Waluigi's Sexy Suspender Striptease

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Expecting anything to make sense? Too Bad. Waluigi Time.

Disclaimer: Everything belong to their owners.

It 'twas a normal day in Waluigi Land, where everything was waatastic. Waluigi was in his huge house, which was like a mansion, without the special spelling, because calling it a house is better, for it is Waluigi who determines how good a name is, or how not a name is, but since this is an elaborate explanatory thing that doesn't even have a meaning in the definition of salty Rhedosaurus, it gives a strange check em as da king detects some odd stuff that was written by a fifty year old male grandma who be tripping ice cream while it hails lava all day every day dawg, so much that I forgot to breathe.

"Waa," Waluigi stated as he pounded the table several times. "Where's mah dinner?"

Petey Piranha poked his head into the living room, turning around and pointing at the clock on the western wall. "Ova dere!"

"Are you kidding me?" Waluigi asked as his entire living room was now Garchomps, Garchomps everywhere.

"Hmmmm..." The ceiling thought to itself as it merged into a pumpkin. Lilligant and Whimsicott ate chili dogs because that's SO good, causing Lilligant to fart as Whimsicott belched, both of them laughing loudly.

"What's wrong, mah boi?" Dr. Rabbit asked as he walked in the sky. (Aw shit, Colgate's gonna murder me.)

Waluigi turned into Darth Vader as he took out his light saber, stepping on the dead bodies of himself as he turned to Dr. Rabbit, proclaiming in James Earl Jones's sexy as hell voice, "There is a disturbance in the force."

"ERNIE, DON'T SIT ON THE SIDE OF THE BARREL," Bert shouted as he chased Ernie, who was sitting on the side of the barrel. Suddenly, Ernie fell off, landing on Darth Vader, who turned back into Waluigi as they blasted off again.

Pokemon's Farting Bianca from Pokemon Black and White 1 farted loudly, giggling naughtily as she giggled, while waving the green colored gas surrounding her butt with her right hand "Whoops! Guess I'm gassy even outside of Pokemon."

Waluigi enraged more than a thousand sins as he grabbed Bianca and ate her whole like a boss, being a huge, nice fat ass. Then Waluigi turned into a keyboard and swung his keys from side to side, without taking one step, and then again.

"I gotta say, dat Waluigi knows how to GIMME A FIVE MAN," Piplup exclaimed as he tried forcing a meme.

Waluigi turned around, his head inflating like a tube filled with cigarette as da entire world suddenly got bloated and transformed into Sailor Jupiter, exploding into a thousand glass pieces. Waluigi sat on the moon and drank some freshly cut salty french fries.


"Why are we always shoe horned into a Yoshizilla Rhedosaurus story at the last minute, regardless if it doesn't make sense?" Dry Bowser asked Petey Piranha as the two were sipping tea in the Jungle Japes on Donkey Kong Island, the two bosses sitting on top of one of the tropical palm trees bearing ripe yellow bananas.

Petey mumbled as he held his cup of tea, shaking his head as Dry Bowser nodded.

"Oh yeah. So the author could justify labeling us as being in the story." Dry Bowser remarked as he then turned to his right to see Toadette in front of him, hovering in the air by spinning her pink pigtails. "And you. What are you here for?"

"I came here to see Waluigi performing a striptease!" Toadette giggled as she held up a picture of Waluigi in his underwear, with Dry Bowser and Petey giving each other worried looks.