'If You Smile, Everything Will Be Fine'

At the height of the lake between the altar and the giant demon Sukuna, the winged demons begin to surround Setsuna until she shouted the magic word. Her pactio card glowed bright as heavenly light can, around the surrounding winged demons. In a slow moving timeframe of the demons closing in, Setsuna was awestruck at the glowing card which formed into a new kind of blade. The glow faded from the blade in order for a clear distinction which appears to be a small wakizashi; a smaller version of her original nodachi sword, 'Yūnagi.' The name written on it caught her eye.

Setsuna: Shōtō…

She then grasped it with her left hand. Now she felt like Tsukiyomi wielding two blades. But she felt beyond that as she feels her body is now invoked with magic energy around her.

Setsuna: I can feel it… THE POWER!

She exclaims from her thought after wielding her new artifact high above her. As the glow around the area brightened, all the demons were sliced in half by a pinkish stream caused by Setsuna before bursting out of there. She makes her getaway as soon as the demons exploded into black mist and flies straight ahead while wielding two blades in each hand.

Chigusa: Ah…!

Taken by surprise, the hordes of winged imps try intercepting her again. As they all boarded her way from passing through, altogether breathe fire directly at her. Setsuna wasn't going to take that so with her Yūnagi, she twists and turns it before raising it over her left shoulder and swinging hard.

Setsuna: Hiken HYAKUKA RYOURAN! Aaaaarrrrgggh!


Upon the swing creates a stream of cherry blossoms that travel in the direction of the fire stream coming her way.


Upon contact resulted in a fiery explosion due to a mixture of cherry petals and wind combined with fire that have engulfed into a fire ball. Chigusa and the winged Imps wait for the smoke to clear away when suddenly a swarm of pinkish streams shot through the smoke and impaled each 16 winged imps; either on the forehead or their chests. All are struck resulting in dissipation of black mist.

Demons: HOWL!

Chigusa: W-What the…! ?

Chigusa was now taken by surprise as she sees beyond the black smoke clearing up. There were 8 wakizashi swords on each side of Setsuna lined up pointing directly ahead of her sight.



Chigusa becomes astounded in surprise.

Chigusa: S-Sixteen duplicates? B-But how?

Setsuna never responded to her pondering as she glares back at her. Instead, a demonstration was arranged. With her arms outstretched, she uses her hand while holding her Shōtō to make a hand sign. With her eye widening, the 16 blades took off slowly before glowing pinkish until suddenly…


Each blade took off as if each shot in thin pinkish streams in 16 different directions at wind speed. The demons try breathing fire again but the blades withstood the heat as they pierced through their bodies and making them vanquish. Each blade traveled in various direction across the sky and pierced through every demon in its lock. The demons howled and dispersed. Seeing through the dissolving demons, Chigusa becomes speechless as her mouth hangs open in disbelief. She stares back at Setsuna who is glaring back at her.

Setsuna: Who's ready to admit defeat now! ?

Chigusa: Grrrrr…!

Setsuna: I'm giving you one final warning, Chigusa! RETURN MISS KONOKA AND SURRENDER AT ONCE!

Chigusa grits her teeth in frustration until it turned upside down; into a smirk.

Chigusa: Heh… You haven't won yet, crow girl.

Sukuna: GROWL!

Setsuna: Ah?

Taken by surprise, the giant ogre moves lifts his head from the meditation state and stares at the girl whose wings continue flapping to stay airborne. The arms also rose from the bottom to mid-air before extending them outward.

Chigusa: I call on the power of SUKUNA!

Raising her arms upward, the giant ogre roared furiously at Setsuna.

Sukuna: ROAR! !

Winged imps flock around Setsuna from behind as her eyes begin to take notice on her surroundings.

Chigusa: Chuckle Who's ready to admit defeat, you say? So what now?

Setsuna grits her teeth in her own frustration as the army has expanded along with a big bad baddie to deal with in front of her. But was she going to admit defeat herself, even after coming this far, obtaining an artifact and Konoka on the line? The army surrounds her and she sweats with anxiety but has now become annoyed.

Setsuna: Tch! Well then… I guess we'll just have to do this the hard way…

She says while sliding her hands away creating 16 wakizashis again and taking a combat stance with her Yūnagi for a battle of a lifetime in the sky.

Chigusa: Ah?

Once again, she leers angrily at Chigusa.

Setsuna: Won't we?

The climax of the fight nears its hardship conclusion but first annoying thing's first such as the Opening Credits!

The face off just started with as Fate takes his first move as he dashes/levitates toward Negi and Asuna. Fully powered up by Negi, she dashes at Fate with her fan overhead before leaping into the air about to swat down at him with tremendous force.

Asuna: Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggghhhh!

She was about to swing overhead until Fate turned with his arms turned the side, and then vanished.

Asuna: Huh! ? He vanished?

As Asuna couldn't notice, Fate teleporting above her. Her eyes turn back as she just noticed where he is now.


Asuna: Ungh!


He delivers a roundhouse kick down which sends her crashing down the pier causing the floor to break upon impact but only the outer layer.

Negi: ASUNA!

Just as he was beginning to run to her, Fate teleported right behind him at the speed of sound.

Chamo: Yaaahh!

Negi: Ah?

From Chamo's scream, his eyes were turning before he gets his own delivery of hurt.


With his arm, he swung to the right, whacking Negi far back where Asuna.

Negi: Waaaaaahhh!

As Asuna was kneeling up, Negi was flying her way. She extends her hand out hoping he would stop flying at her.

Asuna: Ah? N-Neg-Gwwoooooh!

Negi bashed into her as both are tossed far back, skipping across the boardwalk like ragged dolls. When they come to a stop, both groan from the crash. Asuna sits up rubbing the back of her head while Negi kneels up rubbing his sore spine.

Asuna: Uuuhh, owie!

Negi: Uuuhhhh!

Chamo: Uh, you guys better get up quick cuz' he's coming for more!

Fate takes a sprint before suddenly levitating off the floor as he zooms in on the two with his fist ready to lay more hurt. Both Negi and Asuna stand up to brace themselves.

Asuna: Ah!

Negi: D-Deflexio!


Fate closes up and lays one on both Negi and Asuna altogether.

Negi: Waaaaaaaaaaah!

Asuna: Aaaaaaaaaagh!

Fate delivers another devastating punch that delivers a heavy impact but the barrier keeps that from happening. Both still block with their staff and harisen and scream from the impact as they can feel the strong force of being pushed back at least. Fate, then leaps and delivers a roundhouse kick at such strong force and again, heavy impact but only another push back but they block slightly higher from their first block.

Negi & Asuna: Eeeeeeeeghhhhhhh!

Now, Fate teleports a few inches back and releases rapid punches at the two. Both guard at the same time and spot from his crazy wild rapid punches and continue to be pushed back further.

Asuna: Whoaaaaaaaa!

Negi: Aaaaaagggghhh!

Fate just swings his punches left, right, uppercuts and round house kicks but Negi and Asuna keep dodging them at critical moments like they're being careful.

Negi: Ehh! Ahh! Wahh! Uuh! Grunt!

Asuna: Kyah! Whoa! Careful! Agh! Hey! Wah!

Fate then played a little optical illusion trick by teleporting multiple times left and right to catch them off guard before delivering a deadly blow from the elbow.

Negi: Eehhh?


Asuna: AGUH!

Negi: GAAAH!

The barrier shattered as both are sent flying back a few feet sliding on their butts before coming to a complete stop. Both grunted before trying to get up.

Fate: Visju Tal Li Sjutal Vangèit…

Fate then teleported up above the two with his hands right arm extended back before raising high above him. As he recites in Greek incantation, his hand glowed radiantly. Negi tries to sit up and Asuna tries to kneel up. The light was shining through their faces making them shield part of their eyes with their arm.

Negi: Egh!

Asuna: W-What's that?

As both try to look up, the see Fate ready to cast a spell on them.

Fate: Basiliske Galeōte meta Kōktō Podōn kai Kakoin Ommatoin…!

"Basilisk, Lizard with Eight Legs and Evil Eyes…!"

Negi & Asuna: Ah!

Asuna: Th-That doesn't look good!

