The Blockhead In The Professor's Chair

A view of England suddenly zooms in on the town down the hills and at the magic school academy is seen atop to the bottom with the beautiful blue sky filled with clouds, birds chirping and flying, and the front gate emerges in front of our eyes as we go inside to see the chapel. The background plays organs as we see 5 sorcerer students in cloaks approach the altar and each hear their names being called out as they receive their diplomas. One of the students is Negi Springfield.

Wizard: Well done, all! You have succeeded in the past seven years here at Meridiana Academy. However, do not let your resolve weaken. This is only the beginning. For you to become true magus, you must train hard!

Negi looks determined but with his face blocked with some shadow from his hood.

Wizard: Approach the front when your name is announced.

Behind him, a couple seats behind are Nekane watching. Across the side of the chapel are 4 other wizards holding lit candle sticks. Negi is then called next.

Wizard: Negi Springfield!

Negi's shadow disappears when he lifts his face up.

Negi: Yes!

Negi approaches, Anya watches from the side in her witch's hat and sorcerer clothes, Nekane watching from afar happy for him in tears, and he walks up to the wizard.

Negi: I wish you could be here...

The wizard hands him his diploma.

Wizard: Congratulations, Springfield.

Negi: Please... watch over me.

As he takes the diploma, the chapel gate opens as four of the other sorcerer students ran off cheering. Negi, Nekane, and Anya walk out together proud of their accomplishment as Nekane gives him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Out at the courtyard porch, they all walk waiting to see the assignment for Negi to appear.

Anya: So tell me, Negi. What is your assignment going to be? What have you gotten?

Negi: I don't know. It hasn't appeared, yet.

Anya: Oh, well it is bound to come out eventually, right?

Anya's diploma shines as she notices what assignment will be given to her.

Anya: Ooh, look! Mine is about to appear! I wonder what I'll be getting.

Anya looks at her diploma and words reveal in the bottom center of her magical paper.

Fortune Telling


Anya: Ahhh, how exciting! It says here that I get to be a fortune teller in London. Hurray for me!

Anya giggles in excitement as Negi looks at his diploma and nothing appears yet. Nekane puts her hand on Negi's shoulders in comfort.

Nekane: Everything all right, Negi? You seem worried.

Negi: Oh, no, Nekane. I'm fine.

The diploma shines.

Nekane: Oh, Look! I think your assignment is about to appear!

Anya: Really? Let me see, let me see! I want to know what he's getting!

Anya rushes next to Negi to peek at his diploma. The three of them watch as the assignment magically appears on his diploma.

School Professor


Negi: A school teacher?

Anya: ...In Japan?

Nekane: ...

The three of them appeared surprised. Later, Anya approaches the principle of the magic academy.

Anya: Excuse me, sir!

Principle: Hmm?

Anya: What is the meaning of Negi's assignment?

Principle: Exactly as it says, of course.

Anya: And it says 'School Professor' and in 'Japan!'

Principle: If that's what it says, then that is his assignment.

Anya: Ridiculous! Why this is ridiculous! Absolutely NOT! There is no way he can be a school teacher!

Nekane: Excuse me, but don't you think there has been some sort of mistake with-?

Principle: Why no. I'm afraid not. There is no mistake.

Anya: But...!

Principle: The Ludus Magorum grants the assignment whatever they see fits best for our young accomplished sorcerers. Lil' Miss Anya has received hers, have you?

Anya: ...

Principle: And you, Negi, have received yours.

Negi looks up at him.

Principle: If it is written, then that is the end of the matter.

Negi: ...

Principle: ...Train hard, you must, Negi Springfield... In order to become a great socerer, in order to reach your goal, you must train hard. Both of you. Do you understand?

Negi and Anya: ...Yes sir.

Principle: ...Do not worry, Negi. The dean of the school you are assigned to is an old friend of mine. He will provide excellent guidance for you.

Negi: Huh...?

Principle: Do your best, and you shall make a fine wizard someday, Negi Springfield. Is that understood?

Negi: ...Yes Sir! Understood!

First Opening credits as Negi gets on a train, boards a plane, sleeps during the ride, arrives in Japan, tourists talk to him, Negi reads complicated signs, gets on a train, and then the scene cuts to the bathhouse with a large swimming pool full of tofu with written symbols and hearts on them. A shark's fin emerges from the pool which happens to be a costume worn by a girl that comes out of the pool and spits out the last tofu from the shark's mouth. She pants lightly.

