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Alright, I am Temari Sabaku No. I am the 5th Kazekage's daughter, his first born out of three. He has me and two younger brothers. Kankuro is the eldest of the two, Gaara is the youngest. My mother died when I was just a little girl, I think I was three and Kankuro was only two. I vaguely remember her, her smile was so warm though. She would comfort me when I was sad and hold me and coo me to sleep. Her voice was so...heavenly.

Once we figured out about Gaara, she wasn't the same. She yelled all the time, especially at Daddy. I didn't understand why till years later why she would bother yelling at everyone as if they were the enemy. She was only her kind self towards Kankuro and I. Yet she had her moments with us also. I remember one time I said I couldn't wait to hold Gaara and play with him and love him like my little brother.

She shot me a heated glare and started saying things like "You shouldn't care about him, he is only a monster!" or "Don't you care about what happens to me?"

I never understood either. Afterall, I was only three when it all happened on January 19. My little brother Gaara was born. He was the cutest little thing. He had bright red hair and the prettiest sky blue eyes. Sort of like mine, I guess we both got that. He didn't look anything like Kankuro. All three of us looked different, I had blond hair and teal eyes. Kankuro had brown hair and brown eyes (although you can't tell very well), and Gaara had the red hair with sky blue eyes.

After he was born and mom didn't show up for a few days, I asked Daddy about it. He had started to cry saying "She is never coming back, she is dead because of that thing!" but then he would start to calm down and mumble things like "At least we have the ultimate weapon." or "The sand will become stronger than the other shinobi countries."

My dad neglected all of us after that. I had to grow up faster than the others my age. I had to feed Kankuro and Gaara, clothe them, make sure they took their baths, I was their parent. I didn't have someone to take care of me so that's how I grew up. Thinking that no one would want to care about how I am doing or if I was sick or healthy, that I only could take care of me. It got difficult, I was four when Gaara developed the insomia. Now I got even less sleep because he wasn't allowed to fall asleep.

I never knew why that was until I turned 7 years old, but that is a story for later. I just knew I had to keep him up. He loved eating cookies the best. That was his treat if he was good and if he was bad he didn't get one.

When I started to take care of my brothers, especially Gaara, the villagers started to hate us. I never knew why or what we did but they yelled at us, cussed at us, threw things at us sometimes when we walked around the village, especially at Gaara. At the time, Kankuro would protect us and try to take all the blows thrown at us. I was very thankful for that. When Gaara was two though (and I was 5), Kankuro started to ignore us. He closed himself off.

I don't know what happened, even to this day.

I guess I don't know a lot of things. No one would ever tell me why my mother would call my innocent brother a monster, no one would tell me what my dad meant by ultimate weapon, Kankuro wouldn't even talk to me around Gaara. Why was my life spinnning out of control? Couldn't I have a normal childhood, and instead of trying to be type of parent I could worry about what so-called "santa" would bring me?

Apparently, I have been a bad little girl. For the past two years Santa hasn't brought me any sort of gift, not even Kankuro or Gaara. Well Christmas morning I get up early, check if their are presents, and if there aren't (usually there aren't) I go buy them a quick present. That way they think they have been good and they are happy.

I care about them a lot. I love them. I just wonder why me? Why do I have to sacrifice my life and feelings? Why can't it be someone else? Am I really that bad of a person?

My daddy called me worthless last night. Am I? It was werid because I told him I wanted to become a shinobi, then all he did was start laughing. Then he went crazy. I don't know what to say, he had hit me across the cheek saying I'll never be good enough, strong enough to be a good one. That I won't be able to reach even the genin level. He said that Gaara and Kankuro were better than I could ever be.

I ran up to my room at that point, trying to hide the tears streaking down my face from Kankuro and Gaara. Was I really that bad?

Maybe they are better than me...

Maybe I am worthless...

Maybe I shouldn't even try to be a shinobi...

Maybe...just one really does need me...

Maybe I'll never find my prince charming I have always wanted...

Maybe I will be alone forever...against everyone and everything...

NO! That is not going to happen! I don't need a "Prince Charming" to save me like Sleeping Beauty or Snow White. I don't need someone to care about me. I will be an amazing shinobi. I will make my father proud of me. I will fight for myself, and my survival.

I will only take care of myself and I will not need help, no one will be able to defeat me. I'll protect myself, physically and mentally. I won't take anything from anyone.

I won't give up and I won't fall for someone and become weak.

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Well how did yall like it? I mean everyone knows what had happened to Gaara in his childhood. What about what Temari had to go through? People say she would have a happy (somewhat) life. I don't see that. This is how I picture hers a little bit. Now I don't know anything about her past except that she was always scared of Gaara. So everything I am making is fake up until a certain point. Thanks for reading and please review~