The Network Nemesis

A Doctor Who Fanfic

Chapter 1 Buying Fezzes

London, Present Day

Lily Davies had never experienced anything out of the ordinary well she never wanted to, she liked her life exactly as it was. Though there was stuff happening that disturbed her like the University fees rising, Lily was studying English Literature at university herself and it was an irritating thought to realise that her poor parents would have to pay more so that she'd get a big piece of paper or a degree as some people called it at the end of it all. She opened the door to the lecture theatre and found herself a comfy seat, pulling her notebook out of her bag and a pen. Lily looked around, nothing out of the ordinary she supposed, the usual people texting people on their phones. Mobiles something Lily had never really considered just took for granted to be honest, she had one herself but was one of those people who never turned it on. "Quiet Please! Phones off now or you may leave the lecture theatre," announced their lecturer for that day who was sorting through his notes. It was 15 minutes before anything actually happened, Lily made notes as most of the students did then a mobile rang. Lily laughed along with the rest of the students, "Turn it off now Melanie!" snapped the lecturer eyeing a blonde girl who'd pulled a phone out of her bag "But I swear it was off!" insisted Melanie, "Leave off Mel, you'll only get into trouble!" hissed the girl next to her, Lily rolled her eyes as Melanie answered the phone "Hello," Melanie said blankly as if she wasn't really paying attention to everyone in the room. "Melanie!" shouted the lecturer, Lily froze as Melanie began to chant in a voice that wasn't hers "The network will rise, the network will rise, the network will rise," Lily got up and started to walk towards Melanie "Mel?" she asked quietly "What network? what are you talking about?" Melanie let out a blood curdling scream and collapsed onto the floor to the horror of the students assembled there, it was then that the screaming began when they saw what happened to Melanie.

The doctor stepped out of the Tardis whistling to himself, he'd dropped Amy and Rory off at this honeymoon cruise he'd heard so much about. While they were busy with this honeymoon business he was hanging around London trying to acquire a fez because fezzes were cool and he hadn't taken too kindly to the fact that River had gotten rid of that fez before big bang#2. Well at least he could buy himself a new one since he'd checked the Tardis wardrobe and it had everything except a fez, it had a Stetson but no fez. Spotting a shop that sold hats, he immediately ran inside it and began searching for a fez. "Aha," he said finally, a fez placing it on his head he looked at himself in the mirror "Bow ties and fezzes are cool," then he heard screaming, loud screaming louder than someone torturing a cat with a feather. "No wait!" the doctor said "Torturing cats with feathers that doesn't work," The shop assistant who was chewing gum stared at him "Course it doesn't mate what planet are you from?", "Gallifrey actually," thought the doctor and immediately put the fez back, gazing at it for a moment sadly "I'll be back for that fez!" he informed the shop assistant who merely stared at him cluelessly "Sure whatever mate," and the doctor dashed off in what he thought was the direction of the screaming only to realise two seconds later that he was going the wrong way and turned and dashed back in the other direction. Hopefully the situation would be someone tripping over a stone or something and he could get back to buying that all important fez.