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44 – Wheels within Wheels

Susan worked at her chosen job. For the past week, in fact, although absent from the office she was obsessive with work. Her cubicle was empty because of the danger to her life. The 'good guys' had declared a unilateral cease fire. The World Cup Coliseum was being readied for the climactic end to The Voldemort War. But it was a false peace, and the best way to keep people safe was to not offer targets. So the wife of Harry Potter stayed at home, and billed 82 hours a week to her assigned cases.

"I miss Susan!" growled Harry. Amazingly, after collecting dozens of bruises and assorted cuts and scratches that was his only real concern.

Ron's power levels had been increasing steadily. He'd been randomly hitting his best friend with one Cruciatus Curse after another. And the more he threw the spells, the stronger they got. The fundamental difference was he did NOT enjoy it as The Dark Lord would, though it had a purpose, that of constantly building Harry's tolerance of the torture spell. "I know mate." He replied, panting with the effort of holding together the spell, and finally failing. "Well I haven't seen Romilda in just as long. Almost forgot her face."

"Love, my young nobles" Salazar Slytherin's portrait orated "is a wonderful thing. However, you Earl Potter, will be fighting for your very life in a very few days. And, you Squire Weasley, are going to be standing with him. But never fear, I have been considering your worries and have figured a multi-layered trick which will confound my descendant."

Harry was delighted to see his wife. He yanked at her waist and kissed her heatedly. "He gave us the day off, after one errand that is."

"We going?" grumbled Ron. Neither wizard looked ready for a Wizengamot appearance. And that was an art form of understatement. But their lack of recent personal hygiene would make them less noticeable.

Susan's nose wrinkled and she squirmed out of Harry's arms "You NEED a shower! A LOOONNNG one."

"Wicked!" exclaimed Ron "That means we're ready!"

Harry forced another embrace on his wife, jovially. Then the pair abruptly disapparated. A mild coloring spell dulled the brilliant red of Ron's hair. Such a signature color was like waving a flag. The only thing worse would be putting that next to the shiny black of Harry's. Two such heads would now present nothing interesting.

They made their way, rendered invisible by their unpleasant odors and coarse personas, to Diagon Alley and thence, to Gringotts. There was little traffic in the main Wizarding shopping mall of Britain. And correspondingly little in the bank, but it was adequate to Harry and Ron's needs. The pair could easily have made their way to the special window for Wizengamot members, but that wasn't who these two characters were. One or the other invaded the personal space of other customers until they bullied their way to the front of the line.

"We watched your actions, Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley." A goblin teller said without looking up "What do you want?"

Harry replied tersely "Access to the Potter cash vault and your silence."

"One is free" the goblin sneered "the other not so. Come!"

If the goblin was expecting to terrorize the youths with a wild ride, he was highly disappointed. Both were veteran Quidditch players, and as such, both were used to higher speeds and wilder turns. On another day, they might have cheered, enjoying the ride, today both sat stonily awaiting arrival. "Yes. Fine. Open it." Harry ordered.

"Now what?" asked the goblin. He was not offended as small talk was not a racial habit.

Granted it was not large as rooms go, but it was stocked from floor to ceiling with stacks of Galleons Knuts and Sickles. Less than five years ago, Ron would have gone into a jealous fit on seeing such wealth. But, with his share of the Basilisk proceeds and combined with Hermione's share which he now controlled, he was quite rich in his own right. Harry gave the room a bland look and a once over inspection, then turned his back. "Return me to the surface." He ordered.

"Bring back a crew." Ordered Ron.

In the returning cart, Harry told the goblin "Mr. Weasley is acting in the best interests of House Potter. Your crew will obey whatever instructions he gives. House Potter will pay the expenses incurred by his orders. Clear?"

"Unusual instructions, may result in unusual costs." The goblin warned.

Harry's reply was an uninterested "Noted."


