Will was in his office when Rachel ran in "Mr Schue, come quick! It's Miss Pillsbury!". He was up out of his office as soon as she finished the sentence. He ran down to her office to see Carl had hold of her and his fist was clenched. Emma was already bleeding from her lip. Will suddenly ran in to her office. "Get off her!" He shouted trying to pull Carl away from Emma. Carl spun round and hit him right in mouth. Blood dripped from his mouth. Will was about to hit Carl, but didn't. He then stepped away and went to Emma. Finn and Puck arrived at the office door. "Are you ok Em?" Will asked concerned. She nodded and her eyes met his. He smiled and turned to face Carl. "Get out!" Will said. Carl began to laugh and asked "Are you gonna make me Schuester?". "Yes and don't come near Emma ever again. Hitting a woman not much of a man, are you?" Will answered. Carl smiled and then hit Will right in the jaw. As Will hit the floor everything went black. The last thing he saw was Finn and Puck holding Carl against the wall.

"Will, can you hear me?" A frantic voice asked. He slowly opened his eyes. His vision was all blurry and as everything came in to focus, he saw Emma looking down at him. "W-what happened?" Will asked sitting up. "i will tell you later, but now you need to get cleaned up," She said looking at his mouth. He nodded and got up.

A while later in the choir room, Will sat with Emma. "Why did you stop him from hurting me?" Emma asked. "Because i love you, and i made a promise that i would never let anyone hurt you," Will replied. Emma leaned in and kissed him. When they parted she looked up and smiled. "I love you to," She Confessed.