I don't own the boys vs girls series. Ages: I subtracted 11 from the year the book came out, 1993 thus the story set in 2006 and

Steve: 25
Eddie, Jake, and Josh: 24
Beth: 23
Wally, Bill: 22
Caroline, Danny: 21
Peter: 20
Doug: 19

Jake Hatford stood outside the church in a ragey stained t-shirt and holey jeans, his hair not brushed and he looked like he never slept a wink last night. This was opposite of what his brothers looked like, all of them were in suits, well Josh was. Wally and Peter were in sports jackets, nice pants, and a plain button down shirt.

"Aren't you going inside Jake?" asked Beth Malloy, and he just scowled why would want to go to her wedding. That girl that pratically took away his best friend. That girl that made his like misrible when they rented the Benson house. The girl he was head of heals with when she finally moved back to Ohio.

Yes Joseph William Hatford, Jake to his friends, is madly in love with his best friend's girlfriend. Going to be wife in about 20 minutes, since they have already started the ceremony. He didn't understand it after a year with them he thought he would still hate him. His stomache churned when he remembered Eddie and Steve first make eye contact back on that spring vacation. When all the boys were sitting on one side of that garage and the girls on the other. Eddie and Steve were sitting together, side by side, and they were pratically touching. He felt all weird when Steve gave her the compliment on her batting skills, saying that girl's got an arm on her like Mark McGwire.

"Jake are you really going to my sisters wedding like that?" asked Caroline Malloy in a dress, that was pratical in terms for Eddie. The bridesmaids dresses for the middle of the summer, short and to the knees.

"I'm not going," he said simply.

"You have to go! You're best friends with Steve and all the Bensons," she said and realized something important. Jake is jealous of Steve getting married for his sister.

"Listen Jake you may not be getting married to my sister. But somebody is out there for you," said Caroline who walked into the church and Jake nodded his head no.