"Now Xiddy!" commanded Susan. The result of that order was a bucket of hot, soapy water getting dumped on Harry's head.

And while his wand flashed upward, no spell left it. "Was that really necessary?" he demanded. Then he saw himself in one of the large mirrors in his foyer and began giggling. "Now that's funny!"

"And necessary." Susan smirked. Then she began backing away as Harry pursued her. He did not do anything other than wrap his arms around her in a bear hug, but it elicited a squeal "Bloody Harry! I wasn't the stinky one!"

Looking lustily down at her, he said "Come on! Let's get upstairs in case Ron comes with Romilda!"

"Not my fault you've been deprived." Susan grumbled as if she did not care in the least "OR is it depraved?"

He bent down, lifted her onto his shoulder and ran up the long staircase. Ahead, he threw several cushioning spells, then he bodily heaved Susan into the tub. And flicked on the COLD water.

"HAAARRRRRIIIIIIIEEEEEE!" she screamed as she left his hold. She was amazed at the utter lack of injury, then all dignified outrage as the cold shower drenched her. "Right. I know I'm small. But I am not THAT small! Magic?"

He shook his head. Now Harry had never been, and probably never would be what could be called bulky. But, Quidditch practice and the recent training had him burning calories faster than he could consume them. He pulled off his shirt and stepped into the tub, answering "Been working out, y'know?"

"Whhhheeeyyyyyoooooooo!" Susan whistled. "You're hotter than me."

Harry shrugged, blushed, then refusing to allow the praise to affect him further, he reached down and again lifted her bodily out of the tub. Never mind a bruised ankle, or knee or elbow he tossed her onto their huge bed and attacked passionately. After minutes of it, he permitted her to reverse their positions.

"I win!" she celebrated as her legs settled on his chest. "MY, my, look at the lines and muscles." Comments similar continued as her fingers explored. If he tried to protect a ticklish spot, she slapped the offending hand and resumed. She drew a sensual pattern around his defined stomach and blithely ignored his protests. And as a climax, she leaned over whispering "Don't much get why you enjoy sucking on my boobs. Think I'll give it a try."

The wee hours brought a tapping on the door. It did not register on the thoroughly unconscious Susan, but Harry with hair trigger reflexes and only dozing was fully awake instantly. He opened the door a crack and whispered "Just a minute Ron." He flicked off the sheet, Susan was on her belly, snoring lightly. He ran the back of a finger from ankle to knee, then rested his palm on her rear.

"That is a lot of woman." Ron said admiringly. His girlfriend was not legal age, a Sixth Year to boot, and his relationship had not gotten quite as far as he bragged. Of course he missed his wife, but he was also getting bloody randy! Harry punched him in the chest and disapparated, the training was back on.


Finally, it was done. The Quidditch Coliseum was ready. Dumbledore had decided to charge 5 Galleons a person to recover some of the cost of renovation. But they could maneuver that out of his hands later.

Harry, meanwhile, just won a last all-out training battle. It ended with five wizards scored as 'dead' . Ron, Sirius, Remus and Mad-Eye Moody and Harry were all stunned. Tonks revived them all and explained "Harry's spell hit Ron exactly .0093 seconds before Ron's hit Harry."

"So it's a tie?" asked Sirius "Right Nymphie?"

Tonks took Remus' weight as he almost fell over "Does he look like it was a tie? Harry beat something like three and nine-tenths of you!"


"There's still one last thing…well two actually … to stack the deck." Lily said. They were, at last, in Kiln Keep's sitting room enjoying the luxurious surroundings. "The first of which, I would only speak to Ronald, Susan and Harry for."

The former Marauders shuddered as one. Remus offered "You really have no idea how ruthless she's capable of being. She put us in our place Sixth Year. All of us. And ran James ragged all Seventh Year. When they weren't cuddling, of course."

"Of course, Wolfie." Lily flashed him her winningest smile. Then it was gone "Now OUT!"

