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Susan Bones and the Prisoner of Azkaban


"You were ahead of me!" the green-eyed, raven-haired Gryffindor shouted over the howling wind. Harry Potter was the essence of his House's attributes.

Older, and bigger, than his companion. The sandy-blond Hufflepuff was no more inclinded to take advantage of the circumstance. Cedric Diggory shook his head violently and yelled back "No way! You coulda grabbed it and left me!"

"Together then!" offered Harry.

Cedric gave a pleased grin and agreed "Still a Hogwarts win."

"On three!" Harry announced "1 ... 2 ... 3!" And the two boys were sucked through a hole in space. " They landed with a thump.

Cedric bounced to his feet, ignoring scratches on his palms. He glanced at Harry then, looked around and commented "Cup was a portkey. Dunno where we are."

"I do. One of my nightmares." Harry replied "Graveyard."

Cedric cast a skeptical look at him, but still suggested "Wands out, you think?"

"Kill the spare!" a cruel, high-pitched voice ordered.

Not quite meeting his master's order, Peter Pettigrew fired an "Expelliarmus!" at Cedric and "Impedimenta!" at Harry.

"Obey me, Wormtail!" the lump of green-grey flesh demanded, harshly.

The balding wizard merely went to his task "I have a plan My Lord. Bone of the father unknowingly given, you will revive your son."

"Traitorous bastard!" growled Harry "Killed my parents you fucker!"

Peter looked momentarily ashamed, but swiftly covered "Tonight I repay the lifedebt Harry. You will leave this place alive."

Harry was about to retort, but a knife penetrated his arm and drew a line of gore the length of it. He couldn't do anything but scream in agony. Still sobbing, he watched as his blood dripped into the flaming cauldron. He spared a look at Cedric's still form, but found the Dark Ritual too horribly fascinating to ignore.

"Blood of the enemy, you will revive your foe." Wormtail continued. Then gritting his teeth, he slashed at his own wrist allowing the hand to fall into the cauldron with a splash. He held the bundle of sickly flesh above his head completing the spell as the partial Voldemort fell in "Flesh of the servant, w-willingly s-sacrficed. Y-you will revive your master!"

Harry cried out in new pain as his scar exploded. He saw a flash. Then a re-embodied Dark Lord stood from the cauldron. He ran a hand down his chest, looked down the length of his other arm, then all but fondled his head. "Robe me!" he commanded.

"My Lord!" Peter simpered. He bowed and extended the evil wand to his master.

Voldemort took what what was practically a symbol of his power, carressed it lovingly. As a test, he fired a Crucio and Wormtail yelled, though not really to the Dark Lord's satisfaction. He looked displeased with the effect "Mercy is for the weak, Wormtail." he sneered "Why should I not kill you?"

"Master" Peter groveled "The boy...he spared me when Black and Lupin betrayed me. My chance to repay that debt. I'll be able to serve you fully."

Decidedly displeased, Voldemort demanded "Your arm, Wormtail."

"Thank you Master." he said, offering the stump.

Voldemort glared and demanded "The other arm!" He seized the tattooed arm and cruelly stabbed the tattoo which glowed blackly. Immediately wisps of dark smoke appeared in the sky above the cemetary. They assembled in a circle and ma sked Death Eaters materialized around their master.

"Oohhh!" Cedric stirred "Anyone get the number of that hippogryff?"

Harry's fallen wand snapped into Wormtail's hand. An ugly green light lept from the wandtip. The Hufflepuff boy's body spun, bounced off a large grave-marker and lie still. His eyes wide open and wearing an expression of shock.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" cried Harry, horrified. "Lemme go! I wanna kill him!"

The Dark Lord spun around, glaring balefully at his assembled servants "Thirteen years it has been, my friends. Thirteen long cold years, where none of you searched. But, as you see, the power of Lord Voldemort can not be denied. Crabbe! McNair! Carrow! Goyle! And even you, my slippery friend, Lucius."

"This face, My Lord, this mask of respectability." the senior Malfoy said hautily, even while falling to his knees "Has been to hide my true loyalty. All I have is yours to command."

Harry struggled against the massive statue that held him and hissed "Bastard!"

"Brat!" Lucius growled. His wand whipped out of his walking stick, trained on the trapped boy, and yelled "Crucio!"

Harry screamed, thrashed around in the statue's grip, then sagged as the spell ended.

"Enough, Lucius, don't be rude to our guest of honor." said Voldemort in mild tones "Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived. Rumor has it you are nearly as famous as me. But, after today, if they speak of you at all, Harry, all they'll say is how you begged for death. And me, being a merciful Lord, granted it. Though not before collecting some payment for your crimes. Crucio!"

When this curse faded, Harry was a quivering mass of flesh. Only upright due to the statue that held him. Defiantly, he wheezed out "Mal...foy's hurt... more!"

The Death Eaters looked at each other, shocked to silence. Wands were drawn, half drawn, raised or partially raised. They looked to their master for instruction. Voldemort merely chuckled "Bravery! Your parents had it. Especially dear, sweet, Lily. But she died. Now, young Harry, it is your turn."

"Stupify!" suddenly came from Wormtail. And Harry knew no more.

x x x x x x x x

Much of the events/dialogue is taken from movie/book Goblet of Fire