Fate: to Phōs Emēi Cheiri Kathias tōi Kakōi Dergmati Toxeusatō!

"Light Placed Upon My Hand, Shoot Forth thine Evil Look!"

As he aims his two fingertips directly at Negi and Asuna, a white glow emits from the tip. Asuna critically reacts and wraps her arms around Negi; shielding him from Fate's attack.

Asuna: L-LOOK OUT!

Negi: Whaaaa!



As soon as he shouts the name of the attack in Ancient Greek, the light from the fingertips brightened up all the way until it shot a bright white beam downward. Upon the aiming, he maneuvered the beam all the way from his left to the right; covering the whole area the two might be standing. Crossing the boardwalk causes it to shatter in a line of the beam firing through. Cracks appeared on the boardwalk as the area was also hardened like a pavement. Even the pillars snapped into pieces before turning into pebbles and stone needles. But when Asuna was being hit by the spell, not only was the barrier protecting her but nothing much occurred in effect by it except parts of the back of her shirt and arm sleeves were beginning to harden as well. While gritting her teeth, she shields Negi.

Asuna: Nnnnnnhh…!


A big splash occurred from the impact of the highly leveled beam Fate shot from his fingertips, as well as the pier destroyed. The waves have suddenly become hardened as pieces of concrete before falling back into the water. As soon as the smoke clears, Asuna is still kneeled down shielding Negi from the effect of Fate's attack.

Asuna: Cough! Cough!

She was coughing hard from the dust created by the debris of the pier and the attack.

Negi: A-Asuna! A-Are you all right! ?

Asuna smirks a smile with one eye open.

Asuna: Y-Yeah, sure I'm fine… Don't worry bout' me. What about you? You okay?

Negi: I-I'm fin-Eeuugh!

Asuna: Ah? Negi! What's wrong?

Negi was groaning in pain as he puts his left hand to his right arm where it shocked Asuna. Her eyes widen as she notices parts of his arm has been engulfed in stone. Negi's fingers were gradually turning into stone. On top of that, Negi's foot was also caught as part of his shoe was turned to stone. Asuna begins to appear haunted as if she witnessed a horrific scene. Suddenly, her grip around Negi's sweat shirt was tightened. Just then, Fate lunges himself in Asuna's position.

Fate: Just as I thought; she has the power to nullify magic completely. In that case, I shall rid you first, Asuna Kagurazaka.

He exclaims gently while charging up his fist with energy to lay a smack down on Asuna. While she kept kneeling down on Negi, she got up, wielded her harisen with both hands, turned around and brought her angry eyes in just as she brings her harisen to a swing.

Asuna: Why you… Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrggggggghh! ! ! !

Fate was taken by surprise when suddenly…


Destruction erupted on the pier as she created a shockwave that blew Fate back and caused another wave to erupt and flow along the pier. As the water sank back in and smoke moved away, Asuna's harisen has now been transformed into her giant sword out of surprise. She was panting after such a hard swing she did.

Asuna: Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah!

Negi: A… Asuna…?

Asuna: Stay put, Negi. Let me handle this fight.

She tells him as she wields her sword straight ahead ready for more.

Negi: Y-Your sword has appeared…

Fate: Very amusing. It seems your artifact responds to your emotions… That explains its transformation.

She sees him emerging out of the smoke as he walks casually towards her with the same expressionless face.

Fate: However, your abilities appear to be ambiguously inadequate; as you are yet able to fully control your weapon. From what I can tell, your experience with your own power is naught but mere child's play.

Asuna: I'll show you 'child's play!' Aaaaaaaaaaarrrgggh!

Upon rage, she swung her sword again and created another shockwave which send the debris of the pier and the wave of the water crashing in Fate's direction. Fate was pushed back from the shockwave but still standing, or rather levitating, when he looked up and saw Asuna soaring down on him with her sword overhead.

Asuna: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

Upon swinging her sword downward at Fate, she makes a crack on the boardwalk after he steps to the side; thus missing him. She the swings to the side where Fate is but Fate leaps over the sword and lands to Asuna's left. Again she swings to his side but misses again.

Asuna: Eeeeeugh! Uuuuuurrrrgh!

Negi struggles to move but has a hard time doing so on account of his petrified arm.

Negi: Grunt!

Chamo: Negi, don't strain yourself.

Negi: A… Asuna needs help…

He says weakly as he tries to make a hand sign with a single hand. She continues to swing horizontally and diagonally but Fate continues to side step avoiding getting hit, while of course keeping the same expressionless face like it's nothing he can't handle difficult. Asuna makes one more cry as she swings her sword horizontally at him.

Asuna: Aaaaaaarrrrrggggghhhh!

Doing so created another shockwave that shattered parts of the pier again. But once again, he wasn't there.

Asuna: Huh?

Fate suddenly landed on top of her sword. While he was silent about it, and being light as a feather due to his magic, she wouldn't notice his presence. But she sensed it as she turns her head and sees him a second before teleporting from that spot. The critical moment she saw him, she tried to defend herself with her sword barely before Fate's deliberate kick was brought on her but was too late.


Asuna: Ack! Waaaaaaahhh! Ah-Uuuugh! Ugh!

The impact caused her to fall back, rolled and skidded across the boardwalk. She felt seriously hurt but now she's about to as soon as she struggles to stand back up. Fate walks up powering up his fist with magic energy.

Fate: You may be able to react on my moves…

He then lunges at her.

Fate: But you're still an amateur compared to Negi Springfield!

As he extends his fist forward, the energy around his fist was making its way to Asuna when suddenly…


Fate: Uh! ?

Negi: Nngh!

Negi gritted his teeth as he managed to make a quick sprint spell to get in front of Fate and grab his fist with his own hand. It was channeling through anything it touches so Negi's energy was draining, starting with his fist. He can only grasp it as long as he could.

Negi: A-Asuna… A-Are you all right! ?

Asuna: Fine, Negi… just fine…

She says as she slowly gets up, grasping her sword tightly and turns her angry eye directly at Fate.

Asuna: Bad little kids like him… deserve to be PUNISHED!

She took off on foot running to Fate with her sword grasped and swung horizontally with all her power.

Asuna: Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgggh!



After slicing another demon, more were on their way toward her with pikes, swords and claws. After noticing, Setsuna crossed her hands, fingertips extended, with each other and slide them in a wide spread all the way to her back which created 16 wakizahi blades all around her. When making the hand sign with eyes closed, the blades began circling around her in fast motion like a pinwheel. The demons screeched down at her again. With her eye widened, the circling blades began to glow pinkish.


Each blade took off in 16 different directions, going everywhere and through any demon it passes through. Every blade bounced around every demon it pierced. All screech in pain before all explode in black mist as always. During the sword swarming, energy was forming inside Sukuna's mouth.

Setsuna: Gasp!

Chigusa: Behold, God's poweeeeeer!

Sukuna: ROAR!


As he fires a massive beam directly at Setsuna, she evades it by flapping her wings to glide sideways. As the beam turns to aim in her direction, it hits other winged demons trying to attack her as they all explode in black mist.

Setsuna: Whoa… destroying her own army…

She then does the liberty of flying around the beam to evade an attack in front of her. As she evades perfectly fine, the beam lands on the water but travels forward to land, causing it to split in a fiery explosion. The beam travels in Kaede's direction as she, Yue and Kotaro notice the beam and fiery explosion coming towards them.

Yue: Uh guys, any idea what that is! ?

Kotaro: No but whatever it is, it's GETTING BIGGER! SCREAMBLE!

Kaede's remained calm but could tell danger approaching. She grabs Yue and leaps away while Kotaro leaps the other way, evading the beam and the explosion. In bird's eye, the explosion covered a lot of the wildlife. Setsuna looked down with worry. She turns her head unhappily before wielding her Shōtō out in front.

Setsuna: I have to stop this, soon before it hits civilization.

She took off airborne with both her swords in her hands, Shōtō in front and Yūnagi in back. When more demons came at her, she blocked with her Shōtō and sliced with her Yūnagi. She began dueling with many winged demons using their swords and pikes against her. Setsuna grunts every time she clashes with others. Moving swiftly with her arms, she continues blocking every attack coming from every corner. She manages to slice an arm off of the demon or behead them. She would yell every time she swings which results either slicing them in half diagonally or horizontally. In such a struggle, she felt like she was going to be here all day. A bunch piled up on her with pikes directed down at her.

