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Hidden Betrayals

Chapter 50

It had been a nice quiet few months as the brothers got back into the routine of practices and being a family. Mikey struggled with practicing; relearning his weapons and establishing the proper balance but he was getting there.

He was pretty thin still but gaining muscles with ease as he built himself back up. He didn't enjoy falling or moving his weapon forward to be thrown off balance. It was very frustrating at first when he couldn't do a move he used to be able to do with ease.

But Mikey could see he was improving, and even more so when he started skateboarding again.

Now, nearly eight months since moving back to the city, he started to join his brothers topside again. The first few times made Mikey very nervous but when all they did was beat up Purple Dragons or some Foot Ninjas, even stopping a few muggings; he became more confident in his abilities .

"Hey, Mikey, I need to grab a few things from the junkyard . You've been inside for a while, want to come with me?" Donnie offered, putting a few things into his duffel bag.

Mikey, still wary about going topside hesitated, asking, "What are we getting?" he asked, knowing the last time, he had to help Donnie bring down several heavy bags of machinery from his last junkyard run.

Donnie smiled gently at him, "I need to replace some wiring and grab a motor from a fridge, ours is conking out; no heavy lifting, I promise!" he said with a grin.

Mikey, at ease with Donnie's reassuring words, nodded in agreement, "Alright...that sounds like fun..." he replied, knowing the junkyard was fairly empty most of the time; sometimes they found a few stray dogs or cats but that was it.

Mikey grabbed his gear and weapons, putting it on quickly before heading out with his brother. They were quiet for a few moments before Donnie spoke up, "Are you doing alright Mikey?"

Mikey glanced at his brother, hearing the concerned tone and knew he understood why he grew quiet lately. He was remembering the anniversary of the first day Usagi had abused him. The date was coming up and his brainy brother knew it.

He sighed, rubbing his face tiredly, "I'm getting there...just...I'm not sure what to call it...I feel... apprehensive and worried...like..." he explained sadly.

Mikey then stopped at the ladder that lead topside, "Donnie...if...if I get hurt...bad...please...just let me go... let me die. I... I can't... keep doing this...promise me..."

Donnie's eyes widened in shock, "Why are you talking like that, Mikey? Are you feeling suicidal again?" Donnie asked quietly but worriedly. He recalled that in the Nexxus, Mikey had wanted to give up after Father died.

Mikey shook his head, "I don't want to die...but...it's like this feeling I get... like the one I got from Splinter before he died... like something's going to happen. Donnie... I don't want to die... but I don't want to live if I'm going to be more of a burden. Please Donnie... promise me... promise me that if I am going to be a burden, that I can't walk, talk...or even move...if I can't recover fully ...let me die...promise me!" Mikey pleaded urgently.

Donnie started to shake his head, denying his little brother's words, "I can't Mikey...if...I'll do anything in my power to save you...please...don't talk like this...it's scaring me..." he said, his eyes flashing his distress.

Mikey saw he was alarming his brother with his request but nodded his head, "Sorry Donnie...I think that... these dates ...are like messing with me..." he said, pulling a fake smile on his face . "Last one topside hatched from a rotten egg!" He crowed and started climbing the ladder.

Donnie, glad that Mikey had dropped the subject, whined like he was supposed to, "No fair! Two can't climb up," he moaned playfully. He frowned in thought as he followed behind Mikey, concern building at the strange conversation and sighed, knowing it was something he needed to talk with Raph and Leo about.

Reaching topside with a few jokes, the tension between them eased and he was soon running forward with Mikey, enjoying the crisp breeze on his skin. It wasn't long before they reached the deserted junkyard and started rummaging through the piles . "Hey, check it out," Mikey cried out with a smile, pulling a beat up old skateboard from the pile they had been going through.

Donnie took it in his hands, "It looks like it can be repaired Mikey...seems pretty sturdy if you want to fix it up."

Mikey grinned, taking it back into his hand and putting it into the bag that he carried with him. "This would be pretty sweet to have two boards. There is this awesome trick I want to do but I need two boards," Mikey explained excitedly.

