Fenrir's POV

Find the boy. Do whatever you want with him, as long as I never hear of him again!

I was surprised to hear that order from the dark lord. Proud that he chose me, but surprised. I mean, this is the man whose been trying to kill the famous Harry Potter for 17 years! And suddenly, I'm given the okay to let him live? That's a little weird. But I suppose he just doesn't care anymore. Whatever. It's not like it's actually a problem. I'll just kill the boy. There's no reason for anything else.

I found my Beta right outside the dark lords mansion. I could tell he was trying not to kill that snake, Lucius Malfoy. Those two have been feuding ever since he mated with Lucius's son, Draco. I watched the anger in Lucius's eyes. He wanted to curse Bill* into oblivion. I ignored them and walked straight out the huge black wooden doors. My Beta jumped to his feet and rushed after me.

"Alpha. What did the dark lord say?" He asked, jogging to keep up with my longer strides. I just focused on walking to the edge of the forest where we both turned into our wolf forms. His a deep russet brown. Mine a larger gray, shot through with black and silver. Only then did I speak into his mind**.

He ordered us to kill Harry Potter.

*Bill, as in Bill Weasley.

**Only Alphas can share their thoughts and hear others but the rest of the pack cannot.

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