Yes, I know that it's short. I had to do this at my Aunty's house...

Written for Hogwart's Online prompt of the day.

Disclaimer: I do not own any Harry Potter related items, characters, places, wands. I am not making any profit from my works.

Walking out of Ollivander's, a very happy Ronald Weasley held his new wand in his hand. His wand was fourteen inches, willow and unicorn hair. He was excited about getting his new wand, what with his broken for a year. It was exciting, having his own wand for the first time, one that was made for him. He felt a warmth in his wand that he never felt in Charlie's before. And, but maybe it's just him, his spells are getting better.

For the first time in his life, he felt excited to use his own wand. The wand suited him better. He was told it was particularly good for use in Charms and was planning to work harder to get a better grade.

Ron loved the trip to Egypt. They saw pyramids and ancient mummies. He can't believe that Fred and George tried to trap Percy into one of the pyramids! They should have told me, I would have helped.

Ronald Bilius Weasley couldn't wait to tell a certain Hermione Granger about his trip to Egypt. He knew that she would be jealous – something about learning?

But Ron's thoughts kept traveling back to his wand in hand, his wand that he bought from Ollivander's, his wand that he couldn't wait to use, his wand that he loved.

A/N: The prompt for this one is 'wand.'