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Chapter Six: Winter Spirit Part 2

It wasn't long before Milly, Kallen, and Shirley were dressed in their costumes. By then Lelouch was already tired of the outfit he was wearing. He really wanted to get rid of it and burn it. Unfortunately he knew it would be futile. Milly would have some trick up her sleeve if he did do that. Besides, Suzaku seemed to like the outfit. So he had to grudgingly compliment the outfit Milly chose for him, secretly of course.

Lelouch, Suzaku, and Rivalz all got a good look at the three girls' outfits. They were all very interesting. Milly and Kallen looked like old-time people, from like the 1500s. Milly was dressed as the guy, with colored dark hair that was pulled back into a ponytail. Lelouch knew it was colored, not sprayed because she mentioned the other day during a meeting she was going to color it brown. She stood with a confidence beside her lovely young woman, Kallen. Kallen's hair was blond, but Lelouch couldn't tell if it was sprayed like Rivalz's hair or colored. Either way, she was wearing one of those large flowing dresses. It was medium blue outer layer with buttons on the front and white under layers. It made her look more timid than she acted sometimes. Shirley looked... old. Like as old as Rivalz did. Lelouch felt bad for her.

Milly interrupted everyone. "All right, I have a few requirements for all of you. There was part of a reason why you ended up as partners. You all have relatively the same classes. I've already informed your teachers that you're to sit together during every class and on top of it, you are allowed to show some PDA."

"You're requiring it?" Suzaku asked, frowning slightly.

Milly's grinned widened and she nodded. "That's what will make everyone love the costumes more. Besides you have to make it look like you're a couple for the outfits anyway or else it wouldn't make any sense. Unfortunately, even if your group is chosen as the winner, only one of you could be titled a lord or lady." They all nodded, listening intently. "Now obviously, you are not allowed to grope each other nor are you allowed anywhere near other students for kisses, touches, gropings or anything. Most of the PDA rules still apply, but hand holding and arms around each other are okay. Even a few pecks on the cheek or lips is appropriate. But keep it to a minimum. I'll get my behind chewed off by my grandfather if you guys are inappropriate."

"Obviously most of us aren't going to be," Lelouch retorted, rolling his eyes at Milly. "Kallen and you are the only ones in a relationship together."

Milly grinned at this, but said, "Yes, but I had to elaborate. You know, just in case something happens that makes any of you randomly start making out."

"That won't happen," Suzaku said, as if to reassure both Milly and himself. Instantly, Lelouch knew what Suzaku was thinking. He glared at Milly, who shrugged and flashed Lelouch an apologetic look.

Milly looked at her watch and clapped her hands together. "Classes are going to start in fifteen minutes. You all better head there." Lelouch noticed the glance between the two. It was obvious what Milly wanted to do for a little while. So he stood up and, with a glance Milly could pick up on, said, "All right, let's head out. None of us want to be late."

Suzaku nodded with Lelouch and got to his feet. Lelouch, after hesitating for a moment, got to his feet. His muscles tried to protest, but he ignored it and managed to walk next to Suzaku. Shirley and Rivalz followed.

"Oh there's one last thing!" Milly said before they left and handed out name tags. "You're required to wear these so people know what you are. We don't need people assuming things."

The four students started out of the room and Milly called a reminder, "Make sure to act like couples!" They all acknowledged what Milly said, but didn't say anything.

Suzaku and Lelouch headed a different way from Shirley and Rivalz. The halls were relatively clear. The two were silent. After a moment, Lelouch cleared his throat and asked, "So... what are we going to do... you know... with Milly's requirements?"

Suzaku shrugged, finding his fingernails intriguing. "It's whatever you think is good enough for Milly. I don't want her attacking us or something."

Lelouch noddded. "Yeah she wouldn't be happy if we didn't do anything, but I know it makes you uncomfortable."

At this, Suzaku chuckled. He quit when he saw Lelouch's look on his face. He hastily explained, "You're different Lelouch. You're my best friend. I'm comfortable around you."

