Touch this diary and you'll be sleeping with the fishes even if you're Head Girl

Dear diary,

Kelly's party went off without a hitch, well by St Trinian standards. Everyone is now either passed out somewhere or in each other's beds so it's safe to write about the events of last night. It all started normally, The Banned played the anthem first and then followed it with some of Kelly's favourite songs. Everything was fine until Flash walked in and decided that he would attempt to try it on with drunken Kelly for the fifteenth time this week. I was fighting the urge to go and fetch my hockey stick when Kelly turned around and smashed her half full bottle over his head. Then, after that drama things got a little heated between the Chavs and the Emos which Polly had to break up because Kelly was off her face. As well as that, Tania and Tara decided to see what would happen if they attached a fire work to the back of Miss Dickinson's new cat. It didn't help when Kelly and Taylor began to encourage them, claiming that it was "character building to investigate theories". A part that it was all hunky dory, nobody has managed to get sent to the nearest hospital to their stomach pumped or died from liver poisoning.

You see Kelly when she's out of it, it's rather amusing. Normally (when she's sober) she's this cool, sophisticated being that can seduce you or intimidate you just with her eyes (she does it too me all the time). When Kelly's had too much to drink; all the intimidation and elegance that is usually on the outside crumbles away to reveal a Head Girl who resembles a First Year on a sugar high. Polly's told me a wide range of stories about Kelly as a First Year and I can see why she acts how she does when she's completely gone to the world of alcohol. She's more a big kid then a Head Girl when nobodies looking, not that many people would believe me, although you would believe me if I told you about her drunken pleasures.

Another thing that has happened this morning is that I found a poor little bird that had been injured by Dickinson's cat (now I wish that I had let the twins shoot it off on a rocket). The baby sparrow can't have been that old and looked as if it still belonged in its mother's nest, from my own presumptions I would say that it fell from the nest when that horrid thing was climbing one of the many surrounding trees. I wanted to take it in and nurse it back to health which really shouldn't have taken up many resources due to it only having a broken wing. Kelly argued otherwise.

Sometimes diary I could strangle her, she'll help anyone in the school out (especially the First Years) but she'll turn her back on a defenceless baby animal. It was technically in our perimeter so it was up to us to care for it until it could care for itself. Personally I think she only said that because I woke her up early, she's never been a morning person, especially with a throbbing hang over. I've no sympathy for her, she can think twice if she thinks she's getting any tonight. I mean it diary, she can sleep on her own outside in the cold like she told the baby sparrow to! But what she doesn't know is that I've convinced Auntie and Matron to care for it, whether that's a good idea or not we'll find out. They've named it Captain Jack Sparrow (after the famous pirate himself) so that must be a good sign, right?

I must go now diary, Polly tells me that the RSPCA are trying to access the grounds. It has something to do with Miss Dickinson's cat apparently.

Annabelle Fritton
Drunken Head Girl's lover

I've just looked at the review count, might not seem a lot to some but it is for me. I'm sorry I've had time to thank everyone indivually and respond like I usually do, I'm always busy with Medical Science -.-

Review because "Today is the day that Kelly Jones finally marries her St Trinian sweetheart, Annabelle Fritton.", that's right there might be another Kelis Jones