Setsuna: Geh!


Konoka: Nnnnnnnnnnnnnhh!

Konoka's eyes were filled with worry after watching such a fight.

Chigusa: Ahahahahaahahahahahaha! It seems you are defenseless without your replicated swords! Now you're pinned down and nowhere to run!

Looking closely, Setsuna was able to yield the pikes being thrusted at her. She uses her original Shōtō with her left arm raised behind her back and her Yūnagi with her right arm, blocking upward at all pikes that almost pierced her.

Setsuna: Grunt!

Grunting at such weight of each demon on her, she lowers her head so her eye sight is hidden. The demons make screeching noise as they thrust harder to make their pikes come closer to her skin. All seem to be hopeless for her except when she spoke.

Setsuna: Heh… You underestimate me… Chigusa…

Chigusa: Huh?

Setsuna: My artifact isn't my only source against you.

She lifts her face to glare at her with her very own eye which happens to turn reddish and demonic.

Chigusa: Ah?


She declares with a nasty leer from her. She then tilted her Yūnagi upward before releasing her grasp and then she grabs it from the other side of the handle and brings it down along with the pike. The demon was startled when brought in close to Setsuna's twisted red-eye glare.

Setsuna: Shinmei-ryuu ougi…

Zooming out of the crowded winged imp pinning Setsuna down, she shouts in a very sheer town.

Setsuna: HYAKU RETSU OUKA-ZAN! ! ! !


In an instant, she sliced and diced about at the entire crowd with her sword leaving a stream of cherry blossoms scattering everywhere and caused an explosion of black mist and cherry blossoms mixed together. She now jets her way to Chigusa.

Chigusa: No, you don't! ENKI! YŪKI! Stop that girl!

She shouts after throwing her two charms which summons her goki demons; the big generic bear and monkey.

The goki demons were lunging in at Setsuna who was getting close to Chigusa. But of course, in an instant, they were cut in half by both her swords. Chigusa once again got surprised.

Chigusa: Yaaah! ?

Setsuna: Is that all you got! ?

Sukuna: ROAR!


Sukuna was able to release another beam from his mouth at Setsuna. She shields herself with one wing. The beam hits with tremendous force as it seems to push her back.

Setsuna: Eeeeeeghh!

Gritting her teeth to withstand the beam also means blocking the beam from hitting civilization. Konoka still worries but Chigusa seem to be having quite a thrill but is still anxious to see Setsuna get vaporized. Setsuna struggles to the extreme but…


Chigusa: Aaaaaahaahahahahahahahaaaah! ! That may be all I have left but nothing beats the power of a God!

Beyond her maniacal laughter of witnessing Setsuna's destruction, she wasn't expecting to see her engulfed completely in her own wings as soon as the smoke clears up.

Chigusa: Gasp… Im-Impossible… IMPOSSIBLE! ! Sukuna's power is great!

To Konoka's relief, she sees the wings slowly open up and reveal Setsuna A-OK. In addition, while her arms are extended outward, there are 8 wakizashi blades summoned pointing directly at Sukuna. Determined to win, Setsuna remains with her demonic red-eyed leering.

Chigusa: It's hopeless! Your piddling little swords won't be enough to even scratch Sukuna!

Setsuna: This is not all my short swords can do! There's more to it than using my blades for cutting!

As she elaborates, events show of Asuna's sword fighting against Chachamaru, her harisen against the demons she fought with Setsuna, Nodoka's book that helped them escape Kotaro's trap and her 16 short blades swarming at demons.

Setsuna: Like many others, artifacts are more than just complementary weapons, items and accessories. My 16 short swords hold more power than you think.

Her red-piercing demonic eyes continue to glare at her.

Setsuna: I'll show you what it's capable of! I'll crush your pathetic God!

Chigusa: Ehhh!

After declaring, she places both hands together to make a hand sign, and widening her eyes again sends the blades forward. But instead of a pinkish glow, green electricity was emitting from them.


As soon as they were sent off and traveled to Sukuna's head, they begin to circle around it before Setsuna brings her arm down which sends the blades plowing around the ogre's head. Just then, the blades give off their electric energy around each blade as they suddenly invoke lightning around the demon head.




Setsuna yells as soon as she extends her hand out releasing the lightning effect soaring around the demon head.


His arms rise up to reach for his head consumed by the lightning force. But they couldn't get near it due to the effect trapping the head inside and keeping anything outside from touching.

Chigusa: No… No! This can't be! Sukuna!

Before noticing, another couple of blades were brought down around her.

Chigusa: Ah!

After hearing the striking noise, she looked around and saw the floor where she stood that consists of more short blades placed around her.

Chigusa: Ahhh?

She looks up at Setsuna who continues glaring at her with a hand sign still intact.

Setsuna: You're finished, Chigusa!

But as she says it, a winged figure appears behind her. Before she could release the power again…


Asuna's sword was brought passed Fate as his eye trembled in what he noticed something was wrong.

Fate: My barrier!

Fate was destabilized while Negi's hand began to emit electricity. Fate noticed and his eye widen in shock.

Negi: In Mea Manu Ens Inimicum Edat, FULGURATIO ALBICANS! !

Performing 'White Lightning' sent immense amount of electricity through Fate's body. He didn't scream nor whelped but grits his teeth enduring the pain brought upon himself for the first time ever.

Fate: Eehhhhhhhhhhhh!

Chamo: Let em' have it!

Negi was still not done letting Fate have a taste of his own medicine by charging his fist with magic energy. With his rocky hand, his fingers bent pretty hard like having arthritis, formed a fist while leaving cracks around it like if it would break. He winds it back before delivering it straight to his face.


Fate's electrifying face was sent back by a stone fist. Despite knowing that it would've harmed Negi too, rock had little to no effect on it making electricity harmless to his fist.

Negi: NGhhhhhhh!

He felt like that should be plenty to send Fate far away but both he and Chamo were surprised.

Chamo: Crap…

Negi: Oh no…

Both realized that his fist was turned to stone and couldn't perform a charged punch to send Fate flying away. Asuna turns her head wondering and from the looks of it, Fate was still standing.

Asuna: Did we… get him?

Fate: Magically and physically…

Negi & Asuna: Uh?

Fate was only facing away from the hit he received before his body was trembling.

Fate: For the very first time, someone has managed to inflict harm on me…

He said frantically before turning his face with a cold glare.


He says coldly before delivering a super charged drain-punch directly to Negi.


Konoka's eyes widen in shock after witnessing true horror.

Konoka: Super gasp! Set…

Chigusa's eyes widen in satisfaction.

Chigusa: Ahh…

Setsuna's eyes widen in shock after receiving a heavy stab in the back.

Konoka: SETSUNA!

Coming out of her stomach, blood spilled tremendously from it.

Setsuna: Guhaaaahh!

She slouched downward after enduring such impending pain. Her eyes trembled while panting hard, she feels frustrated after coming so close.

Setsuna: Hah! Hah! Gehh… Grrrrrr!

She's had enough. She grits her teeth in a struggling attempt grab the pole and yanks it out hard in order to bring the imp close to her back which earned him a stab below the jawline and passing through the skull ridge with her Shōtō.

Setsuna: I've had… enough with you!

After receiving a vengeful stab in such a gruesome way, she was able to pass the pike through her body and let it fall. After that, she shifted her legs on the imp's torso and leaped ahead toward Chigusa before it dissolves in black mist. Chigusa stepped back thinking of fleeing but remembered her last resort.

Chigusa: Ah, oh no! K-Konoka, come to me!

She was about to bring Konoka to her with her powers.


She thought before making a hand sign with her free left hand and extends it outward.



The blades that circled around Chigusa began to give off electricity and soared through Chigusa's body before Konoka could reach her.


Chigusa: Aaaaaaaaaahhhh! Uwwwaaaaaaaarrrrrrhhhhhh! !

Enduring the pain of the lightning, she arches her back and screams in agony. Both she and Sukuna are now immobilized. Setsuna finally makes a break for it by gliding all the way to her friend. She shouts as she reaches with her hand to get her.