Lelouch looked at Suzaku for a minute, surprised and, to his annoyance, a swell of happiness. He quickly crushed the feeling. "Well, then this won't be too hard," Lelouch said. After a moment, he walked closer to Suzaku. Suzaku decided to wrap his arm around Lelouch's waist and pull him slightly closer. Lelouch closed his eyes for a moment, enjoying the closeness and then pulled himself together. He needed to get over this crush.

"I never got a look at the name tags," Suzaku commented. "What do they say?"

"...I have no idea," Lelouch admitted. "I didn't look either." He looked at the nametag Milly gave him. All it said was 'Cutest Clause Couple'. He frowned and told Suzaku. Suzaku also looked confused.

"I wonder what she's trying to get at," Suzaku commented, his brows furrowing together. He looks so cute when he's thinking, Lelouch thought, then scolded himself for thinking such thoughts. Why was it suddenly so hard to banish thoughts of Suzaku?

Suddenly, Suzaku let go of Lelouch. It took Lelouch a moment to realize why. There was a girl, talking with some friends. Her name was Nyfian. She had light honey colored hair that curled just right and a beautiful face. She was nearly perfect for a girl and had very bright personality. It would make sense if Suzaku liked her

Lelouch's suspicions were confirmed when Suzaku said, "I'll be right back. I just need to talk to someone." Lelouch nodded, pushing back any feelings he had. At least he tried to. It wasn't completely possible. He still felt that stab of pain, just like when a person breaks your heart. Suzaku obviously didn't (since they weren't together), but it felt like a betrayal.

He told Suzaku, "I'm going to continue to class."

"Are you sure? This will only take a moment-"

Lelouch cut him off and said sharply, "I'm sure." Then he started walking without waiting for a reply. Just as he walked past Nyfian, she broke away from her friends and walked right up to Lelouch.

"Good morning, Lelouch!" she said brightly, giving him an eye-closing smile similar to Nunnally's. He nodded at Nyfian. Then she started giggling. "What are you wearing?"

"Milly made me," he stated.

She giggled again. "That makes sense. I know you wouldn't wear it normally."

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Suzaku's stunned expression. Lelouch let out a sigh. Nyfian didn't seem to notice. She actually seemed nervous now. "... So, are you free tonight?" she asked, fidgetting. "I know just about every girl likes you, but..."

Lelouch looked at her and gave her a smile. "Sorry, unfortunately I'm not free. I already have plans with my sister Nunnally."

Nyfian nodded, smiling. "Well that's okay. I wasn't really talking about you anyway."

Lelouch gave her a strange look. Nyfian continued, "I wanted to see if you could introduce me to Suzaku."

Lelouch sighed. He was going to hate himself for what he was going to say next. Reluctantly, he said, "Well, if you're looking to go on a date with Suzaku just ask him. He already likes you." Mentally he cursed both himself and Nyfian. Why was he setting up the guy he liked with a girl?

Nyfian looked over at Suzaku, grinned widely, and then looked back at Lelouch. "Well if that's the case, then I better go talk to him." With that she walked off to Suzaku, who looked between her and Lelouch until she met up to him.

Lelouch started on towards class, trying to ignore the feelings he was feeling. Within a minute, Suzaku had caught up with him.

Suzaku asked instantly, "Did you set up Nyfian for that?"

Hesitating, Lelouch nodded. "Well you like her. It's obvious."

Suzaku shrugged. "I thought she was pretty, but I didn't really like her like her. It will be fun to give it a chance though."

"What time are you guys meeting?"

"She said at seven."

"Should I wait up late or will you guys be back at a decent time."

"I'll be back by eleven at the latest."

Lelouch nodded. Absently, Suzaku slipped his arm around Lelouch's waist. This time, he felt Lelouch tense. He looked over at Lelouch's face. It was void of any emotions whatsoever. Usually he could at least read him somewhat. He couldn't now. "Is anything wrong, Lelouch?" he asked.

Lelouch shrugged. "Nothing that comes to mind. I'm just not feeling too great."