Asuna: There! 65 pieces of fried tofu. Now all that's left to do is the dance. Ohhh this had better work.

Asuna's face appears determined as she concentrates on her project.

Asuna: Okay, time to focus, Asuna. Professor Takahata, I clear my thoughts and focus on what'll be.

Asuna starts dancing and chants.

Asuna: Professor Takahata, no one else is hot-ta, be my homeroom teach'ah, hai!

Konoka: Asuna!

Konoka strolls right in wrapped in a towel carrying her shower kit while Asuna laughs having fun doing the dance.

Konoka: I thought I might find you here.

Asuna: Oh! I'm following the spell, just like you told me to, Konoka!

She poses for Konoka showing her the costume.

Asuna: The costume was difficult to get. I had to beg the entire drama department for it. There was that cute yellow fish that I thought would be good enough, but I wanted the shark that they were going to use for Jaws The Musical this Fall. Hahaha How lucky am I to get my hands on it, huh?

Konoka: You'd be swimming with the sharks if it meant spending more time with Takahata. I knew you were desperate but this is ridiculous.

Asuna: Agh! Konoka! For your sake, this had better be a real spell!

Konoka: Uhhh of course it is!

Asuna: Takahata is perfection. So manly the way he flicks through his text books. He's taught me the greatest lesson of all, LOVE!

Asuna gazes at the stars with love expression on her face and the background is full of roses.

Konoka: That's sweet. A little creepy, but sweet.

Asuna: Hey, shut up!

She proceeds with her dancing and chanting.

Asuna: Proooofessooor Takahataaaa, no one else is hot-taaaaaaaa, be my homeroom teeeach-aaahh, hai!

Konoka: Don't forget, you have to repeat the chanting exactly 3 times, no more, no less. Hehe, you're lucky you have the pool all to yourself or this could've been blackmail material for years.

Asuna: Would you give it a rest? I told you I'm trying to finish here and I got about an hour!

Konoka: Actually you have more like 15 minutes. Class starts at 8:30, remember?

Asuna: Ah! Oh boy, I better change then. Middle school, here we come!

The scene cuts to the dorms where Asuna and Konoka are running (Konoka on roller skates) to get to the train station.

Asuna: panting How are we doing on time?

Konoka: T-minus ten minutes and counting.

Asuna: 8:20? Hurry up or the best seats will be taken!

The scene now turns to the train station where Negi is riding with all the girls in uniforms. He looks in every direction where he sees only girls.

Negi: Wow. It sure is crowded, even on trains. And there sure are so many women.

Nekane's voice takes over in Negi's mind as he remembers what she told him.

Nekane: Remember to be polite to the girls, Negi.

Negi: Of course, Nekane.

3 girls look at Negi and all whisper to each other.

Girl 1: Hey, look. Who's the kid?

Girl 2: I don't know.

Girl 3: Maybe a foreigner.

Girl 1: He's kinda cute.

Girl 2: He sure is.

Girl 3: I wonder where he's from?

Negi looks over and sees the 3 girls looking at him. They smile and giggle at Negi as he starts feeling embarrassed. The girls looked away and one of their long hair brushed Negi's nose and Negi sneezes and a gust of wind blew around everyone lifting up everyone's skirts slightly. Unable to look due to his sneeze, he regains his eye sight and sees girl's noticing where the wind come from and Negi feels embarrassed by it and decides to stay quiet until the next train stop. The train stops, everyone gets off and jets on out of there. Just then, the announcement speaks.

Announcer: Attention all of Mahora Academy students, the starting bell will ring in less than 10 minutes. This week is "Zero Late Attendance Week" so let's make our first week right. Don't be late to class. Those who are tardy will receive tardy slips so please do arrive with plenty of time to spare. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Negi emerges out of the crowd and finds his way around girls running for the trolley and just running straight to school.

Negi: Wha! Ugh! I had no idea it could get worse. Is this what it's like for school in Japan? Gasp I don't want to be late on my first day either.

Negi starts running too. Asuna and Konoka come out of the ally and start running toward the school.

Asuna: Pants These girl's must've gotten off the last train. At least we're not the only ones behind schedule. pants Hey, want to race?