She reaches out to grab her but her hand has now made in contact with a barrier surrounding Konoka that just sent shocks to her whole body.

Setsuna: Aagh! Eehh…! Aaaaaarrrghhh! Aaaauuuuhhh…!

Konoka sees her feet within her reach to try and save her. Chigusa continues enduring pain from the 'Lightning Entwined Cage' spell she put on her. While kneeling down with her arms on the surface, she turns her head to Setsuna who is now being the one electrocuted.

Chigusa: Gehhh…! Ehhh… G-Good luck getting passed that… f-force field! Y-You couldn't imagine the power coursing through it… After being impaled, you'll lose more blood. Not only that, keeping Sukuna and me like this… m-must be costing you a lot of energy. You'll be completely drained…

She explains while Konoka watches in horror of Setsuna screaming in pain, covering her wound with her bloodied hand as more gushes out. Enduring both the pain in her stomach and the magic energy draining her whole being is costing her a lot, on top of keeping Chigusa and Sukuna trapper in her spell, which renders her weaker and weaker by the second. Everything became unbearable to her as she grits her teeth in a horrifying struggle.

Chigusa: Y-You'll die before you… can escape.

Setsuna: Aaaaaaaaaahh! Aaaaeeeeghhh…! Eeeeghh… Nnnnnnhhhh! Gwuuuughh! COUGH!

Blood spills from her mouth as her head slumps down coughing hard.

Konoka: Setsuna…!

Setsuna: Hah! Hah! Nnnnhhh… I don't… care…

Konoka: Nnh?

Chigusa: Ah…?

Setsuna: Nnnnhhhh… Nnnnnhh… Nnnhh…

She lifts her head up, as her eyes returned to normal but remained determined facing Konoka while blood trails down her chin from her mouth.

Setsuna: I made a promise… I made a pledge to you… Nnghh… On that day… do you remember? Nnhh… I'll always be there for you... no matter what happens to me.

She declares after a quick flashpack reveals Setsuna keeping Konoka above the water when they were children. Lil' Setsuna cries over not being strong, trains kendo, tails Konoka from the shadows, stays by her side and protects her from danger from Chigusa before and Chigusa today. Flashback ends as Konoka's eyes began to water after being reminded of her will to keep her safe. But she begins to worry more as blood continues spilling from her stomach where her left hand is while her right hand keeps reaching out for her. She coughs blood again but keeps her teeth gritted refusing to let anything stop her from saving Konoka.

Setsuna: Guh!

Konoka: Nnnnh! Setsuna… Please…!

Setsuna's face turns into a reassuring smile.

Setsuna: Miss Konoka, hold on… I'll… I'll save you!

Konoka shakes her head.

Konoka: Noooo! I don't want you to die!

Setsuna: Ehh… Don't worry about me… I'll be fine… I promise.

Konoka: Be careful Setsuna, please… I can't lose you…

The field was corrupting her hand with more pain as it travels to her upper body. She arches her head and screams in pain.

Setsuna: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaggghhhhh! !

POW! !

Negi: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggghh! !


He was sent flying far back and fast before crashing at the head of the shinto gate and falling on the ground. He dropped his staff after being sent flying as it lies in the middle of the boardwalk feet from him.

Chamo: That was a direct blow! He might not survive another hit!

Negi: Gwuaaaghh!

Blood spilled on the floor after a hard cough. Fate stood there after delivering such a powerful drainage punch but was blown away by Asuna's hard typhoon swing causing parts of the pier to shatter.

Asuna: Grrrrrraaaaagh!

Her expression changed to sheer worry right when she began to run to Negi's aid.

Asuna: NEGI! !

After taking off, she didn't notice when Fate had regenerated himself from the water of his body that spilled on the floor. He reformed himself and without hesitation, he raised his arm up and extends it at Asuna's direction.



Water arms came from the lake and began to chase Asuna's running legs. Before she least expects it, the arms curled around them before she dropped the sword.

Asuna: Waaaaaaaaaaahhhh!

Negi: Ah?

He sees Asuna's body; legs, stomach and arms completely tangled by the water arms, Chamo included while tied up on Asuna's leg.

Chamo: Aaaghhhhhhh…

Asuna: N-Not again! Nnnhhhh! Mmmmphhh!

They wasted no time wrapping themselves on Asuna's mouth forcing her to suffocate just like before. Asuna's mouth tried to remain shut along with her eyes but the arms tighten on her throat forcing her mouth to release.

Negi: ASUNA! ! Agh!


Negi gritted his teeth as he tries to get up and run but the weigh on his leg prevented that as he looked at it and sees half his leg has been turned to stone. Asuna moved her head upward a bit to try and speak…

Asuna: Ne… gi… Gargles!

Negi reaches out to her with his hand.

Negi: Asu… naaaaa…

At such broken words, he felt like he couldn't reach her before Fate appears behind Negi by regenerating his water body. He slowly and casually approaches him while rubbing his bruised cheek.

Fate: Your magic has now drained with your strength…

He turns his head at him aguishly.

Negi: Eeeghhh!

Fate: You tried your very best, Negi…

He then used his hand to form a fist to gather energy for his last drainage punch.

Fate: But… it wasn't enough.

He winds it back and delivers it to him. Negi's eyes were dimming as if he's about to face Death when…


A hand with red nails appeared below and grabbed Fate's wrists.

Fate: Uh! ?

He looks down and sees a shadowy figure with an evil cackle and glowing demonic eyes.

Fate: Teleportation using a shadow?

Evangeline: Your confidence isn't nearly enough to hide your weakness… LITTLE BOY.

Zooming in on her evil eye, she delivers a devastating shove with her dark magic.

Fate: Aaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuugggghhh! !

At such force, Fate was sent flying pass the water until hitting the surface and skipping across like a pebble. Asuna dropped to the floor with Chamo and covered how mouth while coughing pretty hard.

Asuna: Cough hard! COUGH! Uh?

Before looking up, Evangeline stood there and lowered her arm down before delivering one last chuckle. Negi stood up slowly surprised and happy to see his student and savior.

Negi: E… Evangline!

She turns with an evil smirk.

Evangeline: It seems we're even now, Negi… all right?

The 'Entwined Lightning Cage' gave off as Chigusa stood from her spot, still in pain but sees the group on the pier.

Chigusa: Ehhh… It's too late for your reinforcements to save you now… N-Nothing can defeat the mighty Sukuna once he…


Chigusa: Ah?


A loud gunfire erupted before shattering a barrier around Konoka.

Chigusa: Ehh! Ah! ?

She looked over her shoulder and sees Setsuna off with Konoka in her arm.

Chigusa: No! Ah?

She looked ahead now and sees a robot in a rocket jet holding a rather large long-range rifle pointing directly at Sukuna. She reloaded the ammo but inserted a new kind inside.

Chachamaru: Master, bomb-shell set-up has been completed.

Evangeline: Fire.

Chachamaru: Yes, Master.



Opening fire releases a large bullet aimed directly at Sukuna


It made contact with him which resonated into a huge barrier causing it to disrupt him.

Sukuna: ROAR!

Chigusa: Eeeeeeuuuuughhhhhh! !

The impact of the bomb was overwhelming her as well. The demon arches his head screaming in horrible agony.


Both Asuna and Negi watch in awe. Evangeline faces away as her hair and cape flow from the wind.

Evangeline: I have to say, you did pretty well. But you still have a long way to go before you're as good as me.

Negi & Asuna: Uh…?

Evangeline: Listen up, kid! In a large scale battle such as this, a Magus' role is nothing more than mighty artillery power! You prepare your spells while your minstra protects you! Then, use whatever strong spell you got and remove the big guns out! And in the end, he who has the most firepower wins!

She declares before raising her cape in the air and lifting off from the ground to take to the sky.

Evangeline: And this Magus is about to show you at the top of her level!

Both watch to behold her strongest yet cast a very powerful spell she knows as she raises her hand straight above herself.



She shouts as energy gathers up in her palm.



Upon shouting the spell, she extends both arms downward as the energy releases massive amount of ice energy aiming towards the lake around Sukuna. Waves erupted from the forceful impact of her magic. In addition, strong winds corrupted the tides as they suddenly froze, forming into icicle crystals. It was spreading throughout the large scale around the water where Sukuna resides as he too was becoming hardened by the rapidly dropping tempatures.


