a/n; drabble story. earl, fourteenth, allen. no pairings, some language, spoilers for recent-ish chapters, and general… weirdness. standard disclaimer applies. no flames, please.


A game of hide and seek was always enticing, but when the hider was being hidden within another body – an exorcist no less, he reminds himself – then the seeker is left in the dark and must work his way around the new advancement to the game.

The Earl didn't like advancements.

He liked advantages, and what they did for him.

Because really, shrouding yourself (or memories, he corrects) into someone – so young, so young, he chants – is cheating. Cheaters never win, winners never cheat.


Because he never had anything against cheating. But what fun was cheating? Play raw, raw with emotion, raw with blood and raw with skin –

He laughs, oh how he laughs. He points, points towards the white haired boy – Allen Walker, should have killed you before, then maybe I'd be in the lead – and then welcomes the Noah, Neah, his lost friend; he'd have to thank that exorcist later for awakening the Fourteenth, because what a grand surprise it was, grand oh grand. Why does he want the Noah by his side? Because the Noah was hiding – don't forget, Neah is the hider – and the Earl was the seeker, and he was not going to lose, no, no, no.

He'd kill them all before he lost –

Can he recall when the game began? Perhaps, but that would require looking back into the start of the race, and he was in no position to be doing such a thing. Why look behind when your opponent was up ahead? Ironic, really – up ahead in a boy that would never stop walking forward.

I'll break him before he reaches the finish line.

Walker wasn't supposed to be in the little game of hide and seek.

An added nuisance that will only make things interesting for so long.

' – ready, set, go!'

He swears he can hear the words being spoken, as if a whisper was being sent over the wind, standing on the edge of a precipice and looking out to the world, wondering, wondering, wandering.

Somewhere along the way, the game of hide and seek turned race turned –

Turned what?

He lost his thoughts.

Gone, gone, gone –

He'll be back.

The hider would be back, because the Earl knew the hider didn't know he was hiding. Was it by choice? Probably. Did he want out? Most likely. But the Earl was just beginning with the fun, continuing on a millennia of hiding and seeking and running. He'd have his sweet, sweet, tasteless victory. Perhaps when he ended the race Walker was running? He'd just have to cross death before either of them. One had turned two, two had turned three, now three were racing towards the destruction.

The end of the millennium, and the beginning of the end.

' – catch me if you can.'