, Nunnally? He'll be staying tonight," Lelouch said with a smile to his sister.

"Where is Rolo? I haven't seen him for most of today either," Nunnally continued.

Lelouch shrugged, just as the door opened. Rolo walked in, looking exhausted. "Hey, Rolo, is everything all right?" Lelouch asked.

Rolo blushed slightly. "I-It's nothing."

"What about Gino? Had you seen him today? I was supposed to talk to him about some schoolwork," Suzaku said with a frown.

"Oh, I helped him," Rolo said softly, walking out of the room. Nunnally cocked her head to the side, and then a knowing look passed across her face. She burst out giggling. The other two gave her an odd look.

"Rolo and Gino were studying," Nunnally said before going into another fit of giggling.

Lelouch's eyes widened and Suzaku's mouth dropped open. Suzaku started laughing first and Lelouch joined him soon after.

Everyone soon calmed down and began working on the cranes some more. "It's getting late," Lelouch commented after a moment. "We should probably get some sleep. We do have school tomorrow."

"That's a good idea," Suzaku agreed.

"Okay," Nunnally agreed, nodding her head.

Suzaku and Lelouch both got Nunnally put to bed, and then they faced a new challenge. There was one bedroom free for Suzaku and Lelouch. "Hmm… this could be interesting," Lelouch said with a nod as he assessed the problem.

"I could stay on the couch-" Suzaku began, but Lelouch shook his head.

"We can both stay in my bed," Lelouch interrupted. "It's a queen-sized bed so we won't be anywhere near each other."

"The couch is just fine, Lelouch."

"It's uncomfortable. Besides my bed is big enough to fit Gino and Rolo in here as well. It's perfectly fine."

"Fine, I'll sleep on the floor then," Suzaku grumbled, folding his arms over his chest.

"It's not like we haven't shared a bed before-"

"We were ten then."

"You're staying. Unless it makes you too uncomfortable…"

"Lelouch, you're my best friend. Of course I'm not uncomfortable."

"Then you'll stay," Lelouch decided. "Okay, I have some spare pajamas if you need them," Lelouch continued, turning to his dresser. Suzaku sat down on the bed, observing Lelouch's room silently. It wasn't very often he was in there and it was interesting to see exactly how Lelouch's room was set up. It was simple really; plain walls, a queen-sized bed with a dark blue quilt, a desk where his laptop sat, a black jacket hung on the back of the chair in front of his desk… He stood up and picked up the jacket.

"Lelouch, where are the hangers?" Suzaku wondered as he folded the jacket over his arm.

"They're over in that closet," Lelouch nodded, then noticed the jacket on Suzaku's arm. He cocked his head to the side. "I wonder where that came from," he wondered, walking over with the pajamas.

"Is it yours?" Suzaku asked, holding it up. It was only then that he realized the jacket was too small for Lelouch.

"I think it might be C2's. She was over here just the other day."

"In your room?" Suzaku grinned. They were referring to their newest classmate. She was a strange girl, really. She kept to herself mostly, but she talked to Lelouch a lot, along with Suzaku. Her hair was an odd color as well, it was green, and she kept it pulled back in pigtails.

"Oh, shut up. She wanted some help with homework and Rolo and Gino were playing a really loud game then."

"Are you sure it was a game? Obviously, the two have a thing for each other and they may have been-"

"With Nunnally? She was playing with them."

"Oh? Never mind…" Suzaku grinned again and slipped out of the bedroom. He dropped the jacket over an armchair and got dressed in the bathroom. Lelouch was ready when Suzaku returned. They climbed into the bed, one at a time. Lelouch was by the wall and Suzaku was on the outside of the bed. Lelouch snuggled up to his pillow and closed his eyes, hoping for a night of sleep.

~Author's Note~