The terrible titan has become completely solidified as his entire body gives off a perfect reflecting light all around. Chigusa looked up completely shocked and surprised.

Chigusa: She recited such advanced attacks so quickly… I've never seen anything like it… Just who are you?

Evangeline: Evil Chuckle You've met your match, you four-eyed hag!

She speaks with such an evil smirk on her face.

Evangeline: What you're seeing is my ultimate freezing spell! It creates a 150-square foot radius of absolute zero temperatures! A monster that size doesn't even stand a chance against a real monster like me! FOR, LO! I AM A VAMPIRE! THE DARK ANGEL AND GOSPEL OF DARKNESS! LOOK UPON MY SPELL, YE MIGHTY, AND DESPAIR! FOR I AM EVANGELINE! THE MOST POWERFUL SHINSO VAMPIRE IN THE WORLD! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA! ! ! !

Asuna: She really lives for these moments, huh?

She asks with dotted eyes thinking how mad she's become.



She then turns around elegantly while the hardened titan begins to crack everywhere.

Chigusa: Aah? What the…?

Eva then smirks with her eyes turning back with her arm extended about to snap her finger.

Evangeline: Hehe… Fall to pieces.


SHATTER! ! ! !

The titan shattered into a thousand pieces while the big head flies out of place and lands in the water, as well as the others. Both Negi and Asuna watch in awe astounded by the impact of her spell. Many more ice debris fall like boulders, while Chigusa tumbles down with them.

Chigusa: Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! !

Evangeline: Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa! FOOLS! Nothing you conjure up is a match for the likes of me, not even that miserable pile of abomination you call a god!

Chamo: That chick is whack, yo!

Asuna: You tell them, Eva! Wahoo! You rock!

Negi: Wow, Eva…

Asuna raises her fist high up as a way to root for the hero of the night. Eva smiles at her actions feeling like she's enjoying herself. Meanwhile, Setsuna was watching while carrying Konoka in her arms in the sky.

Setsuna: Wow, she really is that powerful as they say… Ah… A-Are you all right, Miss Konoka?

Konoka: Ah… I guess you ended up saving me anyway, huh?

Setsuna: … barely…

She said softly with trembling eyes of concern before Konoka noticed her wings flapping about. Her eyes turn from curious to passionate.

Konoka: Your wings are pretty… my angel, Setsuna…

Setsuna: Ah…

She blushes from her complement of affection as she carries her across the moon light night. Konoka latches her arms around her shoulders to hold on and rest her head close to her chest. Setsuna smiles at the warmth both are receiving comfort despite a small trail of blood rushes down her mouth.

Suddenly, back at the battlefield where everything began with the ogre brawl, the grunt took a look back feeling all has ended in the atmosphere.

Grunt: Grunt…

Tsukiyomi: Huh… I guess they're all done over there, huh?

Grunt 2: What we do now? Fight more?

Grunt: The battle is over. Our horde is in outnumbering masses. Victory belongs to the humans.


Mana: Looks like we have no reason to fight anymore, since we're mercenaries.

Fei Ku: Awww, are we done already?

Tsukiyomi: Sigh Guess you're right. Good thing I got paid up front because it looks like my employer's in pretty bad shape. But I put in good days work so… I'm gonna' head on home now. Too bad I didn't get to fight Setsuna more but please, give my regards and tell her it was an honor to spar with her.

She bows while every other demon vanishes in a puff of black smoke.

Grunt: Bah! Next time, we won't fall to the likes of you!

Grunt 2: See you next time if that ever happens!

Ogre head 2: I haven't had this much fun in centuries.

Ogre head 1: Next time we meet, we should go out on the town.


Mana: Wow, I think this is the first time I've ever been asked out by an ogre.

Fei Ku: They kept us busy but we could've beaten them. Guess we didn't do too bad for being humans, huh?

Mana: Hmph…

She smirks with her eyes closed indicating something about the humans part.

At the area where Kaede is, the smoke has been put out by buckets of water laying around.

Kaede: Looks like everything is wrapping up over there.

Kotaro: Pfft! What retards.

He claims while resting his hands behind his head.

Yue: Hey, Kaede. Shouldn't we like tie this kid up to a tree or something?

She asks while pointing at him.

Kotaro: Hey watch it, squirt! I don't run from defeat, especially when I admitted it!

Yue: Squirt?

Nerve struck her.

Kotaro: Besides, I'm still itchin' for my rematch with Negi. And when I beat him down, ooh yeah! That'll show em' who's the top dog!

Yue: How simple-minded can you be?

Kaede: That aside, I think we should all check to see if everyone's all in one peace.

After a look at the sky, it transits back to Evangeline gliding with her eyes closed enjoying her freedom.

Evangeline: Giggles Ahh, freedom…

Negi and Asuna watch her come down as she lands on the boardwalk in front of them followed by Chachamaru while still holding the big gun.

Evangeline: Well how was that, boy? Wasn't that something? I hope you learned what you just witnessed today.

Negi: Indeed, it was! I had no idea you had such amazing abilities!

Asuna: You totally put your money where your mouth was. I mean like, WOW!

Negi: That was amazing, Eva! You were… um, incredible!

Evangeline: Wasn't I! ? Wasn't I just brilliant! ?

Negi: YES! You absolutely WERE brilliant!

Evangeline: Hahahaha, you're a good boy. Ahahahahahaha!

She pats him on the head for complementing him.

Negi: Ehehe…

Appreciating Eva's kindness from her, he's happy to accept her help. While both stood there, Setsuna comes a landing with Konoka in her arms. Everyone turns to see them. Setsuna smiles down at her, happy for her safety while Konoka smiles up at her savior passionately.

Setsuna: I'm so sorry, Miss Konoka. Everything's all right. You're safe now.

Konoka smiles with a light blush on her face but trembling eyes of happiness that her long old friend actually came to her rescue and happy to see her with her.

Konoka: Setsuna… Mmmh… Thank you.

Setsuna replies with a deep smile, grasping her hand tightly before her eyes get blurry and closes them.

Setsuna: Miss Konoka… my best friend… m-my most… precious friend... in the whole wide world… aahh…

She collapses on her before Konoka catches her in her arms.

Konoka: Ah! ? Setsuna!

Asuna: Setsuna!

Negi: Oh no, is she all right! ?

Konoka: I don't know!

Chamo: She must've used up all her energy!

Konoka: Setsuna? Please, speak to me! Setsuna!

She begins to shake her to wake her up before noticing something.

Konoka: Ah?

She lifts her hand from her torso and sees it covered in massive amount of blood. Then she looks on the floor to see more blood spilling off of her stomach and mouth.

Konoka: Oh no, she's losing too much blood!

Asuna: W-We need an ambulance, fast!

Negi: I'll fly her on my staff!

Evangeline: She won't make it in time.

Negi: What?

Evangeline: I can smell her blood. Her quantity is extremely low. She's going to die.

Asuna: Th-This is a joke, right? Sh-She can't die now… SHE CAN'T!

Evangeline: Before I came here, she's lost too much already. I can only presume she pushed herself too far.

Negi: N-No…

All look down at her while Konoka breaks down in tears embracing Setsuna with her face facing upward and her mouth slightly open with small trails of blood coming out.

Konoka: Oh, Setsuna… you went this far for me… Sob I… I'm so grateful for your help all these years… Thank you so much… I just… I only wish I could save you too… because, I… I have so much to tell you! So please… just… just hang in there! You've got to! Setsuna…!

Her hands tremble before she wails sound fully at her dying friend while others watch sorrowfully and Evangeline frowns over the sad moment as well.

Konoka: Sob Please… I… I don't want to lose you…

By placing her palms on her cheek, tears fall down hers as her compassion grows closer to her. She intends to warm her up by bringing her lips close to hers. Closing her eyes while tears flow through, her lips locked into Setsuna's.

Konoka: Mmmh…

Negi and Asuna reacted in a deep blush before a massive glow takes effect around her and Setsuna. Everyone now becomes a little surprised.

Negi: Waaaaahhh…

Asuna: W-What's going on?