Lelouch glanced at Suzaku. Now he looked concerned. "Do you need to go back home to rest?"

"No, no, I'll be fine. I was just explaining why I'm tense."

Suzaku nodded. "... What do you think of Nyfian?"

"She's very nice. Everyone likes her," Lelouch said.

"I know. It's why I like her. She's nice, even to me."

"There's been others who were nice," Lelouch commented.

"Yeah, but that was you and Nunnally," Suzaku said with a chuckle. "Obviously, I wouldn't go for you or Nunnally. Nunnally is like a sister and you... well with my homphobia and all..."

"I understand," Lelouch said quickly. He wanted to avoid the conversation. It didn't make him feel any better. "But Shirley and everyone's been pretty nice too.

"Yeah, but I wouldn't go for them either. Nyfian is the first I've really liked since..." He fell silent. Lelouch knew exactly who he was talking about; Euphemia. They'd ended it a while ago, when the law had forbidden it. Euphemia hadn't wanted to and neither had Suzaku, but they both would have been executed for it otherwise. Besides, it wasn't too long before Euphemia was at Area 9 and had an engagement set up. They both had to move on.

"That's understandable," Lelouch said quietly.

"So, what about you? Who do you like?" Instantly, Suzaku could see Lelouch's face close up, guarded. "You don't have to be embarrassed," Suzaku teased.

Lelouch sighed. "I don't talk about it. It won't happen, so I'm forgetting it."

"How do you know it won't work?" Suzaku asked.

"Trust me, it won't," Lelouch mumbled.

Suzaku shrugged. "I didn't think you were a quitter."

"Sometimes, there are wars you can't win, no matter how smart you are," Lelouch said cryptically.

"You win every battle, Lelouch. Even if it's love, I imagine you'll win somehow," Suzaku said with a laugh. "You're just too smart. You probably have tons of seductive ways you could win the person over with. I imagine you could turn a lesbian straight, with how popular you are."

Lelouch rolled his eyes. "You're far too dramatic Suzaku."

"No, I'm serious. I have it! I propose a bet for Lelouch Lamperouge!"

Lelouch gave Suzaku a funny look, and then asked, "What is your bet, Sir Kururugi?"

Suzaku grinned. "I bet you to seduce a poor lesbian and manage to get her on a date with you."

Lelouch shook his head. "Suzaku, I'm not that cold-hearted. I won't do that to a poor girl."

"You wouldn't have had a problem with it a little while ago. What's changed?"

"A lot has changed," Lelouch explained. "When you realize you like someone and they won't have you, it's more painful than you'd think it would be."

"I understand-" Suzaku began, but Lelouch cut him off.

"Being with someone and then having to end it is different. When you just can't be together, it's this longing feeling of... pain and anger. You're angry because no matter what, it won't ever happen and it's so painful because you just want to be with this person."

Suzaku nodded. Just then they arrived at their classroom. So far, they had managed to avoid all girls. Unfortunately, tons of girls were already in the classroom. One saw Suzaku and Lelouch and gasped. "Is that-" she murmured to one of the girls. They were all silent one moment, and then one squealed.

"Oh my god! Lelouch and Suzaku are such a cute couple! I HAVE to take a picture!"

Both Suzaku and Lelouch cringed, for different reasons obviously, and also because of some of the glaring girls at Suzaku and his arm around Lelouch. Lelouch started, "You may want to let go before-"

"Suzaku! Lelouch! Is this for the holiday thing? Are you a Mr. and Mrs. Clause couple just like the rest of the Student Council?" some girl Lelouch vaguely knew. Her name was Cecilia.

At a hesitant nod, some girls squealed more. "We NEED pictures. Can you two kiss?"

"Oh, what about videos?"

"And a site! We could start a site!"

The girls all started to corner the two boys, snapping photos and the like, but thankfully, the teacher called order over everyone. Suzaku and Lelouch could walk over to their seats finally. The teacher just gave the two a long look, especially Lelouch, and began calling rollcall. Class was no enjoyment either. Girls kept passing notes, glancing and giggling at the two boys all period (getting both of them in trouble every time it interrupted class), and they would not leave Suzaku or Lelouch alone after class.