Konoka: "Huh?

Both try to speed up.

Konoka: Whoa! Who are you trying to race? Everyone?

Asuna: Relax. If you lose, it won't affect your GPA. pants harder But we still can't be late!

Konoka: The spell is insurance, that's all. I just know Mr. Takahata will be with us again. Who else would they get? If someone had taken his place, we would've known something by now.

A gust comes by very lightly as Asuna's bells ring and she notices a boy running in the same speed as Asuna and Konoka carrying his heavy backpack. They both look at him as he looks at her with a nice smile.

Negi: Hello there.

Asuna: Huh?

Asuna blushes lightly at his greeting.

Negi: You know, not everyone can be lucky enough.

Asuna skids to a stop and glares at him angry while Negi halts in fright.

Asuna: Yaaaaaaaaahh! Do you like that face you're wearing, punk?

Negi: I meant... you have an unusual love aura around you.

Asuna grabs him by his head and lifts him up preparing to pound him.

Asuna: I'll take that as a no! Any last words, kid?

Negi: grunt I was just trying to help.

Asuna: Mind your own business, Shorty!

Negi quivers and struggles in fear as Asuna threatens him until Konoka gets her to put Negi down.

Konoka: Umm Asuna, anger management, please.

Asuna: This isn't like last time. You see me try to break any glass windows around?

Konoka: Thankfully no.

Konoka kneels down before Negi.

Konoka: Hello. You must be lost, little boy. This here is Mahora Academy, an all girl's school. The Elementary is two blocks south east of here. Do you think you can find it by yourself?"

Negi: ...

Konoka: Hmm...

Konoka, with eyes closed, smiles with cuteness at Negi before Asuna closes in on Negi.

Asuna: Hey!

Negi gasps in fear again.

Asuna: Kids aren't allowed here. Especially snot nosed little boys, with tiny minds, and big stupid mouths.

Asuna swings her hair away as her long hair catches Negi's nose and he sneezes loud and the wind lifts both Asuna's and Konoka's skirt up.

Asuna: Aghhhhhh!

Asuna blushes as an updraft of her skirt reveals Asuna's pink bear panty and she pushes it back down.

Asuna: Gaahhh!

Konoka: Oh my goodness. Gesundheit.

Asuna looks at Negi with embarrassment.

Asuna: You saw?

Negi: gasp Uh uh... not much... a bear?

Asuna furiously grabs his head again with anger.

Asuna: The last bear you'll ever see!

Negi: I didn't do it on purpose, please! Hitting me won't solve anything.

Asuna: No but it'll feel good! Yaaaaarrrghh, Gaaarrrrrrrrghhhhhhh!

Asuna keeps pushing Negi's head down numerous times in fury just before the bell warning rings. Asuna looks at the school aware of the warning bell and pushes Negi's head down a couple more times again as his warning.

Asuna: If I ever catch you around here again, you're dead!

Asuna turns toward the school.

Asuna: Takahata!

Asuna runs toward the school as Konoka looks at Negi smiling.

Konoka: She's usually nice. Unfortunately, you've caught her on a bad day.

Asuna: Move your keister, Konoka!

Konoka: Uh, right behind you!

The last remaining girls rush to the school before their late, Negi just sits there sighed in shock out of the first girl experience. He looks at her running.

Negi: Such a violent girl she is. I thought Japanese women were supposed to be kind and gentle.

He looks at Konoka skating next to her.

Negi: Like her. sigh

The scene now takes place in the classroom filled with more students who are only girls, with different personalities, interests, hobbies, and talents. First sight is the center of the room with Fei Ku on the right, then Yuna and Modoka, Makie talking to Ako and behind them is Chisame on her laptop typing. Then Chao Lingshen shows her famous pork buns to the class while Satsuki, behind Linghsen, sells them to the class along with other treats. Ayaka erasing the chalk board and writing new words, Zazie looking out the window, Kazumi polishing her expensive camera, and beside her is the ghost Sayo sitting with her new class mates (Except no one can see her). Sayo looks forward and sees Kaede laughing with Fuka and Fumika planning a practical joke on the new coming teacher.

Fuka: Hurry up, guys. There's not much time left.

Fumika: Fuka, are you sure this is a good idea?

Fuka: Of course, Fumika. It's full proof.

