Dean and Sam sat in the Adams living room with Barry Adams. "Man it's been a long time," said Barry smiling as he placed the beers in front of the guys.

"Too long Bare," said Dean taking the beer and sipping it.

"So you're parents left you this place?" asked Sam placing his elbows on his knees with his drink in his hands looking around the old place they use to stay when John had a hunt nearby.

"Yup me and sis…just a place we can relax between hunts."

"Oh yeah forgot you had a sister," said Sam, "How old is she now? Fifteen? Sixteen?"

Barry shook his head, "Seventeen and a pistol."

"How could you forget Marissa?" asked Dean, "Is it because when we were kids she tackled you down to the ground and ordered you to give her your last candy bar?"

Sam glared at Dean who laughed, "Shut up Dean."

"If I remember correctly," said Barry leaning back in the chair, "Marissa also tackled you down."

"She tied my shoes together!"

The three laughed and Dean shook his head looking at his beer bottle, "So when's the little tike get home?"

They heard music blasting and a car door slam, "I would say now," said Barry, "Let's see what loser she brought home today."

They heard some yelling that could only be coming out of Marissa's mouth. Curses were flying left and right and they heard the front door slam, "Oh and by the way Steven I faked every orgasm! Your tiny dick wouldn't even be able to satisfy your mom!" She slammed the front door.

Barry just shook his head with a small smile playing on his lips as he tilted his head towards the doorway waiting for Marissa to walk in. Dean and Sam looked at each other with amused smiles. They always knew Marissa wasn't shy at sharing but she didn't think she'd be sharing that much info.

"Jackass," they heard her mutter as she walked into the living room and threw her bag on the floor next to the door. She looked up noticing the three pairs of eyes on her.

"Oh sorry Bare didn't know you had company," she said and bit her lip when her eyes landed on Dean.

"Come on Riss you have to remember these two," said Barry.

She looked between Sam and Dean again before it hit her, "Sam and Dean Winchester! Wow…just…wow, it's been a long time." She took off her jacket and placed it on a hanger and both brothers eyes roamed her body starting from the black knee high boots, to the short denim skirt, black v-neck t-shirt and her emerald green eyes and black hair.

"It sure has been," said Dean licking his lips and taking a sip of his beer, "And might I say you have grown up from that seven year old I remember."

"Ten years ago," she said as she sat on the arm on Barry's chair but the closest to where Dean was sitting.

"So what loser dropped you off now that made you fake every orgasm?"

"Ugh just Steven so and so Captain of the fucking football team. Do I attract assholes? Really? Is it me?" she asked pointing to herself and looking at Barry. He just shrugged and took a sip of his beer. She playfully glared at him, "Well…that says it all right there Bare."

He smiled at her, "Why don't you do us a favor and get us some more beers?"

"What am I the beer wench?" she asked as she stood up.

"Yes," said Barry and she hit him upside the head.

"Just for that I'm spitting in your beer." She walked out of the living room and Barry laughed.

"Dear old sis she never gets old."

Dean and Sam nodded as they both took a sip of their beer. The one thing on their mind though when Barry said that was that she had gotten old-er. They still remember her as the seven year old girl that they would watch for Barry's parents with Barry and pick on now she's almost a full grown woman.

"So how long you two in town?" asked Barry.

"I don't know," said Dean shrugging and placing his feet up on the coffee table, "Maybe a couple days until we find a hunt."

"Not unless I find it first," said Marissa smiling at them as she brought them their beers.

"Yeah, sis is a whiz kid when it comes to research," said Barry taking the beer from her hands.

"That's not the only thing I'm good at," she said as she placed Dean's beer on the end table next to him and glanced over at him giving him a wink before giving Sam his drink. Dean raised his eyebrows and noticed he was the only one that caught that and smirked before taking a sip of his new beer.

Marissa sat back on the arm rest and leaned her head on Barry's shoulder, "Tell them Care Bear I'm good at other things."

Barry rolled his eyes at the nickname, "Care Bear?" asked Dean with an amused smile on his face.

"Yes he's a cute little Care Bear," teased Marissa pinching his cheeks.

"Knock it off," said Barry getting agitated.

"Make me…Care Bear," she said with a sly smile.

"I'll kick your ass."

"Try it…come on," she said getting up and facing him. She slapped his knee. Barry smiled up at his little sister and quickly tackled her to the ground. "No fare! I wasn't ready!"

"Can never be ready little sister? Hunting 101 remember?"

Marissa took a deep breath and kneed him in the ribs flipping the two of them over so he now laid face down on the carpet. She grabbed a handful of his hair and slammed his face down onto the floor and grabbed his arm in the other hand and said.

Dean raised his eyebrows and leaned over to Sam, "Is it wrong that I think that's hot?"

"That Marissa is pinning a guy down twice her size in a skirt or that they are siblings wrestling around on the floor?"

"Dude…it's a seventeen year old girl pinning a man twice her size down! That's hot."

Marissa heard Dean and turned her head a little and winked at him before going back to Barry, "Now you know what to say Care Bear."

"No! I'm not saying it!" She twisted his arm a bit. "Ow! Ow!"

