"Oh my goodness, Jacob! Stop!" Leah ran as fast as her feet could carry her. Our giggles were loud in the narrow hallway as I chased her around.

"Leah, just because you're running doesn't mean I wont catch you!" I yelled as she rounded the corner into my room slamming the door but I still heard her laughing from on the other side.

"Jacob, stop!" She was half giggling, half yelling.

"I've got you now, Leah!" I shouted through the door and tried to open the door. She locked it.

Oh okay, so this is the game she wanted to play, huh?

I stomped on the floor and made it sound like my footsteps were fading down the hallway. I pressed against the wall and held my breath.

The door knob twisted and the door cracked. She poked her head out and looked both ways before I snuck up behind her and kissed her when she turned her head.

She gasped but didnt object. "You're such a dick," she giggled as I embraced her figure.

"Hmm," I hummed. "Yeah, but I'm your dick." I replied.

That made her laugh.

Leah and I have been going strong for the past two months. We're not on living together terms but we might as well be. She was aways over here and we've grown closer than I've ever seen us.

Leah and I have agreed to be celibate. We decided this because we were growing worried that we had based our relationship just off of sex but Leah and I were so much more than that. I was hopelessly in love with her and I could show her in so many more ways than physically.

Leah and I may not be having sex like we used to but we didnt mind it. Just being in love with her was enough.

Nessie's POV

I cant believe we weren't more careful.

I couldve sworn Jacob and I took precautions.

I swear to God when Jacob and I were together, we made perfectly sure that this wouldnt happen until (or rather if) we got married.

I'm a month or two pregnant and I'm still in utter shock about carrying Jacob's baby. I hadnt started feeling any symptons till Jacob left. Must be a thing with half-vampires.

My head was in knots as I examined my belly. My perfect figure was fading as I felt my abdomen get bigger by the second.

When I found out I was pregnant, I was kind of startled and thought that it was a mistake.

It was two days after Jacob and I seperated, that I started feeling weird. Puking, mood swings, cravings, the sudden drowsiness. That went on for at least three days until I finally found the balls to buy a pregnancy test. When I saw the little pink plus, I nearly dropped. I wanted babies with Jacob so badly but I never mentioned it to him. He was too busy planting his seed into other bitches.

Like Leah.

Leah-mother fucking Clear-mother fucking-water.

I was crawling with envy of her. She had the one thing I wanted most and I let him go because I wanted him to be happy. I still feel like an idiot for smiling so much when he told me the truth. I put a smile on my face as a front to show I was alright. Truth is, I was hurting so badly and wanted him to stay. I would've done anything to make him stay.

I guess this was sort of a blessing.

Every women wants a baby.

I wanted to have Jacob's.

Now the only thing left to do is tell him.