The scene now takes us to the other three students sitting by the class door, Nodoka, Yue, and Haruna. Nodoka with her hair and bangs covering her whole face appears extremely nervous.

Nodoka: ... Oh please, oh please... let our teacher be a woman.

Yue: Nodoka, you have to get over this. It's not like you can make men disappear. You're going to' have to deal with them sooner or later.

Nodoka: But why?

Haruna: Yue's right.

Haruna gets out her yaoi book, opens it and shows her a page.

Haruna: Check this out.

Nodoka looks at a picture of two topless dudes together and Nodoka gasps greatly with a huge blush and whimpers on the sight. Haruna seems to enjoy showing it off but Yue was able to help Nodoka keep her mind at ease.

Yue: Haruna... enough, she'll have nightmares.

Haruna: You're right. Sorry.

After she closes her book, Asuna and Konoka both enter the classroom.

Asuna: Hello, girls.

Everyone looks at them surprised.

Haruna: Hey! You guys are in class 2-A with us?

Asuna: Yeah. What, did you think you could get rid of us this year? Not a chance, Paru!

Konoka: Yue, Nodoka, and Haruna. Wow!

Yue: Yeah, the entire library expedition club present and accounted for.

Nodoka stands up and bows to both Asuna and Konoka.

Nodoka: It's good to see you guys.

Ayaka: Oh, it's you.

Asuna looks aside at Ayaka and doesn't seem too happy to see her.

Ayaka: I thought I'd recognize your shrilled voice, Asuna. You're looking exceptionally average today.

Ayaka crosses her arms.

Ayaka: Did you remember to take my advice and finally put on some makeup?

Asuna: Careful, Ayaka! Your horns are starting to show!

Ayaka: Oh no, I'm scared. What are you going to do? Run on home and tell your mommy on me? Oh wait, she's dead.

Asuna dashes close to her in a fight approach.

Asuna: Watch it, you ugly coward or I'll put every pound of bleach hair on your big head before you can say French Manicure!

Ayaka: Yeah, I'm going to need one after I slash your scrawny mutant eyes out, freak!

Both Asuna and Ayaka grin and push each other's head with their heads as in their idea of a fight challenge.

Konoka: Those two haven't changed since Elementary school, have they?

Konoka walks around the desk and spots Setsuna at the end of the classroom and gasped.

Konoka: Setsuna...

Setsuna leans back against the wall with her arms crossed as Konoka approaches her.

Konoka: Setsuna?

Setsuna hears her voice, blinks out of thinking and looks up and Konoka smiles.

Konoka: It's great to see you, I'm glad we are in the same class.

Silence a moment and Setsuna stands up, bows to her, looks up and walks past her to sit at her desk. Konoka in silent and then sighs of downfall feeling. Camera zooms out to see Konoka standing there, Setsuna going for her seat while Asuna and Ayaka still have their forehead tug-a-war.

Meanwhile, in the dean's office, we see Negi in front of the desk of the old man himself with long earlobes and a long white beard, though not nearly long as Dumbledore's but he likes brushing it down with his hands.

Dean: Meridiana, is it? So they've given you a task. Quite the intensity for a little boy to be taking an assignment as a professor in an all girls school. You're a long way from home, Negi.

Negi takes his bow to him.

Negi: It is very great to meet you, sir.

Dean: Likewise. Hm... 10 years old and already beginning your wizardry training. Are you nervous?

Negi: Uh... w-well, a little... maybe...

Dean: I understand your initial reaction when you were assigned here in Japan all the way from England. This task is very difficult. There won't be any chances remaining should you decide to quit and return home.

Negi: Uh...

Dean: However, are you willing to do this?

Negi: Of course I am.

Dean: Hmmm, yes very well. Then it is decided. From here on till March, you shall begin your training. I welcome you to Mahora Academy, Mr. Springfield.

Negi: Thank you, sir! I promise to do my very best and work very hard!

Negi bows sincerely to the dean.

Dean: I admire your dedication. I am confident you'll do just fine.

Negi: Eh heh...

The door behind him opens.

Takahata: Well well, what do we have here?

Negi: Eh?

Negi turns around and sees a familiar face and reacts surprised.

Negi: Takamichi!

Takahata: Hey, kiddo. Long time no see. chuckles

Dean: Ho ho, this is a surprise. Are you acquainted with Professor Takahata, Mr. Springfield?