"Please don't tell me you are going to try and give us heart attacks again?" Donnie groaned as he carefully climbed down the pile, intending to go to another one where he spied a newer looking fridge.

"Maybe...I think heart attacks are good for you guys, gets your blood flowing!" Mikey said smirking, walking towards him before he tensed, glancing around warily. He was about to ask Donnie something when he saw a metal bat moving towards his brothers head, "NO!" he shrieked.

Donnie fell without a sound, the bat knocking him unconscious and the force from the blow causing him to roll down the pile, landing in a limp heap below; blood flowing from the gash in his head.

"DONNIE!" Mikey shrieked out, running to his brother before he was suddenly surrounded by about twenty Purple Dragons and they were being led by Hun. Mikey's heart raced as he fumbled for the emergency beacon on a thin piece of string around his throat. It was ripped from him before he even had the chance to push it as he was pinned to the ground.

Mikey whimpered, trying to stop himself from trembling too much when a skinny PD was on him, his hands on his throat and trying to throttle him but he was fighting and growling in anger , desperate to protect his wounded brother.

Hun spoke, leaning over the brainy turtle, "Well, if you're going to fight I guess I can kill this one..." he said with a delighted smirk, a knife being pulled out of a sheath at his side.

"NO! Please, stop!" Mikey rasped out, suddenly limp, docile as they yanked him to his feet and dragged him over to where Hun stood holding a knife to Donnie's throat. Mikey's heart raced in fear. He was outnumbered, his emergency beacon was gone and his brother was unconscious on the ground at the mercy of Hun .

"Your brother is a nuisance ...it would do my gang proud to see his throat sliced clean," Hun said smirking, as he pressed the blade deeper into his throat drawing blood, Hun smirk with malicious glee when Donnie didn't even flinch as his neck was cut .

"NO, leave him alone!" Mikey shouted , his brain in over drive with fear as he tried to figure out a way out of this.

"KILL THE FREAKS !" Several Purple Dragons roared. More horrific suggestions soon followed, "Take his shell off; Tear him apart by his arms and legs; Burn him; Skin him alive; Sell him; Dissect the freak; Fuck him!"

Mikey's eyes widened in terror at each gruesome suggestion, his world in a huge panic as he struggled against the hands that held him.

Hun's smirk grew crueler, "Now that last one was a good idea...fuck him...I wouldn't mind taking a whore..." he said with a vulgar smile, looking at Donnie in a different light, his eyes lighting up lecherous glee.

Mikey's could barely breathe, his breathing came in strangled gasps as he saw his brother being dragged to crate ..."NO!" he cried out, tears rolling down his cheeks as he fought like he didn't before.

He kicked, screamed, scratched and bit as much as possible, trying to get to his brother. When he saw Donnie being laid on his back on the crate and his legs kicked open, he screamed, " NO… HUN! Please, stop …USE ME! Don't!" he begged beseechingly, falling to the ground, starting to cry, "Please, don't...use me instead ...please...I'll be your ...y..your...w...w...whore...just don't hurt my brother ...please!"

Hun smiled, his eyes glinting with glee, "So...if I don't fuck your brother but fuck you...you'll obey me?" he asked, still holding the unconscious Donnie down.

Mikey nodded, tears rolling down his cheeks, "Yes...please...I promise..."

Hun could hear his gang members watching, shock and delight clear on their face, "Prove it...turn around and pull down Ice's pants and suck him off!" he said, the challenge clear in his voice.

Mikey's eyes widened in brief panic before he took control of himself. He turned around as he heard laughter, seeing a scrawny guy with spiky white and blue hair step forward, a smirk on his face. Mikey's hand trembled as he stepped forward, kneeling in front of him.

He glanced at Hun who stayed over Donnie's body watching him; he could see the huge bulge in his pants and knew that he was excited. He shivered as his hand reached out, grasping the belt buckle but he couldn't figure out how to undo it.