Evangeline: Hmm… Interesting…

She continues kissing her while the magic glow around the two begins to brighten. Setsuna's wound was slowly patching up, covering up the hole with regenerating flesh. Konoka didn't stop kissing as she shows much compassion. The light shines throughout the area until it slowly dims. All were amazed at Konoka's magic being exposed again. Konoka then releases the kiss to wake up from her trance and sees Setsuna's eye lids trembling.

Setsuna: Mmmh… Mmmmmmhh…

Konoka: Gasp!

Her eyes slowly open, feeling groggy and starts to speak softly.

Setsuna: Uh…

Konoka: Setsuna…?

Setsuna: Ah… M-Miss Konoka…

Konoka: You're okay…?

Setsuna: Ah… I think so…

She tightly hugs Setsuna while she blushes tremendously.

Setsuna: Wha? M-Miss Konoka?

Konoka: I thought I lost you forever, Setsuna! I was so scared! Sob I'm not sure but… I'm glad you're okay! Sob

Setsuna wondered how she survived until she recalled the time in Cinema Town. Her hand touched her stomach where the wound is absent.

Setsuna: It was you… It was you who saved me again…

After thinking it, she pulls embraces Konoka too.

Setsuna: Thank you, Miss Konoka.

Setsuna's tears begin to fall from her cheeks as well while Konoka continues to sob. After such a passionate embrace, everyone watched with good compassion for the two. Asuna wipes away a tear while Eva rests her arms behind her head and begins to walk away awhile. Afterwards, Negi looks back and decides to leave the two alone for a while. Later on, Asuna joins in the conversation.

Evangeline: Looks like she's all right now.

Negi: Evangeline…

Evangeline: Hmm?

Negi: I want to thank you for showing up when you did.

Evangeline: Hm…

She replies with a smile.

Negi: But I was wondering about something. What happened to the curse that kept you in school?

Asuna: Yeah, that's right. Haven't you been stuck on campus for like 100 years or something?

Evangeline: Giggle

Chachamaru: It is being worked under a devious magic ritual. In order to outwit the powerful curse that has been placed on her spirit, once every five seconds, Dean Konoe has been stamping identical documents stating that the Kyoto Trip was official school business. He must be on paper number 10,000 by now.

The Dean back in his office continues picking one paper at a time, stamping one after another and piling it up on his left.

Dean Konoe: Mmh! What have I gotten myself into…? Please hurry back, Evangeline! My head's about to explode! I swear, this is elder abusive!

Chachamaru: We apologize for the time it took to arrive here, by the way.

Evangeline: Ahahahaha! And as payment, the old bean gets to remain in rubber stamping hell till I'm done sightseeing Kyoto tomorrow. I'll never get a chance like this again.

Negi: He-He's stamping papers?

Asuna: Every 5 seconds?

Chamo: Poor old guy!

Asuna: And what if he has to go to the bathroom or eat something?

Evangeline: Heh! This is all his fault for not foreseeing this happening. Besides, what's a little stamping going to hurt? The old man deserves every bit of it.

Negi & Asuna: Uuuhh…

Evangeline: Here, far from the curse and the school barrier, my powers are nearly limitless. I'm at my strongest so long as I'm violating the curse. It may not be a full moon night but it feels good to let yourself go absolute full-scale after so long, don'tcha think so, boy? Giggles

Asuna: Uhh heheheheehee…

Negi: Umm if you say so…

Evangeline: Look, imagine if I were the strongest wizard that you seek help from. I just can't guarantee it every time you get yourself in another situation where it may get yourself killed. You will have to rely on your own power from time to time, capiche?

Negi: Ah… Y-Yes, I unders… ehh… ehh? Grunt Haah… haah…

Asuna: Negi?

Chamo: Bro, you okay?

Negi grunts and heaves while grasping on his right arm.

Evangeline: Hmm… You do look a little pale… I guess it must've been rough for you… Are you all right, boy?

As she asks with slight concern, a peculiar puddle appears beside her.

Negi: Haah, ah?

He notices white tealish hair sticking out and Eva looks at him confused.

Evangeline: Hm? What's wrong? You look like you've seen a zombie…

Negi: Gasp

Fate's eyes emerge from the puddle and Negi leans out to save her but the leg outweighs him.


Evangeline: Huh?

Fate: To teichos dierxasthō. DORU PETRAS.

"Pass through the wall. SPEAR OF STONE."

Upon emerging from the water, his right arm that's behind him was about to be brought in front of Eva before she turns to notice his presence.

Evangeline: Ah…?

Spikes of stone appear underneath the pier and stick diagonally while one big one extended further.


Blood splashed away as one long hard-rock spike stabbed Evangeline through the stomach. Negi and Asuna watch in horror to see Eva get stabbed now. Eva stared back shocked as she coughs blood out.

Evangeline: GHH… Nngh… Y-You bastard…

Fate: Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell, the 'Puppet Master…'

He proclaims in such a carefree manner as if it was too easy to kill her.

Negi: EVA!


Chachamaru: Master…

She was gasping for air while her hand slowly grabbed the spear, tilts her head and then gives and turned her lips to an evil smirk.

Evangeline: Hehe…

Suddenly, her body turned blurry like a static ghost as she extends both arms out to the side and screams horrifically. Along with wind bellowing near Fate, bats came out of her flapping their wings and scattering about. Fate was taken a few steps back after seeing her body turn into hordes of bats before hearing her voice creep up behind him.

Evangeline: Indeed so…

Fate: Ah! ?

He turned his head and sees a sinister Evangeline with dark glowing eyes.

Evangeline: Also known as the 'Dreaded Vampire.' Evil chuckle

Bat: Screech!

A bat screeches near Fate as she brings her claw up to intimidate him before twisting her head to the side and thrusting her claw at him. She brings it to a swipe which created a huge shockwave that shattered part of the pier and half the altar.


Water spread very far away making it a wide range stroke of destruction with debris flying away. Everyone was astounded while Eva kept her evil smirk until she sees half of Fate in his water body which is slowly dissolving.

Evangeline: Nh! ?

Fate: Ah, I see… Then It'd be deprival of me to have to face a full blooded daylight walker. I shall be retreating for today.


His body was gone as the single water splashed away.

Evangeline: Tch! An illusion…

Chachamaru: Master, are you all right?

Asuna: That looked pretty bad! I mean it went right through you!

Eva turns around showing her exposed belly which appears fine.

Evangeline: Hmph! He didn't seem human either. That boy and his tricks couldn't hurt someone like me. It takes much more to kill a full-fledged vampire with just swords and bullets. Though, it is such a monster for my body to regenerate itself. It does get a tad bit annoying.

She comments while wiping her blood strain from her mouth.

Asuna: Oh wow, r-really? Th-That's amazing. So you really are a… uh… hehe, uhh n-nevermind then.

Evangeline: Heh, it's all right. Being undead has its moments.

Konoka: Evangeline.

Evangeline: Hm?

Both Konoka and Setsuna walk up to Evangeline with concern.

Konoka: We saw what happened to you. Are you all right?

Setsuna: You took quite a blow in your torso.

Evangeline: Ha! It'll take more than what that brat wizard did to get rid of me for good!

She says proudly with both her wrists on her hips while stuck-up.

Konoka: Wow, so it's true then… So then… Negi is…?

She looks over at Negi who is still wheezing softly but manages to laugh nervously.

Negi: Y-Yeah you guessed it; I'm a wizard.

Konoka: Oooh… and you too, Evangeline?

Chachamaru: Actually, the Master is a vampire.

Evangeline: Hmph, there's no need for unnecessary information.

Konoka: A vampire…? Wait, so the vampire incident last semester must've been… Evangeline, were you responsible for that! ?

Evangeline: Now see here? This situation has become more complicated because of your big mouth.

Chachamaru: I am terribly sorry.

She apologizes as she taps her forehead with her hand. On the other hand, Asuna ponders while confused.

Asuna: Uhh what are you guys talking about? There was a vampire incident?

Konoka & Setsuna: Uhh…

Chamo fell out of Negi's shoulder and lands on the boardwalk.

Chamo: Aahh!

Evangeline: You were right there when it happened. What is wrong with you?

Asuna: What? I was?