Harry was all brightly delighted "What's the scheme Mum?"

"It involves your In-Laws, Ronald." She began, rather ominously "I assume neither Remus nor Sirius were overdoing their praise for Hermione?"

Despite his newfound love, Ron smiled sadly at the mention of the mother of his twins. So far is only children. "No one smarter. Err.. no offense, Mrs. Potter."

"No worries." She replied brightly "My first plan actually also involves that young Lord Malfoy. Between the four of you, there cannot be many who have studied as much of both the Muggle and Magical worlds. I would say a handgun is a smart ace in the hole. But, more importantly, what is in that computer of hers? What will help Harry kill that bastard?"

Looking a bit, well not exactly displeased, but that would be perhaps the best word, he groused "That hardly seems …well … fair, Mum."

"Hypogriff Shit!" Lily summed her opinion up in a thought "And in case you've forgotten, it's not exactly sporting for a grown man to go hunting after a baby that can hardly walk! If you don't use that gun and he kills you I'll flip you over my knee and spank you for about a century!"

They all chuckled at that "I think I can get Drs. Granger to let us see Hermione's work." Said Ron.

"For the last, I don't wish to seem to be giving a Lady orders in her House" said Lily "But, please."

Susan looked decidedly put out by the dismissal "Sometimes" she said, flatly "secrets must be kept as secret as possible."


"I really like this spell." Harry was all but laughing. A rare occurrence for the young wizard who had taken as his sole task the job of killing the most evil wizard in a one on one duel.

Draco rolled his eyes and replied "You would Potter. But it will infuriate the Dark Lord. He hates unexpected tactics. You really should consider a Muggle related … something."

"We're working on that." Susan answered. They decided to not mention the gun to him "Do you have any thoughts?"

The blonde wizard shrugged "Sword? Knife? Don't know if it helps, but I would also poison any blade."

"Agreeing with Malfoy is really getting to me." Ron gagged.

Susan and Harry nodded that the idea had merit "Thank you very much, Dr. Granger." Susan said to Hermione's father, who had just brought in a dozen bottles of Coca-Cola.

"I trust you are finding what you need." He said in a tone that meant more than was said.

Harry's look was surly, but Ron slapped his chest "And that we'll leave everything as we found it." He said "You have my word on that, Dad. And what about you, Harry?"

"Oh, right." He said "A word with you, please? In private?"

Suspicion and curiosity warred for supremacy. It was visible on Ian Granger's face. He caught a hint of the tension between the married couple at the request. They looked away from each other, ultimately he could not help wondering so, he nodded "Come with me." And, when alone in an extra bedroom "Something your wife does not like? That you can talk over with me? Must be serious."

Harry nodded "She doesn't know. And won't if I win. If not, it won't matter. I need your services, and discretion, as a Healer, sorry Doctor."

"The words are synonymous." Dr Granger replied, with a faint smile "You have my discretion. My services? You must convince me."

Harry, bluntly, replied "Your grandchildren are magical. I'm going to duel the monster who would demote them to little more than beasts. Have you ever bet on a race or a boxing match? I doubt I'm the favorite."

"So I'm doing this for Hermione's children?" Dr Granger asked with a frown. "Tell me EXACTLY what you want. And I'd assume you don't want me to involve Michelle."

Harry stiffened "Definitely Not! The idea started with my Mother. If I don't win … If Voldemort kills me, I want to make sure he still loses."

"You want a suicide switch." Ian Granger owed his profession to the British Military, and had not forgotten his experiences in Ireland "I have my Hippocratic Oath."

Harry blinked briefly, then nodded "Didn't quite get what you mean, but yeah. That's about it. In this war, things have been done that are shameful, even by 'The Good Guys" So, I'll ask you this, what's more important? Your Grandchildren or your Oath?"

"There is only one answer to that." Replied Dr Granger "But, still, why me instead of some random dentist?"

