Jacob's POV

I made it.

I made a whole year without...failing, I guess.

My child has been a handful but it's worth it. I loved her. Id die for her. I swear Id rip apart the flesh of anybody or anything that tried to harm her. In sentence, she was a definite Daddy's Girl.

As for my other Daddy's Girl...

My beautiful Leah and I couldnt be happier. We were actually on a healthy couple status. And when I say that I mean pet names,(nothing too embarrassing), regular sex and we even have a song. Since Leah was a chick, she picked out a really cheesy, girl power anthem that I abosolutely couldnt stand to hear the sound of anymore. I expected Leah to pick a song from KISS orMetallica, considering those were her favorite bands. But of all songs she picked the cheekiest of the bunch.

"Imma get your heart racing. In my skin tight jeans...be your teenage dream tonight..."

I swear if Leah played that song one more time...

She was far superior to a teenage dream. Whenever Leah wasnt around, I hummed the tune of the song that reminded me of her.

Anyway, we've also moved in together, officially. It's fun having a female roommate who liked to run around in tiny Nikeshorts and oversized T-shirts that belonged to me. Of course, I love Leah for more than her body but the tiny Nike shorts were just a bonus.

And as for Nessie, shes grown to be one of my closest friends. It's weird how weve turned out because we vowed to be together forever even though we were only imprints. Nessie and I were living proof that it is possible to break an imprint. I was grateful for Nessie because she's one of the main people who help me open my eyes to being a real man. And plus she was the mother of the little bundle of joy, whose first birthday party Leah and I are going to today.

Well we would be, if Leah ever stops looking at herself.

Before Leah and I ever got this serious, she wouldnt really pay too much attention to her appearance. Before we became this legit with our relationship, personal hygiene was the only thing that mattered to Leah when it came to her image. She wears really light, unnoticeable makeup nowadays but I really cant tell because with or without makeup, she was gorgeous. She hadnt grown out of her tomboy ways completely because she still wears her signature denim and gym shorts everyday. There was snow on the ground and she did dress a little different, but her winter apparel didnt differ much from her spring and summer.

After ten minutes of unneeded mirror time, Leah and I had made it to Nessie's. The ride there seemed so long considering Leah played that frivolously annoying song the whole time. She blasted the volume and I tried not to cover my ears.

I couldnt have been more grateful when we pulled up at Nessie's.

"Hey, booboo!" Leah cheered as she ran up to Nessie, gave her a kiss on the cheek then greeted Sara, who clung to Nessie. Nessie kissed her back and handed Sara to her. Leah tickled her little arms and Sara giggled, loudly.

"How's my favorite one-year-old?" She nudged her nose to Sara's and then giggled. Sara couldnt talk yet but I think she was intelligent enough to know that Leah was wishing her a happy birthday.

Physically me, Leah and Sara stuck out from the Cullens like a sore thumb. But as a whole, we felt as if we belonged. To get away from all the commotion of the Cullens, I escaped to the kitchen where I watched the rest of the guest enjoy themselves.

I watched closely as Leah and Sara bonded more and more. Over the past year, they had become best friends. And they were so cute, too. Leah made a goofy face and Sara laughed and clapped.

I smiled at the connection the two shared and as I did, the song that reminded me of Leah came humming lowly from my voice box.

"...Im in love with a girl who knows me better. Fell for the women when I met her. Took my sweet time when I was bitter. Does someone understand..."

Watching closer, I hummed louder. I doubt anyone would be able to hear me over all the commotion and attention over Sara.

"...and she knows how to treat a fella right. Give me that feeling every night...wants to make when I wanna fight. Does someone understand me..."

"Having fun?" I heard a small voice beside me and I immediately stopped humming. I wouldnt have turned my head if I hadnt felt the sudden weight on my shoulder. I looked down and saw Nessie there, looking at her child and her best friend admiringly. It was baffling how loud Nessie could get and how much of her voice she decided to use.

"Sure," was the first thing that popped to mind.

"Some party, huh?" I was about to agree with her but her tone was sarcastic and joking.

"I just wish I could enjoy it," she muttered and I looked back down at her.

"Youre not having fun?"

"Not as much as I wish I was. I mean I love having my family here, dont get me wrong but for some reason I thought this would be fun. It shouldve been just the five of us."

I nodded in agreement then looked at her in confusion. "Five?" I asked.

She looked at me confused as well as if she missed out a secret and just when she was about to answer, her doorbell rung. She put her finger up at me to indicate "hold on a second." She skipped over to the window of the kitchen and when she did, I heard her squeal. Her shrieked filled the kitchen and it made me jump and she hopped around and clapped her hands together.

Her ponytail jumped around as she smiled widely with her cheeks beet red and her skin glowing.

