A/N: This is more beyond old crap from my Quizilla account, but since I do love these two ever so much, I thought I might as well post it. As with everything I write, I can only ask that you try to tolerate it as much as possible.

"Hey, Nagato!" The crimson-haired boy's head snapped up, his eyes momentarily meeting those of his – slightly more boisterous – team mate, who had just burst into the room, waving around several glossy sheets of paper. "I found this in Jiraiya-sensei's study ain't it neat?" He immediately pushed the sheets of paper right into Nagato's field of vision, leaving his face to turn a colour which rivalled the redness of his hair.

"W-Wh-What's he doing to her?" Nagato finally managed to stutter out, after at least a minute of him, sat there, shaking in fear.

"Jeez, you don't already know? You're such a baby."

"I'm not! It's just that...that's got to be hurting her..."

"Well, if you think that's bad..." Yahiko shrugged as he turned to the next page. Unfortunately for him, he received no reply, since the instant he did so, his oh so innocent friend had already passed out. "Tch. Baby."