Chachamaru: It seems she has a small glitch.

Asuna: Uuhh… Huh…?

Evangeline: Uugh, forget it. At any rate, you can all relax now. I will accompany you throughout the rest of the class trip. All right? Feel better now?

She asks turning to Negi before he limps over to her.

Negi: R-Really? Oh good…

He then tilts forward to hug her which causes her to blush in an uncomfortable way.

Evangeline: Wha! ? Hey! Ahhhhahhhahhh…!

Negi: I'm so glad… you're staying… Evangeline… Please… protect my students for me…

Evangeline: O-Okay, fine! I get it, I will! Just… Just get off me! Stop leaning on me, you idiot!

Negi: Hah… hah…

Evangeline: Huh…? Boy?

She looked down now curious and concern as she continues to hear Negi's wheezing actually becoming a little fainter.

Evangeline: H-Hey now, boy… Y-You okay? W-What's wrong?

She grabbed his shoulder to try and turn his body upward so she can get a good look at him. She looked at him and becomes a bit shocked. Asuna and Chamo both come to look at him.

Asuna: Negi?

Evangeline: Ah…?

Asuna: Gasp!

Chamo: Oh no…

She sees his entire shoulder encased in stone.

Asuna: Negi! W-What's happening to him! ?

Chamo: His whole right body has been petrified! This doesn't look good right now!

Asuna: WHAT! ?

Konoka looks at him scared with trembling eyes now worried for his safety.

Konoka: No, Negi…

She says softly as Negi's eyes remain close while he breathes heavily and softly. Meanwhile they sat him down in front of the half broken altar as the 5 gather around him resting on Evangeline's lap.

Setsuna: This looks pretty bad…

Kaede: Heeeeeeey!

Asuna: Ah?

Everyone turned their attention to the remaining party arriving at the scene; Fei Ku, Mana, Kotaro, Yue and Kaede.

Asuna: Kaede! Yue! Everyone!

Kaede: What's the matter? What have we missed?

She stutters frantically before she turns her face back at the boy.

Asuna: It-It-It's Negi!

Kotaro: What? Negi?

Fei Ku: Negi's hurt! ?

Every walks up and sees Negi as his eyes remain close while he breathes heavily and softly.

Yue: W-What's wrong with him! ?

Chachamaru: He's in critical condition at the moment.

Yue: His right body has been turned into stone… Just like the others are…!

Her mind thought while she looks surprised and worried at the same time.

Kotaro: Hey, Negi! Snap out of it, will ya?

Chachamaru: It is no good. He is unable to respond to any of your retort.

Fei Ku: Negi…!

Mana: His whole body is gradually being turned to stone.

Chachamaru: Yes but because of his high magical influence, the petrification process is extremely low. He is still breathing but it won't be long until it reaches his neck. Once it does, it will harden his lungs and Professor Negi will suffocate.

Asuna: N-No… Th-This can't be!

She panics with tears before she turns to Eva.

Asuna: Can't you do something, Eva! ?

Evangeline: I… H-Healing spells aren't exactly my strong points. I am undead after all…

Asuna: But…!

Evangeline: Ehh… Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…!

She panics herself turning her head left and right frantically as well.

Chamo: Reinforcements'll take forever to get here! Now we're gonna' lose Negi!

Asuna: Don't say that, Chamo! JUST DON'T SAY THAT!

Negi: Haah… haah… haah… haah…

She collapses on her knees and grasps onto Negi's shoulders desperately.

Asuna: Sob N-Negi, please… Don't die now! Don't leave us here! PLEASE! Sob!

Yue's eyes were trembling hoping that this is just a nightmare, Fe Ku was also worried, Setsuna too and Konoka was more scared of the whole thing of losing her roommate too. Tears were about to form until she remembered how close she was to losing Setsuna twice. Then she recalls her trance moments where she almost doesn't remember what happened during those times. Afterwards, Setsuna was okay. She begins to wonder.

Konoka: Could it be I can…? Ah…?

She turns to Setsuna who nods at her to let her know that she has powers. She then slowly approaches sobbing Asuna.

Konoka: Asuna? May I take a look at him? I think I can heal him.

Asuna: Uh…? Y-You can?

Konoka: I'm not sure but… I want to try.

Asuna: Sniff!

Konoka: Setsuna told me everything that happened.

She turns to look at her friends surrounding her.

Konoka: She told me how hard you all tried to help… thank you, all… for all you've done…

Everyone: …

Konoka: So many of you… came to help me… when I was in trouble… And now, Negi is slowly suffering because of this situation that happened… I think I can do something to fix this, like I did with Setsuna…

Recalling the kiss, she believes that it's the only hope left to save Negi. Konoka's lips tremble as tears fall down her cheeks.

Konoka: It's our only hope… to save him… Everyone almost died today… I almost lost Setsuna… I can't… bear to lose Negi either…!

Asuna: Konoka…

Evangeline: …

Everyone was silent by her words. She then wiped her tears away and turned her attention toward Negi.

Konoka: Sniff Chamo… if you please?

Chamo: Sure thing, hon!

Konoka then cradles Negi to keep him leaning up. The magic circle was made and began to shine around Konoka and Negi. Everyone stood back and watched her.

Asuna: Sniff! You really think this is gonna' work?

Chamo: We're gonna' temporarily transfer some of Konoka's latent powers into Negi. It's the best we can do for now.

Yue: What is she going to do exactly?

Evangeline: Just watch and you'll all see for yourself.

As they all watch, Konoka looks at Negi with much concern as she was with Setsuna.

Konoka: Negi… Mmh… I… can't thank you enough for your help today too… I mean… for all your help. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have been able to be friends with Setsuna again. I also had fun spending time with you. And after almost losing you from school… I don't think we can handle losing you like this. The thing is… I'm so glad to have you as our roommate… You're like a little brother I've always wanted.

She recalls the moments when Negi brought Setsuna to the group, even though both of them had a hard time trying to talk normally, the time when she and he went out to shop in Tokyo, them chatting at the restaurant, him sleeping on her lap, their adventures in the depths of Library Island and almost kissing him. Tears fall as they drop on Negi's cheeks.

Konoka: Sob! I… meant what I said… I said I would give you a proper kiss. I just never thought it'd turn out this way… I… I still wonder how you'll be like when you're all grown up… very handsome… I can see why Nodoka loves you so much… You are such a good teacher… Hehe…

She giggled while moving his hair locks aside. She then turned sad and worried again with trembling eyes.

Konoka: Whimpers Yet you… still have your whole life with us… We have much to do…

She grasps him tightly before leaning in his heavy wheezing face.

Konoka: Negi… please hold on…

She closes her eyes, leans closer to his mouth. Asuna prays for Negi to be safe, Setsuna watches with sheer tense and blush, Yue's eyes tremble with a blush as well, everyone else remained the same especially Evangeline and Chachamaru. But all were given a front row seat to Konoka's compassion and passionate kiss on Negi's mouth whole.

Konoka: Mmmmh…

The light around her shined brighter and engulfed the entire altar. Everyone was taken awestruck, especially Yue who at the same time never seen anything like it but taken by surprise that she was kissing Negi for it to happen. Konoka's tears continue streaming down her cheek so her compassion grew more to Negi. By giving him what she wanted to give him since he made that card for her. The bright light starts to dim little by little. Negi's eyes tremble before they begin to open lightly. His mind became groggy but he still recognizes his students.

Negi: Ahh… Konoka…?

Konoka: Ahh…

Negi: Asuna?

Asuna: Ah, N-Negi!

Negi: Ah… Thank goodness. You're all okay.

Konoka: Ahahahaa!

Asuna: Hahahaa…

She giddies with excitement after turning to Asuna who all turn happily for their saved 10-year old teacher. Everyone else stepped forward relieved to see Negi okay. Evangeline replied throughout the entire event with a simple 'Hmph…' and smiles happily with a smirk; glad that Negi's okay. Just then, Setsuna noticed something above.

Setsuna: Huh? Hey, look.

Asuna & Konoka: Uh?

Both look up at the shining bright light hanging above Konoka and Negi as it forms into a card shape spinning around slowly.

Chamo: The probationary contract is now complete!

