Piplup's Sexy Suspender Striptease

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: You know what, I've searched Sexy Suspender Striptease, and it made me realize something. EVERYONE NEEDS A SEXY SUSPENDER STRIPTEASE. Enter our find young hero Piplup... in his typical average day.

Disclaimer: Everything belong to their owners.

Piplup woke up in the kitchen of his quaint little house. He was at the table, a fresh bowl of cereal right in front of him. Piplup shrugged and devoured the cereal in seconds, belching out the emoty green colored bowl as he rubbed his beak. Suddenly, his entire house turned into a volcano, erupting like the fist of Arceus.

"Healp!" Piplup exclaimed as he went soaring high into the clear blue night sky, soaring past the twinkling stars as he bumped into a Magnezone. The Magnezone got very pissed and used Discharge on Piplup, frying the bird as he went tumbling back down, landing on a deserted island, sinking it. Suddenly, EARTH exploded into a million pieces after being blasted by the third Death Star, which was being controlled by Yosemite Sam. Piplup screamed as he went crashing into a nearby satellite, being electrocuted again.

Piplup groaned as he fell on the floor, being inside the Chum Bucket. Piplup rubbed his private area as he peed himself, being embarrassed as Plankton and karen stopped by and laughed at Piplup. Suddenly, Giratina broke through the laws of physics and grabbed Piplup with one of his floating wing... things. Piplup screamed as he was sucked into the Disortion World, which was seized by Ganon and his minions. Piplup's stomach growled, as Piplup wondered what was for DINNER, when suddenly, over nine thousand Glaceons poured down from the sky as they all used Ice Beam and Blizzard, freezing the Disortion World. Giratina got pissed, and he smacked Piplup away like a baseball, causing Piplup to break into the Newman Dimension, where Space Ghost and his friends were forever stuck.

"Hello, Piplup!" Newman greeted as he tapped his fingers together, laughing as he was watching every single thing from huge, high definition television screens planted all across the universe.

Piplup groaned as he slapped his forehead. "Hello, Newman." He then started fapping as he jacked off with his invisible penguin penis, muttering angrily, "The shit I put up with..."