She left the kitchen and I heard her scurry down the stairs. What was she so excited about?
I went to look out the window and what I was presented with made my eyebrows arch in curiosity. Nessie came running out the house and I saw her jump. A tree branch was blocking what she was jumping into and I moved away from the glass. I cocked my head and wondered who else she was talking about.

Before I could even draw any conclusions, Nessie came through the kitchen door and she wasnt alone.

In walked in with her was a very tall man who almost towered me. His skin was dark and his hair was light brown and cut short. He was quite hanHis eyes were intense but his smile was warm. He seemed familiar to me but I couldnt match his appearance to anyone I knew.

"Jacob, this is Nahuel. He's my..." she smiled widely and began to giggle. She covered her mouth and by the second, her glowing skin was turning red. "Friend," she finished and I put the pieces together.

"Ohhh..." I smiled at him and put my hand out. He took it, his grip was firm, and he flashed me a wide and white, perky beam from ear to ear.

"Nice to meet you, Jacob. Renesmee has told me much about you," his unrecognizable accent was thick when he spoke. I felt flattered and Nessie looked him over admiringly.

"Nice to meet you as well, Nahuel." Such an odd name. I took my hand back and Nessie rubbed his arms soothingly and blushed harder.

Bella's head popped into the room and her eyes brightened. "Nahuel, hey!" She shrieked cheerfully and rushed over to give him a hug. He embraced her and it made me feel slight envious at how close they were versus how close me and her used to be. She took a glance at me, I waved weakly and she hugged me as well.

"Hey, Jake." she grinned, cheerfully and if she were human, I swear they would be color surfacing her cheeks.

"Hey, Bells."

We looked at each other for a minute until she backed up to turn to Nahuel. She grabbed his hand and began to pull him out of the kitchen. "Hey, Nahuel is here," she cheered and when he was out of sight, there was a rush of cheers and I suddenly felt like old news. I caught a glimpse of Sara being held in Rosalie's arms with Leah watching over them like a vulture. I liked that she watched over Sara as if she were her own. In a way...she was.

Nessie didnt follow but she crept up beside me and nudged my elbow.

"You didnt tell me you had a boyfriend." I teased.

Her ears were hot and she hit my arm, playfully. "He's not my boyfriend." She gushed.

"Yeah, right. I saw the way you turned red." I made make a cooing sound and she laughed.

"Oh my goodness, he's so..." She sighed and there were hearts in her eyes.

"So...?" I egged on and she looked at me sheepishly.

"Nothing." she finished and leaned on the counter. I could tell she wanted to wait before she said anything I could use against her.

We were silent for a minute as we both watched her family play around and joke and laugh. I hummed the song more and Nessie spoke up.

"She makes her so happy," her voice was admiring and gentle. It took me a minute before I knew who she was talking about. I was too lost looking at Leah who was now having a conversation with Rosalie.

"I know."

She waited before she spoke to let me gather a few thoughts.

"You know what, Jacob? I think that Sara belongs to Leah. I think in some weird way, Sara is her child."

That statement tickled my brain. "Whatcha mean?"

Her expression was embarrassed and giddy. "I mean, look at them." Nessie gestured towards them in the living room and I followed her hand. Sara was back in Lee's arms, bouncing around as Rosalie spoke to her. Leah smiled at her in agreement to whatever she had said and I literally felt my heart rate pick up. Cheesy, I know but true.

"Leah wanted a baby. She cant have children but I can. In all honesty, I think God gave Leah her first child through me."

I eyed her sternly. Religion has always been a rocky thing with me. I believed in God but it was the last thing on my mind.

"God? Really, Nessie?" I teased and she poked my shoulder.

"You know what I mean."

"Ya, Im only kidding."

"They even look alike."

So, I wasnt the only one who thought so.

"God forbid, if I were to die tomorrow, Id know who I want my child to go to. Not my parents or my grandparents. Not even you."

I understood where she was coming from with her reasoning. If I were in her position, I would be thinking the exact same way. Leah deserved Sara and vice versa. Nessie was a hell of a mother but Leah and Sara connected in a way that I couldnt figure out.

The last two years of my life have been quite the hell ride.

I lost my virginity, fell in love, broke my imprint with Nessie, dated Leah Clearwater, got Nessie pregnant, got my heart crushed by Leah Clearwater, made peace with Bella, had a beautiful baby, named her Sara, made Leah Clearwater mine officially and...

Became a man.

A real man.

Goodbye to immature, shy and awkward, seventeen year old Jacob.

Hello to wiser, mature, caring, hopelessly loving, newly turned twenty-two year old Jacob.

If you're gonna fuck up, do it when you're younger. The older you get the harder it is to make up for the mistakes.


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