The card shows Konoka's new pactio card where it slowly descends on Konoka's hand. She grabs it and takes a look at it. She's wearing purple puffy pants with a white top with heavily dropped drapes and wielding two fans. Konoka looked pleased.

Konoka: Aaahhhh…

Asuna: Hmh, your very own card, Konoka.

Konoka: I look so pretty…

Chamo: Hey Konoka.

Konoka: Huh?

Chamo: Why don't you try using it right now? Your artifact looks like the kind of power that'll do the trick with all the others who have been petrified.

Konoka: Ah? Uh…

She glances at her card with little doubt.

Konoka: Can I really do this? Do I really have that kind of power?

Negi: Yes you can.

Konoka: Uh?

Negi: Your father told me what a powerful wizard you are, Konoka. I believe your magic can save everyone.

She blushes over the complement but still hesitates before Setsuna puts her hand on her shoulder.

Setsuna: Your people need you right now, Miss Konoka.

She looked back at her and later nodded in response. She then stood up.

Konoka: A-All right then…

She remembers Asuna's words when she used her card so she wielded her card up and shouted the same word.

Konoka: Adeat!

The card shined radiantly and engulfed her entire being with light in order to transform into the same attire as the one in the picture. With her eyes closed and her arms extending out each way, two fans appeared and she took a stance. Yue was astounded.

Yue: Whoa…

Kotaro: Awesome…

Kaede: Hmm…

Setsuna: You know how?

Konoka: Y-Yeah, I think so… I do remember what they taught me before I left home… although I am kind of nervous…

Negi: You'll be fine.

Konoka: Ah?

Negi: You can do it…

He reassures her as she looks at everyone who is watching her, giving her confidence to do what she's trained to do. Setsuna nods to her as well which made her feel better.

Konoka: Okay.

She takes a deep breath, closes her eyes and begins dancing with her two fans she's wielding. She chanted in Japanese the kind of spell she was taught by her maidens. She was told she was very special but never had she figured in what way. Keeping her in dark of magic was hard on them but it came in handy to teach her one powerful spell. Everyone watched her dance as if she was doing a ritual (Which resembles Yuna from Final Fantasy X performing a Sending).

Asuna: Wow, look at her go…

Setsuna: She has come to terms with her powers now. She really is a powerful sorcerer.

Negi was smiling, still groggy with his eyes still not widely open but happy to see everyone all right and he himself. He owes Konoka his gratitude for saving his life now. He sees her dancing elegantly, spinning around while moving her arms wielding her fans in such a way that makes her the prima of all geisha dancers. The power was caused her to hover above the ground as all were awestruck by her performance being responded to her power. Upon her dancing, a field of magic has spread out all the way to her house with her power making contact with every petrified person around the mansion. The magic has made their way to others such as Haruna, Kazumi, more shrine maidens which all blink and looked around in confusion, and Eishen Konoe who grunted from the effects of his face reversed from being turned to stone. He blinks a few before realizing that he's back to normal, which he learns that others are as well.

Eishen: Eh… Konoka…

The field then reached Nodoka.

Nodoka: H-Hahh… H-Huh?

She blinks a few times, turns her head left and right before looking down at her artifact which is in fine shape. But something caught her eye as she picked it up to read it. It said, 'I am extremely grateful for your help, Nodoka. You are such a very brave girl. I promise I will return you and everyone to normal. I won't forget your courageous efforts.' Her eyes tremble with blush as it said that it read Negi's mind indicating that he was here before.

Nodoka: Professor Negi…

She smiles over everything she noticed, including that she's breathing again. After looking out the slightly open door, she walks up to open it and look outside. The entire sky was engulfed by a magic field with streams of light flying around.

Nodoka: That means everyone's okay… Thank goodness.

After seeing such fascinating magic showering, the sky clears as it is still night time but it transits back to the main hall of the temple where Konoka in her pactio attire just glomped her dad in a tight embracing hug, crying her eyes out happily to see he's okay. Negi received a pat on their shoulders telling them a job well done; such a typical way of being a hero. Setsuna bowed to him and still received pats on her head. Kaede, Fei Ku, Mana and Kotaro also appeared and were given thanks from Eishen as well. Evangeline and Chachamaru approached him with small talk. Later on, Nodoka, Haruna and Kazumi came down the stairs and Negi was relieved to see them all right. They all walk up to him and he was glad to see them all okay. Trying to explain what happened, Konoka and Yue interrupted with tight hugs. Everyone laughs at such a reunion that all have now thrown a party for the heroes' victory. Not so much of a big party as drinks was served to relax after such a long battling struggle. Everyone was relaxing together, chatting while Kazumi pats Yue on the head with a smirk giving her a good job. Both chat with Konoka and Haruna while Negi sits with Asuna enjoying the relaxation. Nodoka brings Negi and Asuna beverages and Negi invites her to sit next to him. Hiding her eyes, she blushes brightly but happily sits and passes out the drinks. Negi asks if she was scared. She says she was but was able to survive long enough to find any information. Negi again complements her bravery which made her blush and smile. She happily chats with Negi and Asuna while Setsuna smiles happily at the three together. Chamo gives a thumbs up to Setsuna which she replies back with the same gesture. All's well that ends well.

Suddenly deep in the forest, we hear heavy panting coming from a familiar villain of this story arch. Chigusa was running fast trying to escape.

Chigusa: Panting! I never expected a monster that powerful to ruin my plans so easily! Haah! Haah! Heh… No matter… They won't be so lucky next time.

Then speaks a sinister creepy voice.

? ? ?: You there!

Chigusa: Ah?

? ? ?: Is there darkness in your heart?

She stops running and looks up wondering where that voice is coming from.

? ? ?: How ambitious of you to sacrifice others for your own sake! That's how I sense darkness in you!

Chigusa: Geh!

? ? ?: Those who are prideful do not deserve such a life.

Chigusa: Enough! Show yourself, whoever you are!

She looks back and forth gritting her teeth anxiously finding any source where the voices are coming from. She then looked ahead and becomes surprised to see a doll lying on the floor. She becomes curious and decides to pick it up. When she did, she turns it around and wonders if it has a string on it.

Chigusa: Hmm… No string…

She was about to place her hand on the back of the doll when her hand somehow was being pulled by invisible strings which she cannot see.

Chigusa: Ugh? W-What the?

She tried to get her hand free but as soon as she turns her face back to the doll, the head span around facing Chigusa with a ventriloquist expression.

Chachazero: Hi, I'm Cha-Cha. Wanna' play?


She dropped the doll and her other hand was also caught on invisible strings. She was about to run but the strings kept her from running as she is now entangled. She starts yelling in a scared manner.

Chigusa: Aagh! Noooo! Release me at once!

Chachazero: Why should I? You look down on people and bring so much torment and suffering.

She watches the doll rise from the ground on its own as the sound of wood click and clack together while the head twitches a lot. It then picked up a large knife behind it.

Chachazero: You're nothing more but a third-rate cowardly little fool; a fool with no remorse at all.

Chigusa's fear began to rise to a new level.

Chigusa: Gasp W-Wait! W-W-What are you going to do with that thing?

Chachazero: Those with no dignity are drowned souls stuck in their own pitiful little shadow.

Chigusa: Yiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiiiiiii! ! !

Chachazero: Maybe…

Chigusa: Uwaagh! ?

Chachazero appears behind her wielding a large knife with the same soul-less doll expression.

Chachazero: It's time to die, don't you think?


Upon wielding the knife overhead, the doll brings it down on her Michael Myers/Chuckie style.


The next thing happens is Chachazero sitting on her knife looking up at the sun shining over the forest.

Chachazero: Sigh Master's no fun anymore.

As we scroll down, the knife stabbed the ground inches beside Chigusa's face who is unconscience by the fear of a living doll threatening to kill her. Birds chirp about, butterflies fly near Chachazero but she pays no attention to them.

Chahazero: She's begun to soften up. Sigh I miss the good ol' days.

Zooming out of picture, the sun shines the doll's spotlight before we fade to black.

UGH, THANK FREAKIN' GAWD! ! ! The struggle is finally over, Konoka is rescued as well as everyone revived to normal! But the trip still has one more day remaining before everyone goes home so don't miss Negi's most desired destination of the whole trip!