written from prompt #14 from Goldenlake's Malorie's Peak Prompts, Happily Ever After

Roger is fifteen when his cousin is born. Fifteen and his throne snatched out from under him, fifteen and his crown taken from him by the chubby hands of a royal, mewling baby.

Jonathan. Stupid boy, taking away his aunt and uncle, relegating him to the mercy of the training-master and the mages, no longer preparing for anything except a dukedom.

Second place; consolation prize. They're the same thing, and he doesn't want any part of either.

No, he'll get back his throne. It will take him some time. It will take preparing, and strength, cunning, and skill, and it will take a firm heart against the kind eyes of his aunt and his uncle's pride at his successes- but he will do it, and he will return his throne to its true heir.