Negi: Oh, actually when I was little, Takamichi taught me a little bit of magic for awhile.

Takahata: When you WERE little? You're the same size when I last saw you.

Negi: No I'm not! I am not little anymore! I've grown so much taller! How can you say that to me after all you've helped me?

Takahata: You're not going to cry about it, are you?

Negi whines and tries not to cry about being called small fry. As he tries holding his tears away from crying, Takahata laughs and pats Negi on the head.

Takahata: I'm kidding you, Negi. It's a joke.

Negi: sniff Well I didn't think it was very funny.

Takahata: Don't be so serious.

Dean: Hehehe! Well then, if we're all ready to begin, please show dear ol' Negi Springfield to his destination.

Takahata: Yes, Dean.

Takahata reaches for the door.

Takahata: Well Negi, are you ready? This job can be quite the challange.

Negi: Thanks but I'm sure I'll be fine.

With everything set for Negi, we now take our attention at the classroom where everyone is sitting and waiting.

Fei Ku: Satsuki. Any idea who our teacher is going to be?

Satsuki: No idea. But I hope he or she brings candy.

Sakurako: I hear Takahata might not teach at all this year.

Ako: I heard the same thing. Anyone know why?

Sakurako: Bet it's something juicy.

Scene turns to Evangeline turning a book and reading. Then she looks aware at the coming teacher. Fuka and Fumika giggle at the moment of their prank.

Fumika: Giggle

Fuka: Gasp He's here, he's here!

Konoka: Hmm. Asuna, its time.

Asuna: Gasp

Asuna prays severely while holding her tofu close to her mouth.

Asuna: Oh please be Professor Takahata. Please be Professor Takahata!

As Konoka giggles, the door opens slowly and Asuna takes a look at the door to see who is coming and see the same small boy approaching the classroom. The eraser was coming down on his head and he notices it and chants in Latin stopping the movement of the eraser. Asuna is able to see what Negi just did and as Negi notices, he hurries and undo the chant and lets the eraser drop on him without having Asuna suspect anything. The eraser drops on his head and he leans and trips on rope and dunks his head on a bucket and shot in the butt with rubber arrows and hits his head on the teacher stand.

Fuka: Oh man! It totally worked! Huh?

Negi comes out of the bucket groaning in pain. Everyone gasps and goes "huh?"

Asuna: It's him. It's the kid.

Kasumi: I'm so lost.

Makie goes to Negi for help.

Makie: Are you okay?

Fuka: I'm so sorry. I thought you were our teacher.

Everyone approaches and go "Awwwwww" Then Takahata comes in the classroom with his hands in his pocket.

Takahata: My my, you girls give a rough welcome.

Asuna: ...Oh my gosh, it worked!

Asuna puts hands together and becomes mesmerized.

Asuna: I just knew you were going to be our teacher, Professor Takahata!

Takahata: No... he's going to be your teacher.

Asuna appears shocked.

Asuna: Ahh... He, who?

Asuna turns her head to Negi in a winding noise while shocked.

Asuna: Him?

Negi, a little nervous, stands up, clears his throat.

Negi: H-Hello everyone. I'm very pleased to make your acquaintance. My name is Professor Negi Springfield. And I... am your new homeroom teacher.

Negi takes a bow and everyone stares while Asuna still in shock turns her head to Takahata in same winding noise.

Asuna: Uhh?

Turns head back to Negi.

Asuna: Ahh?


Everyone continues to stare, Asuna still in shock.

Negi: I umm... I specialize in the magic uh... I mean English and Literature... It's nice to be here.

Everyone continues to stare in silence...

Sakurako: HE'S SO CUTE!

The entire class screamed in excitement and started to rush to him all talking at once. Everyone jumps on him while exclaimed and Asuna flips out on the floor with same shock eyes.

Sakurako: How old are you?

Negi: I'm uh... uh I'm ten.

Sakurako: Ahh!

Kazumi talks to Negi with a microphone.

Kasumi: Tell us where you're from. Nationality? Speak up.

Negi: Well I-I was born in Whales.

Makie: I love the ocean!

Lingshen: Whales, England! Wow!

Yuna: Hey, you must be really smart then, huh?

Negi: Academically, I achieved a bachelor's degree.