He spoke, his voice trembling, "I...I don't...k..know how...t..to undo this..." he stammered out, his eyes wide in a panic, "Please...I...I " and when he saw Hun deliberately grind himself against Donnie's lower plates, he cried out terrified , "NO! PLEASE! I...this...it's human clothing...j...just tell me how...I'll do it! PLEASE!" he said, eyes glittering in his panic, breathing rapidly.

Ice smirked, "Here bitch, I'll undo it for ya but ya gotta kiss my feet..." his swagger apparent as he put his foot forward.

Mikey, knowing he had to do it, flushed with shame and humiliation, knelt down, kissing his boot. He gagged at the taste and smell, looking away as everyone burst into laughter. Ice unbuckled his belt for Mikey who knew what to do next. He tugged Ice's pants and boxers down, cringing at the sight of the pink throbbing penis in front of him.

His eyes widened in fear but as he saw Hun, once again rubbing his bulge against Donnie, opened his mouth and took it in. Mikey felt tears fall down his cheeks as Ice took the next step, grasping his head and moaning loudly, slamming his entire length down his throat.

Mikey gagged and choked but he didn't pull away, knowing that he had too. He started to suck, his stomach rebelling at the taste and saltiness of the man, inhaling the scent of his piss and his dirtied and sweaty body.

The man came fast, his essence spilling into his throat and down into his stomach and he swallowed it all. Ice kept his cock into his mouth until he was soft and limp, slowly pulling out, demanding, "Kiss it bitch and thank it..." he said smirking.

Mikey flushed, struggling to stop his stomach from rebelling it's content, rasped out, "T..thank you..." before kissing the limp cock. He felt it hit his face as Ice rubbed his face with his cock and flushed with shame again.

I knew I was nothing but a whore... he thought bitterly as he stared at Hun, "P..Please Hun...I'll be your whore...your bitch, whatever you want ...just don't fuck Donnie... don't hurt him " he said, his throat burning and aching, his heart clenching as he resolved himself to what he was about to do.

Hun smirked, glancing down at the unconscious Donnie, throwing him to the ground like a rag doll, "Get yur ass over here," he commanded smirking.

Mikey quickly ran over, stopping briefly to check on Donnie. He was concerned because his head wound was still bleeding and he hadn't even twitched all this time . What if he had brain damage ? He thought frantically when a tight hand gripped his remaining arm. He glanced up, staring into Hun's dark glittering eyes, fear filling his entire being.

"Bend over da crate ya slut," he said, undoing his belt and fly, the sound sharp and clear in the junkyard. Mikey could hear the rush of cars in the distance, the feel of the wind on his skin as he moved to the crate. He could feel the cold dirt ground beneath his feet as he hesitated.

He guessed he moved to slow because Hun slammed him down hard; his breathe being knocked out of his lungs, his tail lifted and shoved out of the way before something warm and hard started pressing at his entrance.

Mikey could feel the tears of pain building as his mouth parted, crying out in agony. He struggled but Hun's massive body could easily pin him down as he pushed in. Mikey screamed in pain, his back arching just slightly on top of the wooden crate, smelling blood easily as he was torn apart.

He screamed loud and piercing as Hun shoved his massive member into him, sobbing in pain as he grunted and cried. Mikey could hear Hun's pants as he thrust into him; Mikey hid his face in the crate, smelling that instead of the smell of blood, sweat and sex behind him.

My brothers were wrong...they can't protect me...but...I can protect them... he thought, grunting as he was slammed into, his whole body seemed to be disconnected to him as he thought, He hurts more than Usagi ever did ...but everyone is cheering and laughing...I can hear the sounds of pictures being taken... Hun is right...I am nothing but a slut... a whore.

Mikey blanked out, only coming to when he felt a hand slap his face, eyes snapping open in fright as he realized it was raining and he was shivering on the ground. He saw Hun zipping himself up, smirking to himself, "Now look ya slut, ya belong ta me now , to my gang, what I say goes!" Hun said with a grin, waving his hand at Donnie, "I know when ya brothers go out and where they go . Hell, I even know where the Little Red head lives and dat Angel wannabe! She's hot," Hun said with a laugh.

