Love Ever After
Chapter Two: Ryan's Return

"Hello, ladies!" a familiar voice called as its owner strode confidently into the room.

"Ryan!" Lulu squealed as both her and True rushed over to hug him. He put an arm around each.

"Hey, Ryan. Welcome back. We've missed you," True said once he released them.

Ryan plopped himself down on the couch. "Good to be back!" he proclaimed, putting his feet up on True's coffee table. Lulu smiled and sat next to him.

"So what's going on with my two favorite girls today?" he asked, hooking his arm around Lulu's neck.

"I've gotta finish this coat before the meeting tomorrow morning," True said, snipping fabric. She held up a sketchpad with a picture of a girl wearing a winter coat on it.

"Nice! What about you, Double-Lu?"

"I'm meeting my boyfriend later," Lulu said happily.

A confused look came over Ryan's face. "You have a boyfriend? For how long?"

"About two weeks now. His name's Jared," she replied. "Jared Young."

"Right. Why did I not know about this?" asked Ryan.

Lulu now wore a similar confused look. "I think I did…I might've been texting someone else, though. I was wondering why you kept saying you were going to call the cops." She beamed.

"How'd you meet him?"

"Well, True and I were at this restaurant, and I dropped my ring and I couldn't find it, so he was passing by and he asked why I was on the floor, so I told him and he helped me find it!" she said in one breath. She paused for a second before saying, "He's a doctor."

Ryan didn't say anything back for a moment, just gave her a funny look. Then he said "Great," which was the first thing that came to his mind, and hastily tried to change the subject. "So, um, True, how's Jimmy?"

As if on cue, Jimmy chose then to zoom in on his mail cart. He had a different one now; it was similar, but an updated version of his old one. He hopped off. "Hey Ryan," he said automatically, still looking at the letters in his hand. Then his head snapped up. "Ryan? When'd you get here?"

"Coupla minutes ago," responded Ryan nonchalantly.

Jimmy sort of straightened his shoulders and tilted his head slightly back for a second. "Oh. You're coming to the wedding, right?"

"Wouldn't miss it," Ryan said distractedly and nonchalantly, in the way that made you wonder whether he was serious or not. He then sat up straight and stared at Jimmy, looking slightly horrified. "Please tell me your band isn't playing."

Jimmy gave him a look like he was a complete idiot. "Please. I'm getting married, I'm not gonna be playing music! That'd be stupid. Anyway, gotta go." He hopped back on his mail cart and zoomed off.

"Actually, I talked him out of it. He wanted to," True said, grimacing. "I love Jimmy, but his band's terrible."

Ryan threw his hands in the air in a "hallelujah" gesture. "Thank you!" he cried. Lulu giggled. "So who do you want to play?" he asked.

True shrugged. "Well, I was thinking maybe that band Dailymotion that Lulu likes. She's gotten me into it lately. They're probably not the normal wedding choice, but they've got some pretty cute love songs."

"Like I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know," Lulu cut in. "Or I Don't Want to Miss a Thing."

"Exactly," True agreed, pulling a needle and thread through fabric.

"You should call them," Lulu said. "See if they'll do it. 'Cause that would be so amazing if Dailymotion could be at your wedding!"

"I'll ask Jimmy," she agreed.

"So what's been up with you, Ryan? Touring good?"

"Yeah. Gets boring, though, by myself, so in each town I kinda like to go on a date if I can. I mean, it's just me, Jeff the driver, and Steven, who plays the background music during my shows. I need some time with the ladies." He nodded, obviously pleased with himself and his womanizing talents. "You know, I obviously can't stay with any of them, even I wanted to."

Lulu rolled her eyes at him and caught sight of the clock. "Oh, I gotta go!" she exclaimed, grabbing her purse and rushing out.

"Where's she going?" Ryan asked after a moment.

"Date with Jared," True replied nonchalantly, still a little distracted by the coat. "Wanna play games on my computer?"

Ryan jumped up. "You knows it!"

Okay, first off, I'm so sorry it took so long. Major writer's block. Thanks to reallyJavannah who was going to help me, but didn't get a chance. I may still need you for the next chapter.

Both songs I mentioned are actually real song titles. The first, I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know, is by Christofer Drew, aka Never Shout Never—not one of my favorites by him, though. The second, I Don't Want to Miss a Thing, is by Aerosmith and it's one of my favorite songs lately. I scrolled up and down what I have on my iPod, and those were the two I stopped on.