Milly finally shooed them away and grinned. "Wow, everyone seems to think you make a great couple," Milly said and grinned. Lelouch glared at Milly. Then he flinched as he started walking. Milly noticed instantly and watched Lelouch with narrowed eyes. "Is everything okay Lelouch?" she asked suspciously.

Lelouch nodded, glancing at Suzaku. He seemed deep in thought. Lelouch turned and gave Milly a knowing look she understood; shut up. With a shrug, she commented, "All the girls want to make a website of you two now."

Suzaku looked over at Milly, looking slightly alarmed. She jut grinned in response. "I can share the site when it's up. I always know these things when they happen."

"Then why don't you try to stop it?" Lelouch questioned. He looked at Milly suspiciously again.

She shrugged. "Why would I? I won't stop fans. They get pissed when you try to and hunt you down after. There's no way I'm getting trampled."

Lelouch shook his head and glanced at Suzaku again. He looked very uncomfortable. Lelouch nudged him slightly. When Suzaku looked at him, he just grinned. Reluctantly, Suzaku grinned back. "I just can't wait until this day is over," Suzaku sighed.

"Well, with all these girl fans, there's a good chance one of you will win," Milly told them both. She was watching them closely. She wasn't sure how Suzaku was doing. He looked like a deer caught in headlights. She didn't take this as a good sign. The glare Lelouch was giving her confirmed her suspicions. She just grinned in response to his glare. That just pissed him off more.

"We can leave for lunch today, Suzaku," Lelouch told him, trying to comfort the Japanese boy as best as he could. "That way, you won't be gwaked for a little while at least."

"You can't do that," Milly chimed in, grinning at both of them. "You'll need to be able to be there to show off everything you guys have for the festival. You won't let me down, right?" Lelouch supposed it was supposed to sound innocent, but the evil look the blonde girl gave them proved otherwise.

Both boys nodded quickly, looking nervous. Milly grinned. She hadn't actually meant to scare them, but it made Suzaku forget his uncomfortableness. That was what she was going for.

Milly nodded to both boys. "Good, you better understand that."

Before Suzaku or Lelouch could reply, the warning bell rang. Milly waved to both boys and started for her class. Suzaku and Lelouch started for theirs, but luckily it was in a different direction. "We're going to wait to pick up the pace, Lelouch," Suzaku told him and took his hand. Instantly, he was moving faster. Lelouch tried to keep up, but the pain in his body caused him to gasp at the pain and he nearly came to a stop.

Suzaku picked up on it instantly and turned to the Britannian boy. Suzaku let go of his hand. As soon as he did, Lelouch collapsed against his knees and tried to catch his breath. "Lelouch!" Suzaku helped the boy to the ground and looked at the raven-haired young man with concern. "You still aren't feeling good, are you?" Suzaku asked. After a moment's hesitation, Lelouch nodded. "Why didn't you stay home?" Suzaku asked, his voice even, but when Lelouch looked up, he could see Suzaku was pissed.

Lelouch just shook his head, trying to focus on standing up aagain. "We... need to get to class," he said, his breath short. Since when did it hurt so much to breath?

Suzaku shook his head. "No, I'm taking you to the nurse again. She'll give me a pass and you'll be heading back to your room after the visit."

"It's just my muscles, Suzaku," Lelouch argued. "Just give me a second and I'll be fine."


"I won't argue, Suzaku," Lelouch said, glaring at the Japanese boy. Suzaku gazed back at him with a stony gaze.

"You'll do what I see fit. That's what the nurse decided and-"

"If you make me, so help me, I will kill you because if I don't do this at least until today's festival comes to an end, Milly will skin me and force me into the most ridiculous of outfits."

Suzaku started laughing and reluctantly helped Lelouch to his feet. "Fine, but after sixth hour, I want you to go to the nurse."

