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Previously - Sam hogtied Freddie at school, and everyone was spanked for one reason or another. Carly and Freddie had a sexy dinner, and Sam and Spencer watched them flirt all evening. Freddie is naked and with his arms tied behind his back, he couldn't brush his teeth, shower, or shave. Therefore, Carly helped him and they almost had sex. With all that sexual stimulation, Freddie suffered from blueballs and Carly and Sam gave him some relief. Carly and Sam talked about how sexy Freddie has become. Freddie tells Carly that he is a nudist and they talked about his lifestyle. Freddie asked Carly to be his Mistress, she said yes. Carly and Freddie gave Sam an orgasm.

Chapter 8


Saturday, 17:00, 28 May 2011

The three of us cleaned up in the larger shower in my father's master bathroom. I threw on a pair of tight blue jeans and a spaghetti strap red shirt that shows off my midriff, it definitely wasn't school-appropriate. Sam changed into loose-fitting sweatshirt and long, baggy sweatpants, and then fell asleep on the couch. Freddie watched me clean the honey and chocolate syrup off the kitchen floor, but with his arms tied, he couldn't do much to help clean. After the storm passed and the power came back on, we returned to our normal Saturday routines. I sat on the couch web surfing on a notebook computer. Sam ate ham and watched MMA on PPV. Freddie was using the voice recognition software to work on the computers in both apartments so all the computers can be networked together to make one large network. The only thing left is to get the network protocols working. It is now five o'clock, time to finish Freddie's punishment that started Friday evening.

"Hey guys, it accrued to me earlier that if Sam sits on the couch, Freddie can stretch across Sam's lap. You want to try it."

"Sure, I like to do fun things while sitting down," Sam replies with an evil grin.

Freddie just nods his head.

Sam sat on the middle cushion of the couch. We help Freddie stretch out over her lap, and his ass is now completely exposed. He is trembling from the fear of how hard Sam will spank him.

Using my emotionless executioner voice, "Freddie, are you ready?"

"Yes … Miss Carly."

"Sam, are you ready?"

"Hell Yeah," as she caresses his smooth ass with her hand, knowing that shortly she will turn his pale ass red.

I look at Sam with a serious look on my face, "Sam, 14 licks only. Don't cause any real damage," then with a grin, "I may want to play with him later."

Sam wraps her left arm around his waist, the leather paddle in her right. SMACK! Freddie cry's out and tries to jump, but Sam is holding him tight. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Sam pauses, lays the paddle on Freddie's lower back, and massages his ass with her right hand while holding him with her left arm. Freddie is crying. The massaging will only intensify the pain of the spanking. In one quick movement, she grabs the paddle and SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! His ass is now very red.

"Freddie, stand up, so Sam can get up and untie your arms."

He is crying and shaking so much, Sam and I have to help him up. She removes the rope from around his arms. His arms drop straight down and he screams from the pain and falls to his knees.

"Freddie," as I carefully wrap my arms around him, "you want to lie down?"

He nods his head. We help him lay back down on his belly. Sam massages his arms to smooth away that pain. I use some skin lotion to calm the pain from his ass. He just whimpers.

"Freddie, role on your side," as I sat down on the head end of the couch, "and lay your head on my lap." He does as he is told. I caress his hair. He turns his head to face me, "I am so proud of you. I love you." He smiles and I wipe away the tears from his face. I don't know whether they are there from the pain of the spanking, or what I just told him. I lean down and give him a gentle kiss.

He quietly said, "I love you too Miss Carly," and he smiles some more.

Hours later, Sam, Freddie, and I are lying on the couch; snuggled under one big blanket and all the room lights are off. I was the first to fall asleep while some movie plays on the television.

Coming next Friday: He has spent the last couple of years wanting more than I could give him.

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