Dean bit his lip and looked down at her, "Fuck it," he said kissed her hard. She placed her hands on his head kissing him back as he grabbed her by the ass positioned her for him. Dean moved to her neck kissing and biting it.

"Y-yes…oh God yes," she said knowing what he was talking about. She started kissing his shoulders and felt his hard cock rub up against her again, "Oh please stop teasing. I want you inside me."

Dean didn't even think of the consequences of what he was about to do. He pretty much didn't give a flying fuck. He had to have her. And with her willing and her body just lying beneath his, her skin against his. He couldn't handle the temptation.

Dean leaned up from her neck and took hold of himself. He looked at Marissa one more time before sliding into her.

"Oh fuck," she moaned feeling how huge he was inside her. He was bigger than any other guy she has been with.

Dean grabbed her legs wrapping them around his waist as he started to thrust hard and fast into her. She grabbed the back of his head and kissed him hard. She thrusted her tongue inside his mouth the same speed he was thrusting inside her.

"My God…you are so tight," he groaned against her lips.

He grabbed her wrists and placed them on either side of her head as he pounded away within her. She bit her bottom lip closing her eyes loving how he was controlling her.

"You like that?" he asked and bit her lip then licked it soothing it.

"God yes…Dean…feels so good. Don't stop."

Dean's lips crashed onto hers kissing her as his grip on her wrists tightened. He brought them above her head and took them into one hand as the other moved down her body.

"You like me being in control?"

"Yes…oh God…yes!" She threw her head back. "Control me! Do whatever you want!" Dean's free hand moved between their bodies and rubbed her clit hard. "Oh fuck!" She screamed moving her hips up against him, "Don't stop…please!"

"I want you to cum!"

Marissa threw her head back as his mouth descended upon it biting at it, thrusting hard and deep into her and his thumb rubbing her clit. She began to tremble underneath him.

"Oh…uh…uh…oh God! Dean! I'm…fuck…I'm cumming!"

Dean felt her inner muscles clench down around him and he groaned feeling her soaking him with her orgasm. He rode her through it but he wasn't done, not even close.

Dean rolled them over so she was on top, "I want you to ride me," he said looking up at her beautiful body on top of his.

He bit his bottom lip, his hand on her thighs as she began to bounce on him. She gave him a devilish smile as she ran her hands up her body and threw her head back as her hands grabbed her breast. Dean groaned at the sight and the feeling of her grinding and rocking herself on his thick cock.

"You like watching me touch myself?" Marissa asked as she rocked back and forth, rolling her nipples between her fingers.

"Oh fuck yes." Dean moaned. "So fucking hot baby."

"Mmm I know you like it. Fuck you feel so good." she moaned as Dean thrusted into her harder and faster. Her hand moved down her body and her fingers found her clit and she began rubbing hard and fast.

Dean groaned again at the sight. He could feel his own orgasm coming on strong and he was going to explode at any moment but he wanted her to cum with him. He wanted to feel her juices once again, soaking him.

"Please be close baby. God I want you to cum. Fucking cum on me!" he said in a commanding voice,

"Oh Dean...Dean!" she moaned. His tone was hard and sexy and she lost it. "Fuck baby I'm cumming!"

"Shit! Rissa! Fuck!" Dean moaned as he came deep inside her, both of the riding out the wave together.

Marissa and Dean were breathing heavily after their bodies relaxed from their long arousing orgasms.

"Oh shit," breathed Dean as Marissa rolled off of him and right next to him. He watched Marissa run a shaky hand through her drenched hair and he smirked, "You are so worth breaking the rules."

She laughed as she turned on her side, "Worth it huh?"

"Oh absolutely!" He groaned and she laughed again.

"Am I worth another round?"

Dean groaned rolling on top of her making her laugh, "Totally," he said before his lips crashed onto hers.


After showering Marissa headed downstairs and saw Dean and Sam packing up their bags. "Hey boys find a hunt?" asked Marissa as she leaned on the couch.

