"Boxer?" Wade whispered, moving her hair way from her shoulder. "I know you're upset with me, but I would never do anything to hurt you again, I love you. I know you don't believe me right now, but I do." He kissed her shoulder before rolling back over and drifting off.

"She hates me."

"Boxer does not hate you, she just can't stand you right now." Drew said as he poured himself a cup of coffee.

"I can't stand it when she's mad at me." Wade groaned.

"And she can't stand when you drinkā€¦" Drew said.

"I see where you're going with this." Wade said.

"Do you? Well look who's up." Drew smiled when Boxer walked in the kitchen.

"How's your ankle feeling?" Wade asked.

"Drew, would you tell Wade that my ankle is fine, no thanks to him?"

"Wade, her ankle is fine, no-"

"I heard her!"

"Drew, would you be a sweetie and pass me an orange?"

"With pleasure."

"Thank you, I'll be back later to make you the best steak ever." Boxer said before kissing Drew's cheek.

"Just where are you going on that bad ankle?" Wade inquired.

"Drew, would you tell Wade to mind his own business?" Boxer asked for leaving the two.

"Wade, mind your own-"

"Shut up!" Wade spat before throwing an orange at Drew's chest.

"Dinner was great as always..." Wade admired Boxer as she put her dark mane into a braid.


"I have something for you." Wade smiled as brought a box of chocolates from behind his back. "Who loves Godiva? Huh?"

"Me..." Boxer mumbled.

"I'm sorry, who loves it?"

"I do." Boxer snatched the box from him and ripped the plastic off. "You're not right, bribing me with chocolate." She said a she stuffed one in her mouth.

"I play to win." Wade said with a mug of satisfaction.

"I'm still mad at you."

"Well may I say, you make anger look very, very attractive." Wade crawled up to her, trailing kisses from her arm to her neck.

"Oh yeah?" Boxer swiftly pushed him over onto his back and mounted him.

"Did I mention how much I fancy angry Boxer?"

Boxer laid out by the pool, taking a nap in the sun before the barbecue she was having with some of the boys' friends.

"Hey, gorgeous." Drew said as he walked through the backyard.

"Hey you. Where's Wade?"

"He went to get some more beer and ribs."

"You should've went with him, he couldn't shop to save his life..." Boxer said as she adjusted herself on her chair.

"Um..." Drew couldn't help staring at her curves.

"Something wrong?" Boxer opened her eyes and asked.

"No, sorry-"

"Come sit with me, the barbecue's not for a couple more hours." Boxer suggested.

"I shouldn't-"

"Oh don't be silly."

"Alright then." Drew gave in and laid on the beach chair next to her.

"I never did say thank you..."

"For what?" Drew asked.

"The other night, following me down the street, taking care of my ankle..."

"It was nothing." Drew shrugged.

"But it was something." She said. They held each other's eyes for a moment, neither saying a word.

"You're gonna burn up, here." Drew sat up and grabbed the sunscree by her chair. She sat up and turned her back to him, letting him move her hair over one shoulder. His hands made smooth motions over her back and shoulders. She let out a shallow breath of air when his hands ran down to her lower back.


"Don't mention it." Drew said tensely.

"I think I'm gonna take a dip in the pool."

"You finally learned how to swim?" Drew asked.

"Haha, no."

"For crying out loud..." Drew sighed as he followed her in.

"You're gonna teach me?" Boxer asked.

"If I don't, no one will." Drew said. "Now put you legs together, and hold your arms straight out." He instructed, wrapping his arms under her torso.

"That tickles." She giggled. He playfully rolled his eyes and moved his arms slightly.

"Now move your arms like you've seen us do."

"I can't, water keeps hitting me in the face." She sputtered.

"Well lift your chin, how 'bout?" He teased.

"Hey I'm doing it." She said proudly as she moved her arms.

"You're doing great." Drew smiled.

"Boxer? Drew?" Wade called when he walked into the house. "Love, where are you?" He called again as he set the groceries on the kitchen table. He paused when he heard splashing in the backyard.

"Don't let go yet!" Boxer laughed.

"Well if you keep that up, you'll take us both down!" Drew quipped as she squirmed in his arms. Wade stood where he couldn't be noticed and watched the two for a moment. He hadn't heard Boxer laugh that much in a long time.

"What are you two up to?"

"Trying to teach your lady to swim." Drew said.

"Quit while you're ahead, I beg you." Wade teased.

"Oh, she's a good learner..." Drew defended.

"See?" Boxer threw in.

"Throw some shorts on and come in, why don't ya?" Drew asked.

"I better get the meat on the grill first..."

"I'll help." Drew said, gently letting Boxer out of his hold.

"Hey!" She protested.

"I'll be back." He assured as he pulled himself out of the water.

"Cover yourself up, hussy." Wade chucked a towel at Drew.

"Jealous?" Drew asked as he wrapped it around his waist. He looked back at Boxer wading around in the pool, there was nothing more beautiful than her smile.