Harry did actually blush "You have the most to lose, being Hermione Granger's Father. And I saw your records. How many dentists, do you suppose, have worked with plastic explosives?"

"Where could you possibly come by those?" Dr Granger demanded.

Embarrassment gone, Harry answered "You don't need to know. But, two days, me and Ron will be back with more than you'll need."


At a formal reception Harry, Earl of House Potter and Susan, Countess of House Bones knelt before the Queen of England causing no little comment among Royal watchers. Nobody knew who they were, or why they qualified for a private and unlimited audience with Elizabeth II.

"Our correspondence has been most pleasant Your Majesty." Said Susan.

The Queen nodded "I must admit We were alarmed by your first letter. A documented descendant of King Arthur could create a regnal crisis. We are quite relieved you are not pursuing a claim to the Throne."

"My view, Majesty, is that such a conflict would not be good for the country." Replied Susan "Of greater concern, it would bring entirely too much attention to the Magical World. And I truly am grateful for your discretion there."

Elizabeth smiled and brought from her robes an envelope that was instantly familiar to Susan and Harry "It is something which I have a more than casual understanding. It really was quite amusing when, after I was crowned, my advisers sprung the surprise of the Magical World on me. Only to learn that I was already well informed about its existence." The Queen of England was an untrained Witch!

"I will be delighted to share stories." Susan offered. She felt Harry shift almost imperceptibly, it was a sign of impatience. "With your permission, Majesty, may I present my husband Harry Potter?"

Harry dropped to one knee and used a very ancient greeting "My life at your command."

"We are honored." Replied the Queen "Much We have learned of you Earl Potter. Both from your Lady's correspondence and in preparation for this audience."

Harry smirked and commented "Oh, I wouldn't believe everything she writes, Majesty. OUCH!" Susan had twisted his ear sharply in response.

"Hahaha" chuckled the amused Queen and observed "Humor in marriage. You may be informal with Us."

That did not mean calling her Liz, and Harry knew it "I am honored Ma'am."

"It has been many years since I have seen magic." Said the Queen "Would you humor an old lady?"

The couple looked at each other. There were a few legal technicalities here, but after all Harry was here for a favor. They moved apart and Harry flicked his wand, cast "Aquamenti!" A stream of water spewed from the wand in an upward arc and into Susan's right hand where it vanished. Susan repeated the spell and an arc of water nearly touched the floor before curving up into Harry's left hand. And not a drop landed on the richly carpeted floor.

"Lovely!" the Queen actually giggled several times during the brief display. The magicals twisted their water streams this way and that. Formed figure 8s and even made the water flow in squares. And when the steams were finally gone she applauded vigorously.

"Majesty, beside introducing myself formally," Susan said "my husband has a request to make of you."

Somewhat displeased, but receptive the Queen commanded "Speak."

"I am to duel the evil wizard terrorizing our world in three days." Harry said "Sometimes there are Muggle solutions to Wizard problems."

Age had not dulled the Queen's wits "Ah… perhaps you know something of an incident concerning a certain laboratory on the Continent?"

"No Ma'am." Replied Harry, but he nodded he head fractionally. "I assure you, no Muggle was harmed. And, in a may I say, not unrelated incident, only one building was destroyed and the area of damage was limited to an acre."

The Queen scowled, noted "You seem remarkably well informed about something of which you claim to know nothing."

"Ahh…err" Harry stammered, Susan rescued the conversation "The story was well covered in the Magical Press."

Again smiling, the Queen continued the earlier thread "Very well. What favor do you seek of Us?"

"May I?" asked Harry, indicating that he wished to approach.

The chief of the Queen's guard protested "Majesty!"

"It is quite all right, Edward." She stopped the protest with a hand "Earl Potter has sworn his life. Come forward." As the young Earl whispered, distress filled the Royal visage "And how does, The Lady your wife feel about this?"

It was Susan who answered "For security, it was decided I should not know." Her tone was flat "Harry has asked for my trust in this. So we are here."