Yuna and Lingshen: No way! At ten years old?

Haruna pops in front excited and next was Sakurako.

Haruna: Oooohh wow!

Sakurako: He's a bachelor!

Chizuru: And where are you living right now?

Negi: Uh well I just got here, actually.

Everyone giggles and goes gaga over Negi, while Chisame stands there.

Chisame: ...Is this some kind of a joke?

Takahata: Nope. It's the real deal.

Sakurako: Is he really going to be our homeroom teacher, Mr. Takahata?

Takahata: He sure is.

Girls scream in squeamish delight.

Sakurako: I'll be better from now on. I promise I won't set anything out on fire, okay?

Chizuru: He's simply adorable. Can we really keep him, Professor?

Takahata: Now girls, he's your instructor. Not a pet. So be nice, okay?

Girls giggle.

Takahata: Professor Springfield has never taught here before but he has all the credentials. He'll be teaching your English class this year. But please be aware, he's younger than you girls. Try not to scare him away too quickly, all right?

Everyone: Yes sir!

Sakurako and Chizuru: Yes Sir!

Everyone starts fondling on Negi like he's their pet.

Negi: T-Thank goodness I'm actually welcomed... Even if it seems... quite rough here.

Asuna approaches Negi and everyone looks up at her.

Asuna: ...Hold on, I have a question for you, Professor Springfield.

Negi: Eh?

Asuna up close to his face.

Asuna: How do you explain... the eraser?

Negi: The eraser?

Asuna grabs by the clothe and picks him up strangling him.

Asuna: That's right; I want a clear explanation, punk! You did something weird to the blackboard eraser back there, didn't you?

Ayaka: Push pause, freak. Now take a good long look around you. Do you see anyone else here going mental? Why don't you be a good little girl in letting him go now and go take your meds? At least let us learn something from him before you go postal on us, would you? And who knows, maybe you'll have a taste for the young ones, too.

Asuna: What's that, blondie? If you got something you want to say, then say it!

Ayaka: I just think you shouldn't take out your Takahata frustrations on the new professor.

Asuna: Oh cram it, Goldilocks.

Ayaka: Eh! Let's get one thing clear, Bells. I know you've jealous of me since birth!

Asuna glares at Ayaka.

Ayaka: Oh I touch a nerve? News flash, Takahata prefers blonde than all men.

Asuna dashes to fight Ayaka.

Asuna: Yaaaaaahh! Jerk! Wait till you like it when you're bald!

Everyone cheers on who is going to win while Asuna and Ayaka keep pulling each other's hair and fighting.

Negi: Ahh! Please stop! No, no! Ugh! This is bad. As a teacher, I should... I... Ehh... Stooooooooooop! Eh?

Takahata grabs both Ayaka and Asuna's shoulders.

Asuna: We're sorry, Professor.

Takahata: Ladies, it's not me you owe the apology.

Ayaka: That's right. I think we've upset him enough with our misbehavior already.

Ayaka turns her head to Negi.

Ayaka: Do forgive me, Professor. And I have heard you are quite a genius who graduated from Oxford. I believe teaching has nothing to do with age. So please, do so take in as our homeroom teacher. You're more than welcome to.

She smiles with a small flirt and small roses appear in her background. Negi blushed lightly in surprised reaction being treated kindly.

Negi: Ah.. thank you.

Ayaka: Hmm.

Ayaka bows in smile.

Takahata: Well, Asuna?

Asuna: Uhhh...

Takahata: Remember, he's your new instructor.

Asuna: Yeah, but Professor! You didn't hear what the rat said to me.

Negi: Miss, my intention was to inform. Not ...offend. Ehhh... Achoo!

The gust wind tears Asuna's skirt off revealing her panties to the class.

Asuna: gasps Ahhhhhhh...?

Takahata blushed lightly: Hehe... a bear.

Asuna: Ehhhhehhheheheehh... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!

After a quick transition, Asuna is now changed in gym clothes.

Takahata: Well Professor, best of luck to you.

Negi: T-Thank you, sir.

Takahata closes the door and Negi turns to the entire class who is dazzling at him with sparks around their faces in joy. Negi still feels nervous but does his best to keep his cool.

Negi: I won't be laughed at by Anya. I've got to take this seriously. Well umm... please open your text books and turn to page 7.