"Say it!"

"Ok! Ok…jeez, you are an awesome sister."

"And…" She lifted her head a little and pushed her hair over her one shoulder.

Barry sighed in defeat, "And is a better hunter then me."

She grinned and patted his head, "Good boy," she stood up and helped him up, "Now I am going to go get a shower and wash scum off of me."

"Hey!" yelled Barry feeling insulted.

"Oh not you Care Bear," she said smiling as she walked backwards facing them, "Captain Fuck Face." She grinned and turned back around, "Tootles."

"Ok…your sister is a little scary," said Sam.

"Yeah well that's Riss…who wants steak?"

"Count me in," said Dean standing up.

Marissa walked down the stairs towel drying her hair when she smelled her brother's famous steak that he was grilling on the grill outback. She walked into the kitchen to see the three of them outside and smiled to herself. Her eyes went to Dean and her smile grew.

Dean had gotten hotter over the years. When she first met Dean he was fifteen and she was just a little kid, only five. The two were ten years apart from each other. When Marissa turned seven she established a crush on the seventeen year old, just a small little one and to show her affection she tied his shoes together.

Marissa smiled at the memory and shook her head at how young and naïve she was. She bit her lip when she looked back outside and saw Dean guzzling another beer down. The sweat on the beer bottle was clear as the eye can see as was the veins in Dean's neck, especially the pulsating one that caught her attention and wanted to drive her teeth into it.

"Damn," she whispered to herself and saw that he was empty on beer.

Marissa quickly relaxed herself and opened the fridge door when she heard the back door open.

Dean walked in and looked over the fridge door to see Marissa in short striped boxers and a white tank top. He raised his eyebrows as he took in the sight. A small smirk played on his.

Marissa sure has grown into a hot little thing, Dean thought to himself. Though she is seventeen and one of your only good friends little sister…what would harmless flirting do?

Dean leaned over her, his hand on the fridge door and said, "If you stand by the fridge too long you may start to melt some things."

Marissa's right side of her mouth curved up and she tilted her head to look at him, "Should I take that as a compliment?"

"Take it however you want…just give me a beer." She rolled her eyes and grabbed one for him and herself. "Whoa, aren't you a little too young?"

"What my brother doesn't know won't kill him," she said as she closed the fridge door with her foot and licked her lips before opening the beer bottle.

Dean shook his head and went to grab for it but she pulled back smiling at him, "What's wrong Dean? I didn't take you as such a square."

"I'm not a square. If your brother catches you with a beer I know he's going to flip on you and then ask me why I didn't do anything about taking it away from you."

Marissa pouted, "One little sip then?"

Dean grabbed her bottle and shook his head placing it back in the fridge. She crossed her arms across her chest, "You're no fun."

"No fun?" he asked, "I am plenty of fun."

"Then let me have one itsy bitsy tiny little taste," she said and walked in front of him, "I promise I won't tell," she put her two fingers up, "Scouts honor."

"You were never a girl scout."

"Now how do you know? You haven't been around for ten years." She watched him take a giant gulp of the beer.

She put her bottom lip out and gave him her famous puppy dog eyes, "Please…I won't tell anyone. I'll give you something in return." She smiled at him and he quirked an eyebrow.

"What exactly will you be given me sweetheart?" He asked with a smirked playing on his lips before taking another sip.

She bit her bottom lip and let her lip slide out from her two top teeth then lick it. She leaned close to him and breathed onto his ear, "I'll suck your dick."

Dean's eyebrows shot up and nearly choked on his beer, "What?"

She laughed and shook her head, "Come on Dean one little taste." She shot her right eyebrow up with a small grin playing on her face, "From both." She had a fist full of his jacket in both fist. "I'll make it worth it."

"All this for a tiny sip of my beer? There's gotta be a catch."

"Yeah, there is," she tilted her head to the side, "Don't let my brother find out."

Dean looked into her emerald eyes seeing the mischievous glint in them. Barry was right, she was a little pistol.

"Here," he said handing her his bottle, "just one sip."

"And?" she licked her lips placing the bottle next to her lips and licking around the edge.

"And nothing, just take a sip before your brother comes in."

"Nothing in return Dean-o?"

"No, just…hurry up."

She smiled and tilted her head back taking a mouth full and let the tip of the bottle linger on her lips as she closed her eyes and savored the taste. She moaned, "Mmmm," as she brought her head back down and swallowed it. She licked her lips and opened her eyes, "Tasty…thanks." She handed it back to him and smiled, "I owe ya."

Marissa walked out of the room swaying her hip and had a triumphant grin on her face. These next couple days may be fun for her. She had two hot brothers staying with her and her brother and the one she wouldn't mind having a go with. She blushed a bit thinking of her old crush slowly coming back but this time things would be different. One, she's old enough and experienced enough to show him a good time and not tie his shoes together and two, well no guy has resisted her yet…and Dean seemed man enough to fit her needs. If only he would…Marissa may have to break him down.

Authors Note: This is dedicated to April (Dean's Little Seductress). I love you April and I hope everything is better. Everyone please review :D