"Not knowing what he would ask? Or why?" she asked, then actually bowed slightly to Susan "Trust, Countess, is the one thing a marriage needs above humor. I hope to see you both again. Quite a tale indeed, and there is, I hope, a next chapter to your tale." It was a dismissal. But then few got that long of a private audience with The Queen.


A British Army Major entered the establishment of Granger & Granger Dental Partners with a swollen jaw. It was late afternoon so the office was largely empty. Just one patient waiting and an assistant just leaving for the day "I must see Ian Granger immediately!" his growl was one of pain.

"My husband is with a patient." Michelle Granger calmly walked in and said "Let's get an initial look at the problem."

He grabbed her wrist in a vise-like grip "Then I will wait!" he snapped.

"My patients do not shove my wife around." were Ian Granger's first words on entering "You might remember that when I am poking around inside your mouth with a drill."

The erstwhile patient reached into his mouth and pried out a lump of gauze. "Sorry for the ruse, Doctor." He said "But ten kilos of plastic explosives cannot be delivered openly. And certainly not to a civilian location. This has to be the bloody oddest set of orders I ever got. But they came from the highest of sources."

"I see!" Ian blinked. This had not necessarily been what he expected. But then, he had not known what to expect. "I assume that it cannot explode without blasting caps, Major?"

The messenger nodded "Good we don't have to go through that. You can mold and shape it as you please. This is truly bloody weird! Who could possibly want a set of C4 choppers? Well not my business, I suppose. But this is enough to make a big boom. A VERY BIG BOOM."

"No need, Major, to tell me." Ian interrupted "Part of the reason I got the job. Blasting caps?"

There was a separate box for them. The Major gave a slight nod acknowledging the civilian's expertise.

"So small?" asked Ian.

To which the Major answered "Has to fit inside a tooth. Been advances in the last twenty years. Good luck, Doctor. I'd ask who they're for, but somehow I think I don't want to know. Poor bloke."

"I am really beginning to hate that I agreed to this." Ian Granger grumbled.

And just then, his wife entered "What, dear? And is that foul Corporal gone?"

"You know uniforms as well as I do, Michelle." He retorted "And can you take the rest of the patients? I have a set of teeth to make. You can lock me in for the night."

And a small brown owl took off from Granger & Granger for a distant, oddly shaped, Magical house.


"He's ready." Ron muttered grimly "I hate this! BLOODY!"

Startled awake, both twins yelled "GRAMMA PAPA CURSED AGAIN!"

"Hugo, Rose, settle down." Ron sighed "Papa has to go to work for a while. See you in the morning."

Rose wrapped herself around his leg "But that means you'll miss dinner!"

"Smart as your Mum." He praised as he mussed her brown hair and kissed her freckled face. He did likewise for the even more freckled, and redheaded, Hugo. "Mum, meeting Harry. Be back sometime tomorrow." And barely could Molly get a word out than he disapparated leaving his daughter hugging air.

An instant later, Susan was calling out "He's here!" Nor did she have a welcoming look for her husband's best friend.

"We'll probably be gone all night." said Harry, rather curtly.

Ron was not nearly as oblivious as people thought him. Or it would be more accurate to say he was not so anymore. He suggested "You guys need a minute? I'll wait."

"You don't need to account to me for your time, Harry." Susan said emotionlessly "I think I'll pop over to The Manor, see how things are there. Bye Ron."

Harry sighed, having received just a dry kiss on the cheek. "Well I guess that's it." He grumbled "Ready Ron?"

"Maybe it'd be better if you told her, mate." Ron recommended "You don't need this drama now."

Harry just repeated "Ready Ron?"

