A/N: I turned on the TV and True Jackson was on (Firing Lulu), so I watched it for a few minutes, and Lulu was on the phone and playing with a cootie catcher. According to the cootie catcher, Ryan was going to "marry for love and money." For some reason that stuck with me after I shut off the TV, and I decided to write this.

And as cute as Lulu and Mikey J are, Ryan/Lulu was the first TJVP couple I shipped, since the first episode. I ultimately like Ryan and Lulu together, but for now I do love her with Mikey J.

Love Ever After

Chapter One: Life as of Now

January 2016

"Okay, I'll be sure to let Ms. Jackson know." Lulu Johnson spoke into the Bluetooth clipped to her ear, connected to her new Camire ReAttel cell phone, and touched it to hang up.

She knocked and poked her head into her best friend's office. "True? I called the fabric company and those swatches you wanted are on their way and should be here in a little while."

"Great. Thanks, Lulu. Now, what do you think of this?" True Jackson proudly turned an easel to face Lulu. "It's my new design! For a winter coat."

"I love it! Kinda reminds me of that one you did for Mr. Madigan six years ago, but totally different at the same time," Lulu assured her.

"Really?" squealed True. "As soon as that fabric arrives I'll make it."

True and Lulu were now twenty-two years old. It had been eight years since True had first started working for MadStyle in November 2008, and she had become a world-famous designer. She still worked for MadStyle. True and Jimmy had continued dating and were now engaged.

Lulu had remained True's assistant, occasionally designing. She had had several relationships after Mikey J broke up with her, preferring to move around instead of staying with one guy and getting her heart broken as with Mikey J, and was currently dating a man named Jared Young.

Ryan was busy moving around for his career as a professional magician and stand-up comedian (he had grown a lot better over the years), and though the girls kept in touch with him, they rarely saw him anymore. Most people believed Laserbeam was just his stage name, and they were frequently asked about it.

Most of the staff from six years ago was still there, with new ones as well. There was Holly, a new intern of True's, Holly's boyfriend Vince who helped Jimmy, and Amanda had finally settled on an assistant, Diana. Oscar had an intern as well, a high school boy named Chris who he was training to be a receptionist. Even Kopelman was still there, and the staff had secret bets going on about how long it would be before Mr. Madigan finally fired him—or he finally quit.

Lulu's phone began to ring, playing her favorite song of the moment, Light It Up by a new band called Dailymotion, off their first album.

"Who called?"

"It's an e-mail from Ryan," she informed True, pulling it up. True went to stand beside her and read the message out loud.

" 'Hey guys, wanted you to know I'll be back in New York City in a couple of days, so I'll stop by the MadStyle office. Wait, it's still in the same place, right? Love, Ryan.' "

"There's so much wrong with him," Lulu laughed, her thumbs already typing a message back as she fell onto the couch.

"Hey Ryan, yes, MadStyle is still in the same place. Great to hear you'll be back and we can't wait to see you again. :) It's been so long. I feel like I haven't seen you in forever. Oh, True says hi. Love, Lulu."

Her phone beeped a minute later, informing her of a text. "Great! Be there tomorrow morning. Tell True I say hi back," it read.

She fired one back quickly—"Yay! But what happened to a few days? Maybe you'll be here for True's wedding!" The wedding was scheduled to be in two months; March 15.

"Hope so! :)"

Oscar poked his head in. "Lulu, two people are here for you."

"Who is it?" Lulu asked, looking up from her phone.

"Jared, and someone from the fabric company."

"Ooh!" Lulu squealed, jumping up from the couch.

When she got out in the lobby, she held up her index finger to Jared, mouthing "One second," as she took the fabric from the guy and had him charge True's company credit card. After giving True the fabric, she squealed and ran into Jared's arms.

"Hey, Jared!" she cried joyfully, giving him a kiss. "I didn't know you were coming!"

"I was in the area, so I thought I'd stop by. But I have to leave in a few minutes," he told her. "My boss needs me at work."

Lulu's face fell, almost into a pout. "You do?"

"Yeah. But I'll be out in time for our date tonight," he said reassuringly. She smiled again.


He checked his watch. "Oops, I gotta go. See you later, baby." He kissed her again before running out of the office.

Good? Bad? So horrible I shouldn't even write it? Let me know! This is my first time writing for True Jackson, so it's probably not that great.

The next chapter, I think, will be Ryan's return to NYC. I probably won't be updating for a while, not until I at least finish the final chapter of one or both of the current multichapters I have, but I'll try.

Oh, and the title is from the song "Life After You" by Daughtry. It was going to be All That I'm After is a Life Full of Laughter, my favorite line from that song, but I thought it was too long, so "Love Ever After" is part of another line.