A/N:Okay, so, I really have given up on this story. I just don't really know where else to go with it. But, I'm putting it up for Adoption(hehe, story about adoption getting adopted. Sorry lame joke).

If you want to adopt this story, just send me a PM with an excerpt of how YOU would write the next chapter. If I like it and decide that you're the one for this story, I'll give you the rights to it. You can put it on your profile and start from where I left off. But please keep the first two chapters the same, okay? Once it's up on your profile and you've already updated, I'll delete it from my profile and it will be truly yours.

BUT, I have some rules for the story: No cussing, no lemon, no death, but an emotional chapter here and there is fine. Hurry and get writing! Send me the PM as soon as you can!

I love you all and you're all awesome!

-Abby Cad