Aang and Katara

True Love Chapter 2

Sokka looked at me and I gave a slight nod. "Well he's the Avatar shouldn't something bad happen if you two… well you know?"

"He's a human being none the less" Katara came to my defence using her Motherly tone. "Fine!" Sokka gave in and crossed his arms. "But I just don't want you two going on to the next step"

"Sokka I am 17!" Katara remarked tilting her head in a: I am not as stupid as you think kinda way. "Yeah well Aang's only 15, and he probably hasn't finished puberty yet!" Sokka said trying to prove a point. That pissed me off, I gritted my teeth. Mines probably bigger then yours Sokka, I imagined stating it to his face. "Oh, yes he has! He has bigger muscles then you do Sokka!" I almost smiled at Katara's remark. After all I hardly felt it when Sokka shoved me into the wall. I turned my head to take a look at the damage. The wall cracked away to reveal two pieces of wood holding the wall up. I looked to see Sokka staring at me and then back at Katara. "What do you think dads going to think about this?" Sokka asked Katara. She shrugged "Probably wont care considering that Dad knows about his past and his nature. It's not like I am bringing some random guy home and besides we and Aang have been through a lot together" Katara always knew what to say. "Well fine by me, but if you hurt her Aang; I will take out my all on you!" Sokka declared. I almost laughed I could take Sokka easily but it's not something I would want to do. Katara smiled and ran towards me and jumped into my arms hugging me and giving me a nice kiss on the lips. Sokka sighed and left the room. We then embraced in another kiss this one lasted longer. Are lips parted a while later, and Katara let go of me. "I am going to make some supper." She said and left the room. I should take a bath I smelled my arm yeah I should.

I decided to save hot water and I just heated the water with my fire bending. And I took my shirt off. I heard the door open and saw Katara walk in, I guess now that we were considered together she though walk in on me when I do something private. She looked at the topless me and liked what she saw. "You have a six pack!" She asked amazed. (Its not every day she sees me topless)

Blushed and scratched the back of my neck "Yeah" I replied. "I guess you really are more muscular then Sokka!" Katara giggled. "Yeah well I should take my bath" I blushed again. "Yeah ok, I will have supper ready when you come out." She gave another wink and left. I closed the door this time I locked it. And took the rest of my cloths off, and got in the tub. Ahhhhh! The warm water felt good on my skin. I started thinking about what Sokka said. About me and Katara doing it, I got a chill down my back even in the hot water. I wondered what her opinion would be about it. I closed my eyes and relaxed.

Knock! Knock! "Aang suppers ready" Katara called. I quickly got out of the tub grabbed a towel wiped myself down and got the cloths on that I had ready on the floor. I opened the door to see Katara's surprised face. "Well, that was fast. Anyway supper is ready, you hungry?"

"Yeah" I replied. I actually was pretty hungry. I sat at the table beside Sokka who was chewing away some leftover fish. "Here you go" Katara handed me a plate of salad after all I was vegetarian. She also served me some tea and then sat on the other side of the table. I started eating my salad, and then took a sip of my tea. When we finished Katara asked if I would like to go to a play with them. I said yes but when we got there I found out it was a romance type play. It was about some guy who was heartbroken when he broke up with his girlfriend. He had to do a ton of different acts to win her love back, and then they got back together and there was a sex scene. Even though it didn't show anything they just got under the sheets shaked the bed and made sound effects. I still felt uncomfortable especially when Sokka was looking at Katara who was looking at me. "I got to go to the bathroom." I told them and quickly left. I just waited awhile and went back when the play was over. I approached them "Hey" I said "Hi, the play kind of sucked" Katara replied I could tell that Sokka liked it. I still wasn't sure if that was the reason Katara stared at me or the fact that she was thinking about doing it. I wonder if that's what Sokka thought when he noticed Katara was staring at me. When we got back it was really late "I am going to bed" Sokka remarked holding his finger in the air and then yawning. "Good night" I replied. I think I will go to bed myself. "Wait" Katara said. What did she want? "Yes?" I asked "will you cuddle with me?" Katara asked "I am cold and I have been having these weird dreams lately so I don't want to sleep alone" wow that was a relief for a second I thought she wanted to do it. "Well I guess so" I said slightly blushing. I followed her to her room "I just have to go to the bathroom first" I told her.

When I got back she was wearing a turquoise night gown. She was sitting on the side of the bed. I said I needed to go to the bathroom so I could get changed in something more comfortable to sleep in. "you know I would get warm faster if you didn't wear those pyjamas. This was kind of weird like just a few hours ago we were friends now I am sleeping with her in my underwear. I let out a sigh and took them off she started to stare at me, I was a lot more muscular then when I was twelve. She lied down and I got in beside her she blew out the candles that were lit and snuggled with me, hugging me while she lay there. It took me a couple of minutes before I realised she wasn't wearing anything under the night gown. I could easily take a peek but I wasn't that kind of guy. I noticed that she was sleeping. I gave her a kiss on the cheek "I love you Katara" I whispered in her ear.