"Yeah, we're heading towards Oklahoma," said Sam swinging a bag over his shoulder and walked over to her, "Don't know when we'll be back."

"Oh, well then you Mr. Samuel Winchester you better give me a hug," she said with a smile and he grinned as he walked over to her and hugged her tightly picking her up off the ground.

Sam pulled back, "Be good for your brother and stay out of trouble."

She laughed, "Yes sir."

Sam walked out of the house which left Marissa and Dean. She smiled at him as she placed her hands in her back pockets. He zipped up his bag and dropped it on the couch walking over to her.

"Listen to Sam be good for Barry."

"No promises."

He chuckled and looked out the window where Sam and Barry were outside and he licked his lips, "Be careful," he said and placed a hand on her hip bringing her a bit closer, "No more hunts for you."

She laughed crossing her arms across her chest, "Can't tell me what to do Dean Winchester, I don't like it."

"Oh really? Because after last night I'm pretty sure you liked it."

"Oh whoa wait a minute throwing that in my face now? Just because I let you take cont-" She was caught off by his lips. It was a quick one but they both savored it. She bit her bottom lip and opened her eyes staring into his own, "What about Barry?" she asked quietly.

Dean just gave her a smirk and placed his finger to her lips, "You're my dirty little secret." He winked at her. She smiled liking the sound of that before watching him grab his bag and walk out.

Marissa bit her bottom lip, her own chase had been concurred for Dean Winchester but she had a feeling, a feeling deep down this wasn't the last time she would be seeing him. Sure maybe in a couple years but something was telling her not to hold her breath because he will be back.

5 Years Later

Two figures appeared in front of a cheap hotel in Washington D.C. Dean looked around wondering why on earth Cas has sent him here.

"What the hell Cas? I told you not to do that to me anymore!" yelled Dean. He looked around the hotel parking lot, "Why are we in a parking Washington D.C while my baby is all the way back in New Jersey?"

"Your children are here," Cas stated simply.

Dean stared at him in shock first then started laughing, "Right children. Good one Cas now can I get back to my hotel please?"

Cas just kept staring at the hotel and Dean looked at him confused, "Cas! Come on man! I don't have a kid!"

"I want strawberry shortcake!" yelled a little girl.

"I want double fudge!" yelled another little girl's voice.

Dean quickly turned at the sound of those little voices. There were two little girls. One dressed in a pink dress and the other in jeans and a tank top wearing a backwards cap.

"Double fudge is way better Allison!"

"No way! Strawberry shortcake Brooklyn Deanna Adams!"


Dean only knew one person with that last name.

"Alright, alright you two, calm down," said Marissa laughing as she walked out closing the door and locking it behind her. He watched her pat her back pocket noticing a gun in it. "You can have both."

"Yay!" they both yelled.

"Thank you mommy!" yelled Allison.

"Thank you mom! You're so awesome!" yelled Brooklyn.

Marissa took both their hands walking across the parking lot not even noticing Dean, the only one that was standing there now. Dean looked and saw Cas gone then looked back at Marissa seeing her feeding the vending machine money and the little girls jumping up and down for their ice cream.

Dean swallowed hard as he made his way towards them. Allison, the one in the pink dress, looked around her mother seeing the man walk up to them.

"Mommy," she said in a scared little voice and clung onto her mother's leg.

"What is it baby?" noticing the fear in her daughter's voice and the clinging to the leg tighter than usual.

Marissa looked down at her one daughter and saw her eyes widened. Marissa quickly grabbed both her daughters putting them behind her as she turned placing her hand on her gun but stopped and felt her heart stop as well.

"Dean," she said in surprise and shocked that he was there. She has been going from hotel to hotel for years trying to keep her distance from him and now all of sudden they were at the same hotel. What the hell is wrong with the world?

Authors Note: Surprise! Surprise! :D