"Only I will love you…"


Note: I do not own Parasomnia or any of its characters. Also, I know that psycho/sociopaths don't make good life partners/friends; this is written purely out of curiosity. Any quotes will be in italics.

"Oh, don't cry…" Volpe crooned, "I'll be there for you always. If he loved you with all the depth of his soul for a thousand years he couldn't love you as much as I do for a single day. Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights." He bent to kiss Laura's lips. "You will love me. I will make you."

"Then you will only be loving me?" Laura asked, head tilted up at him questioningly.

"Of course." Volpe soothed. "And only I will love you."

"Laura…no…" Danny choked out, trying to reach out to her but his hand falling in the process.

Laura started to turn back but Volpe reached out and stroked her cheek, his eyes becoming, if possible, wider, darker, and more hypnotic. "Don't listen to him." He entreated his voice soft and appealing. "He'll only say things that will hurt you."

"How can we stop him?" Laura asked, looking up at him with wide, innocent eyes and Volpe had to smile at her use of the word "we". Slowly he slid a switch blade out of her pocket and pressed it gently into her hand. Laura's eyes narrowed in confusion. "But… k-killing… it's bad!"

Volpe's eyes darkened again, drawing her in. "Not if it's in self-defense. He did hurt you first…"

"Laura, I didn't-" Danny spoke up, but Volpe quickly turned his gaze back on his rival. "I never loved you."

Angry tears sprung to her eyes and she looked away, hiding her face with her arm. Volpe made a comforting sound and draped an arm over her shoulders. Laura turned her head into his chest, then after a moment, taking a deep breath, she turned back to Danny. Walking towards him, her eyes a mixture of anger and hurt, she lifted the knife up.

"I am no doll!" She hissed, and plunged the knife down into his throat. Hands reaching up to his throat, he fell down, choking on his own blood.

Grinning, Volpe stepped forward, and took the knife back from Laura's hand. Sliding, it into his pocket, he wrapped his arms around her. Overcome from the night's activities, she collapsed senseless in his embrace. Lifting her up, he carried her over to the door and out of the apartment. Laying her down in the back of the black car, he got in as well, and drove off.