Mikey could feel his whole body pale as Hun described all of his brothers normal routes and abstract routes, knowing now that Hun knew a lot about them. Crap...we were so careful! How could...oh God, he can grab them anytime! He thought, coming to that realization with despair.

"Now you will be my whore! Every four nights, you will sneak out of whatever hole you live in and meet me...at different places. Hell, I'll make three of them alternating comic and video game stores," Hun said with a smile, lifting Mikey to his feet, holding his arm in a bruising grip.

Mikey shook, he could feel cum and blood sliding down his legs, shaking with the coldness of the water and wondered how long he had been out of it.

"You will be my whore for me to use, my Dragons if I so choose, on those nights...3 hours every 4 days bitch, ya got dat!?" Hun said angrily, shaking Mikey slightly. "Oh and don't tell your brothers about you being a whore for the Purple Dragons or the deal is off."

Mikey nodded, "Yes...Hun..." he gasped out, terrified as he stared at Hun's pleased eyes.

"No bitch," Hun said angrily, slapping Mikey across the face, "Ya call me ya fuckin' Master, slut," he said roared .

Mikey yelped at the hit, his face throbbing slightly. He trembled, his voice raspy but tinged with panic, "Y...y...yes M..M...Master!" he sobbed out, caving in to Hun's demands, "A...as long as you leave...m..my family...a..alone...d...don't hurt them...l...like you do me..." he asked, tears rolling down his cheeks.

Hun nodded, "Agreed, but I want a kiss to seal da deal."

Mikey's eyes widened, his face filled with absolute terror at the thought but he remained still as Hun yanked his head forward towards his. Mikey pushed against him weakly but Hun was strong as he mashed his lips against his own, forcing his mouth open with a pressure point. Mikey felt even more invaded as he felt Hun's tongue inside his mouth, touching, invading, taking and claiming him...

When Hun let him go, he grinned, "My dragons didn't get to have some fun so ta explain ta ya bros your injuries...dey get ta beat ya..." and then threw Mikey into the crowd of Dragons who cheered, taunted, punched, kicked and fondled the young turtle for almost twenty minutes before Mikey finally fell limply to the ground.

Mikey groaned as he woke up, his body aching and he was terribly cold and shivering. He sneezed as he woke up, covered with mud, filth and by the looks of it, garbage lay on top of him that smelled of piss. He gaggd a little as he realized the Dragons must have pissed on him.

He wondered what happened but as he moved and felt the shooting pain up his backside, he remembered everything.

He sobbed as he moved towards Donnie, wincing in pain as he got to his feet. Finding Donnie still unconscious and wondering why their older brothers hadn't come yet. He tried to pull Donnie up but was unable to.

He searched around, trying to find Donnie's bag of goodies, knowing he carried a spare phone in it and finally found it partially hidden under an old Ford truck . Thank God he hid it before we started searching the junk ... he thought, pulling out the emergency blanket and put it over Donnie's unconscious body and grabbed the phone.

Mikey dialed , almost sobbing when he heard Leo finally pick up.

"Hello, Donnie where are you? It's raining hard so you should get home soon," Leo started to say when Mikey broke in, "Leo... c...can you p..please..c..come...p...pick us up...i..it's cold...D... Donnie's...hurt...bad… please...?"

"We'll be right there Mikey, are you safe at the moment?" Leo asked anxiously . Mikey could hear him yelling at Raph to follow him.

"Yeah...t..they...a.. ...n...now...b..but I'm cold...it's sooo cold..." Mikey stammered out before his numb fingers dropped the phone and slumped bonelessly next to Donnie. Shivering he pulled as much of his brother on to his lap, covering him tightly with the flimsy blanket. He curled himself around his brother as another violent shiver wracked his body, making him cough harshly. He stared at the junkyard, despising the place.

The smell, the look, everything about it, was tainted...I'm sorry guys...I...I told you...I...I deserved it...I deserved it all... he thought, closing his eyes as he cried himself to sleep on his Donnie's shoulder .