Title: Protege
Author: Sami
Rating: PG
Genre and/or Pairing: Drama, Amanda & Alex
Spoilers: all midseason one
Warnings: None
Summary: Amanda could use a protege and Alex could use her for information.
Written for nikita comment ficathon.

The first night Alex had been invited for drinks and girl talk in the dressing room, she had sweated bullets the moment she had heard Amanda's heels clicking against the floor.

Nikita had respected Percy but she feared Amanda. He had been the hands, but the sophisticated redhead was the brain. Her interest could only mean trouble either now or later.

Alex put up her ponytail and locked in her game face because there was no way she wouldn't go.

Then the mentoring pep talk about graduation and her future, it was almost like Amanda hadn't restrained her in a strait jacket and kept her in solitary. Alex fought the urge to wince when Amanda spun Division like it was a family. Her mind raced as she kept smiling. She could work this to her own advantage. Its what Nikita would have done, she was sure of it.

Amanda could use a protege and Alex could use her for information. All she needed to do was get her trust.

Alex leaned back in the chair and sipped her champagne while she listened to Amanda tell her about a future as Division's golden girl. Alex knew that Amanda enjoyed a good mind game and now she was ready to play.