Ian Granger, in instructing his wife to lock him in, knew full well that his Son-in-law could simply 'beam' or whatever he called it, inside the office. And simply worked until that happened. He had full pictures and molds of Harry's mouth to sculpt from. Knowing that even a tiny speck could have killed him would have bothered almost anyone, except Ian Granger, who knew exactly what was needed to detonate it. So as far as he was concerned it may as well have been dental clay. He cut, bent and cooked the explosive just as he needed to.

"Dad!" Ron called out as soon as they arrived.

Focused on his work, Ian simply shouted "Back here!" and as soon as he heard footsteps he began explaining "I've been molding the teeth. They need to cook to harden. That'll take about three hours. In the meantime we'll be pulling your teeth. I just need to finish the last two."

"We'll wait, thanks." Harry said. This was the first time he actually felt scared. It was one thing to run into life threatening situations, this was little different than walking into a torture room. And knowing it would last hours.

As he would for any patient, Ian patted his shoulder and ordered "Go, sit in that chair and take this." He handed Harry a tiny paper cup with a blue capsule inside.

"What is it?" asked Ron. He gave the thing a highly suspicious look.

Muggle-raised Harry did not hesitate. He flipped the cup into his mouth, tilted back his head and swallowed. As soon as the pill hit his stomach it went to work, his vision blurred and he stumbled against something.

"Honestly!" an exasperated Dentist complained "What did I tell him? What EXACTLY did I tell him to do? Ron! Help him into that chair. The first one. Right. The teeth are cooking. Now we can get started." Out of the drawer he pulled exceedingly long needles.

Disturbed, Ron squeaked "What're they for?!"

"Dentistry, my magical son, has not changed much since the Middle Ages." Ian said "We still basically yank teeth out with pliers. The major change is to keep the patient from feeling pain.

Ron gulped "Bad as a crucio. Shoulda used Madam Pomfrey."

The pinch of a needle in his mouth was the last thing Harry felt.


"Git yer ass down here Bones!" Ron might set off a warning bell or two, pushing open the front door of Metacarpus Manor as he did. But there would not be a lethal response, especially as he was carrying a still sleeping Harry.

The Amelia skull at the base of the banister snapped alert and scolded "Ronald Weasley! Do you realize it is 4AM!?"

"Aww shut up! My Mum shouts better than you!" Ron retorted

The shouting had indeed woken the mistress of the Manor "Ron? What happened to Harry?"

"Oh? So you do care?" Ron asked, callously "You haven't acted like it."

Susan crossed her arms over her breasts and snapped "Overreacting as usual!"

"Yeah maybe!" he countered "If my best friend wasn't about to walk into an arena of death! Here's what you're gonna do. We're going back to Harry's. We'll put him to bed. Then you'll get in bed with him just as if tomorrow might not be the last day of his life. Oh … and if by chance … you notice his teeth seem different just take whatever he says as the truth. If anyone has a right to be angry, it's me since he dumped it all on my shoulders. Any questions?"

To say Susan was stunned was an understatement of epic proportions. In their long acquaintance, she doubted he'd ever said fifty words at one time. And not with such passion. She only and meekly replied "Ok."

"Well good." He answered, then added "Because I was going to throw you over my shoulder and carry you there."

Even if they'd only really known each other half as long as they'd known Harry, looks were sufficient. Susan's clearly said 'You wouldn't dare'. And Ron plainly answered 'Try me!'


When he woke, Harry had a head ache, meaning his ENTIRE head ached.

"Good morning, afternoon rather. In fact dinner time is approaching." Susan tossed aside the book she was reading.

Harry's face twisted into a grimace "Not hungry." He complained.

"You really should have something." Susan said quietly "Keep up your strength. You can't fight on an empty stomach."

Grimace deepened into a frown "No way! I'm not looking at Voldemort with a full one."

"He isn't the prettiest face, is he?" answered Susan, lightly. Then she sobered "I'm sorry, Harry. Do you know, I've been in on absolutely everything and I was just jealous that there was something I didn't know. Ron said something changed about your teeth, they look the same, I admit. But they … well taste … different."