Turns around to the chalkboard, uses his chalk to try and reach up to write but couldn't and groans waving his arms back and forth unable to reach and the class laughs. Ayaka then suddenly places a cushiony golden stool next to the chalk board.

Ayaka: Here Professor, use this.

Negi: Oh, thank you.

Negi gets on top of the stool.

Ayaka: I can boost you up if you like.

Negi: N-no I think I'm fine now, thank you.

Class giggles again and we see Asuna suspicious about Negi.

Asuna: There is something weird about this twerp, I know it. I'll just have to get him to expose whatever he did earlier.

Asuna grabs a ruler with an eraser block and grins.

Asuna: I'm gonna' bring it out. Let's see how he handles this.

She flings the eraser at Negi's head and it hits his head.

Negi: Ughh!

Asuna: It hit him... How strange, I thought he'd make them disappear or float away or something... Fine I'll just have to try harder.

Asuna flings three more erasers at him furiously and they all hit his head three times.

Negi: Ughh! Ughh! Giiih!

Ayaka: Professor Springfield, what's wrong?

Negi turns with his eyes dripping tears.

Negi: Something keeps striking me in the head.

Ayaka leans on Negi to whisper.

Ayaka: Not something, sir. It's someone. That evil monkey-girl Asuna.

Negi: Ohh.

Ayaka: You better watch your back around that viper. It's best not to get too close to that girl.

Negi: Why is that?

Ayaka: She's very strong and very violent. She's a bit of a problem child.

Negi: Is that so?

Ayaka: She's conniving and will stop at nothing to get what she wants, no matter who she has to step on or destroy along the way. You just can't believe a word she say-gahhhhhh!

She's been hit on the head with the ruler and then turns to Asuna furiously.

Ayaka: Grrr, alright! You want a war? You got one, red!

Asuna: Bring it on, blockhead. I'll whip the snot out of your little brown nose!

Ayaka and Asuna dash against each other with their hands on each other to push one another.

Ayaka: Blockhead? Seriously, what are you, five?

Asuna: No, that's your IQ score you moron!

Both Asuna and Ayaka struggling against each other and grinning and everyone gathers to cheer.

Negi: Girls, please settle down. Whichever you disagree; violence can't be solve in-Bwaaaaaaaaahhh!

Negi gets thrown back and hits the wall upside down. Negi gets up, rubs his neck from pain and groans, and Nodoka leans in from her desk and speaks to the new male professor out of shyness yet her face is still hidden from her bangs.

Nodoka: Umm, hello? Are you okay, Professor?

Negi: Oh.. yes. Thank you. Tell me, are those two always... so difficult?

Nodoka: ...

Negi: That's what I thought.

He gets up and dashes to stop the fight.

Negi: Break it up this instant! Bwaaaaahhhhhhh!

He gets thrown back against the wall upside down. Nodoka observes with a small sweat drop from her head as Negi is still in shock and becomes more shock to hear the bell ring. Nodoka looks up as the bell rings while Negi gets on his knees in shock.

Negi: Aaaaaaaaaaah...!

Fuka: Class is over!

Everyone cheers while Nodoka looks down at Negi's teary reaction in disappointment.

Negi: Well that could've gone better.

The class gathers together for tonight's event while Asuna sits in the back with her arm on her cheek looking the other way.

Ayaka: Okay, as class representative, I'm selecting Haruna and Yue to handle the refreshments.

Haruna: We're on it. *Peace sign*

Yue: I don't know if they'll be time. We have lots of work to do at the library.

Nodoka: Don't worry. I can handle it myself. I'm used to it.

Asuna: Maybe there wasn't anything strange about him after all...

Ayaka: Asuna, here's what I need you to take care of.

Ayaka hands her a piece of paper of things to do.

Asuna: What? What's that?

Ayaka: It's called a shopping list. These are the items I need you to pick up for tonight, got it?

Asuna: We need fertilizer?

Ayaka: Well that's just the luck of a draw, bells. Everything else has already been assigned. Sorry.

She said so sarcastically and then turns to the rest of the class.

Ayaka: Attention! Is everyone clear on their jobs?

Everyone: YEAAAH!

Asuna: Awww man! This sucks!

At the teacher's lounge, Negi sighs in exhaustion on the chair while slanting on his desk.

Negi: Phewww!