After a moment, Lelouch relented. "I'm telling you it's just the muscles. I'm sure the pain will fade soon."

"How about I carry you?" Suzaku offered. Lelouch hesitated. While he was afraid of being dropped again, yet he knew Suzaku didn't suggest contact often. So he decided to take him up on the offer, although, Lelouch held onto Suzaku's muscular form quite tightly.

The moment Suzaku started walking, the bell rang. Suzaku cursed under his breath slightly, but continued walking. Lelouch was quiet, but he registered what was going on because when Suzaku picked up the pace, his grip tightened on his taxi man. Within two minutes, Suzaku had them both at the classroom. Suzaku helped Lelouch to his feet slowly. Thankfully, Lelouch's muscles didn't feel as painful. The worst part had to be when they walked into the classroom.

When they walked in, the entire class looked back at them. Milly and Kallen were there and Milly had one of the largest smirks Lelouch had seen in a while. After a moment of silence, the class burst out laughing. The teacher, who had planned to deal with the two intruding students after she finished writing on the board, decided to turn around. When she did and saw Leleouch and Suzaku, she just looked back at Lelouch and Suzaku. You could see by the look on her face that she was trying to hold back her laughter. A few girls also decided to snap some pictures with their cellphones.

The teacher said, "Let's put away the phones and get back to class. Kururugi and Lamperouge, I will speak with you after class. Sit down." Then she turned around. By the shaking of her shoulders, you could tell she was laughing.

Thankfully, for Lelouch and Suzaku, their seats were near the back. A few girls were whispering with each other, glancing between Suzaku and Lelouch. Both boys kept quiet and their heads down. Today was going to be a long day.



It was exactly how Lelouch envisioned it. Unfortunately, by the end of second hour, there was a trail of girls following them and begging them to do all sorts of... couply things together. Suzaku was so squeamish and jumpy around Lelouch, it pissed him off to the point, he actually snapped at Milly for doing this damn festival. The girl just couldn't keep to herself; she had to help in everything. What made things worse was when Milly just smiled and told him everything would be great. That damn witch.

By lunch, every girl at Ashford knew about Suzaku and Lelouch. There were mixed feelings about the two together. Unfortunately for Suzaku, tons of the girls seemed to put him on their hate list. Others, including the lesbians, absolutely loved them together.

They all decided to have the showcase outside. Milly, with a trick up her sleeve, had winter gear for the Student Council's showcase. Suzaku's and Lelouch's outfits made them look adorable (at least according to some of the admirers). Milly was having Gino make the announcements of each case. As every member of the school came to see this showcase, they described each of the cases specifically. When everyone came aorund the Lelouch and Suzaku's part, Milly hopped down from the table her and Kallen were at and up behind the two boys. She whispered loud enough for them to hear, "You need to kiss." Suzaku and Lelouch both turned around and gave her a skeptical look. By the gleam in her eye, Lelouch knew she was serious. She continued. "If you don't, I'll make sure to keep this festival as miserable as possible for both of you."

"Milly-" Lelouch started, but the icy look she gave them made him shut up. Reluctantly, Lelouch peeked at Suzaku, who looked ready to bolt.

"Don't worry, you two," she said cheerfully. Gino finised up the announcement and, when every ounce of attention was on the two, Lelouch turned to Suzaku. It looked like Suzaku was about to turn and run, so Lelouch did the only thing that came to mind; he grabbed onto the front of Suzaku's jacket and pulled him right into a kiss. Lelouch could see his expression right before their lips met. And Lelouch, as much as he hated to sound like a girl, nearly melt into Suzaku, especially when Suzaku decided to kiss him back. His eyes closed and, just when he thought the kiss would continue, then Suzaku pulled away.

Everything else seemed to fade away for Lelouch. He just looked at Suzaku's stunned expression and to the crowd around them. Before Suzaku had the chance to speak one word, Lelouch did the one thing that could get him out of the situation, despite how embarrassing it was. He pretended to faint, right into Suzaku's arms.

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