Harry almost laughed, then didn't. He just pulled her into a hug. He could not have brought himself ask her to do … what needed to be done … if the worst happened. "Well, Mad-Eye did say I should pack away some extra calories. Maybe some soup. Definitely tea, Earl Grey."

"My-y h-her-o" Susan gave a lightly scornful chuckle.


It was that same scary-looking Auror who was finally able to access the Potter residence several hours later "Potter! Do you know how long we've been trying to get through?"

"Yeah, we were ignoring everything but each other." Susan opened the door and answered flippantly.

Harry appeared behind her and quipped "A couple hours? Plenty of time. Besides, less time to argue with Dumbledore." He airily led the way, a large trunk in his wake. "Mornin Ron! How's tricks mate?"

"Smart girl." Ron gave Susan a sidelong look.

She patted his forearm affectionately and whispered "I still didn't get the teeth thing, other than a bit of a funky taste."

"More than I need to know." Ron gave her a disgusted look "But as long as he's happy, for now."

The pair watched as Harry ran up to Sirius. He was still 'polite' with Remus, but his Godfather was much more a friend. "It almost seems like he doesn't know he might die." She said "As if he believes, no knows, he'll win. Like every word we published was true."

"It is, Sue. It is." Replied Ron "He-" then cut himself off, actually biting his tongue.


"That BOY!" Lord Voldemort was enraged "Daring to challenge me."

It was the greatest Quibbler publication ever. Easily five were printed for every Magical in Britain, and they easily sold out. One Death Eater brought a dozen copies to their lair and paid for it with his young life. In large type capital letters, Mr. Lovegood printed the headline, not hesitating to use the almost tabooed name. After all, his daughter was one of the main causes of the current crisis.


House Potter's noble ruler hereby declares a Vendetta and Blood Feud against the self-styled Lord Voldemort. I, Harry James Potter, command this evil creature to meet me two weeks from today. At the Quidditch World Cup Coliseum. As courtesy, I, and my allies, grant a cease fire. No one adherent to me shall, except in self defense attack any Death Eater or any nest of your branded scum. Further, I pledge on my life and magic you will enter that arena alive. Naturally, I make no promise that you will leave it in that condition.

Well? Have you the guts? You could not kill me when I was an infant. You, or your minions, have tried since. Quirrell, remember him? With the stupid hat? The Basilisk was a nice try. Thanks for all the money. Pettigrew might've succeeded if he'd had a brain. The fake Moody was good. He got away with two years as Professor right under Dumbledore's beard. Then there's Snivellus. Nobody cried when Amelia finished his greasy arse. Well, not true, I guess our wrinkled lovers did. And it made my wife nauseous.

Concluding, meet me or be labeled a Coward. And bring Ginny, Luna and Astoria, alive and well, or all bets are off.


Harry James Potter

"Even you must admit, whoever is writing his lines, has style." Grindelwald laughed.

Voldemort's eyes snapped to his less than welcome ally "What was that? Old fool?"

"You cannot offend me, child." He replied to the insult, then continued "There is simply no way you can avoid this challenge without losing face. And I am certain that Brian has a hand in this. The boy would not issue such a statement without powerful support. I would recommend extreme caution. There is almost certainly a trap. Wheels within wheels."

The Dark Lord pondered "Whatever destroyed Malfoy Castle?"

"I doubt it. That would kill everyone in the coliseum." Answered Grindelwald instantly "But remember what happened to the Mudblood? The boy has somehow taken control of a Dementor. You would be well advised to have a solid Patronus."

Suspicion spiked "Just how loyal to me are you, old fool?" Voldemort demanded.

To which Grindelwald laughed "You are just as responsible as Potter for the death of my Grandson. One day, count on it, I will slay you. As a matter of fact, it is difficult to decide who to root for. Perhaps you will kill each other. Yes, that is a pleasant image."

"And you will not live long after you kill Dumbledore." Voldemort countered.