Takahata: You're speaking my language. How was your first class?

Negi: Forgive me... *sits up* It's been a rough day. I never teaching would be so... physical.

Takahata: Hahahahaha. Oh yes, I almost forgot.

Negi: Forgot what, sir?

Takahata: Your class list. Here.

He hands Negi the class list book. Negi opens it and sees the entire list of students he's teaching.

Negi: My goodness...! How am I going to remember all of their names?

Takahata: Try assigning a seating chart. I wanted to give this to you earlier but I haven't finished editing it yet.

Negi: This is fantastic, thanks.

At the library where Nodoka, Yue, and Haruna works, Nodoka is carrying the books to the checkout counter.

Nodoka: Here are the returns.

Girl: So I take it you are working solo today, huh?

Nodoka: Yeah, Yue and Haruna had a job to do today for the class, so...

Girl: Too bad... Eh-listen you have to give me the dirt. Is the rumor really true that your homeroom teacher is a kid?

Nodoka: Light gasp ...He's ten. And he's certified, he's got a bachelor's degree in education.

Girl: Oh boy, that is so wild. So I guess he's like this child prodigy or something, huh?

Nodoka: Yeah, I guess so.

Girl: Oh how cool would it be to sail your way through public school and ride into higher learning with a 10-year old! Gosh, I'd give anything to meet him. I bet he's really cute, huh?

Nodoka: gasp

Her face shows giving a clear shot of her eyes for a brief moment as she thinks about how cute Negi is.

Nodoka: ...

She lowers her head to hide behind her bangs.

Nodoka: Yeah... he sort of is... I guess...

Outside campus, students are walking around. Negi walks around as well sighing and looks down.

Negi: I can't believe it was already over... At least I made it out alive.

A ball rolls and bumps into Negi's foot.

Negi: Huh?

He picks up the ball.

Ako: Hello?

Negi: Hmm?

He looks up and sees Ako and the girls.

Ako: Ah! Professor!

Makie: Hi Professor! *Waves* Throw us the ball!

Negi: Ah, okay!

Negi smiles and offers to throw it. Then at the grocery store...

Asuna: Hi, I need to purchase 30 paper cups and plates. And umm… Oh, and do you sell fertilizer?

Worker: Oh, ummm...

Asuna: It's okay if you don't, I totally understand.

She said as the worker gets up and walks to the other side. Outside in the middle of campus, Negi is sitting on the stairs of the statue.

Negi: Well, today was my first lesson... and I didn't even get through one page.

Negi looks at his book Takahata gave him and opens it to scan through his students. He sees Asuna's picture and seems displeased of his acquaintance with her. So he smiles with a thought of taking a black marker and drawing horns on her head with a comment next to her "Boo!" and "Big Meanie!" In English.

Negi: ... Giggles

The camera zooms out to see Asuna walking carrying two grocery bags walking towards the statue where Negi is sitting.

Asuna: Stupid little runt. He came and messed up everything. I did that spell for nothing, and I HATE fried tofu! This kid's going to' pay!

Camera now goes to Nodoka carrying a stack full of books and grunting very lightly holding dear to them. The camera zooms out with her walking towards the stairs and Negi sees his next student on his book.

Negi: Let's see now... Student #27 is... Nodoka Miyazaki. General library committee member, librarian, library expedition club.

He looks up as she sees her coming to the stairs carrying all those books.

Negi: Oh, here she comes now. It looks like she's carrying a huge stack of books by herself.

He sees Nodoka slipping off the stairs with her books.

Negi: Ah! Careful!

Nodoka: Waaahhh!

She starts falling off the side of the stairs and Negi reacts quickly with his staff behind him and gets up to help her.

Negi: I'm coming!

Nodoka: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!

Negi chants while holding his staff out in front bringing out wind to break Nodoka's fall. As that happens, Negi rushes over, throwing his staff side, leaps and catches her as she lands on Negi's head. Negi gets up and pants.

Negi: Nodoka... are you okay?

He sees her unconscious.

Negi: Oh Nodoka, please be all right.

Negi later then gasps as he looks to his left and sees Asuna standing there before him completely speechless and surprised.

Asuna: ...Who ...are you?

Negi gasps and baffled, not know what to say. The camera zooms out of Asuna staring at the secret of Negi Springfield, first revealed as a wizard!

Ending Credits