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Chapter 1


Friday, near the end of lunch period, 27 May 2011

Sam had gone too far! Freddie looks uncomfortable and the sounds coming from behind the mouth gag sound like curse words. He is lying on his belly in the main hallway of Ridgeway High School, Sam had hogtied him. Bondage rope is made to tie people up without hurting them. His only hope was for someone to untie the knot, or cut the rope. Sam tied him up real good, but he keeps struggling to escape. With Ridgeway's zero-tolerance on knifes on school property, no student will risk suspension to cut Freddie free, and they are having too much fun laughing and taking pictures. The school janitor is going back to the maintenance room to find a knife or something. With the sounding of the bell, the hallway clears, and now it is just Freddie and I. Principal Franklin gives me a hall pass to stay with Freddie until he is free from Sam's prank. Sam is skipping this afternoon's classes.

I lie down next to him, so I can talk to him face to face and keep him calm. I use some of my schoolbooks like a pillow to rest my head. I wrap my arms around him so his head is resting on my right shoulder and I am rubbing his back with my right hand and my left hand is playing with his hair. "Freddie, there is no point in struggling, you are making the knots tighter, and now they can't be undone. The way the lock is built into the leather strap on back of the gag, the janitor can't just cut the lock to remove the gag. I'm sorry; we will have to wait for the janitor to come back with some better tools." Our foreheads are almost touching. I'm glad he can't read my mind, because seeing him tied up looks so erotic. There is just something to be said about a man being tied-up. "Oh my little boy, you need to calm down and relax. Nothing matters except you and me," I tell the vulnerable Freddie. He stops struggling.

Freddie tries to ask though the mouth gag, "Wwwhhhyyy?"

"Why ... does Sam do things like this to you?" Freddie nods his head yes. "Because she can. Because she knows, you will not hurt her. She believes she will not be punished for this. Do you know why Sam does not pull pranks on Spencer or I?" Freddie roles his head to say no. "Other than the fact that I am her best friend, and I give her food and shelter, and she has a little crush on Spencer. Sam's mom told Spencer that he could punish her, as needed. Punishment in my household is in the form of a butt naked spanking with a leather paddle." Freddie's eyes widen with surprise. "Your mom also told Spencer that you can be punished, but you are too well trained to get into trouble in my home. So Spencer let's you go home before he spanks Sam or I." I see the janitor walking toward us. "The janitor is coming back."

He cuts the rope releasing Freddie's ankles and wrists. However, the mouth gag is so tight around Freddie's head he can't cut it off without the possibility of cutting Freddie.

"I am going to text Sam about the key."

To: Sam

whrs d key 2 unlock d mouf gag?

From: Sam

n my pocket.

To: Sam

we cnt safely cut d gag off Freddie! gt bac hre!

From: Sam

he cn wear it 4 a few hrs. g2gicyal8er yr hom

"Sorry Freddie. Sam will meet us at my place, so you are not going to be talking for a few hours. We have to get to class." Freddie will not be happy for the last few classes today and the trip back to Bushwell Plaza.

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