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Butch and BC just looked at each other…then BC started whispering in his ear.

He smiled. This does not bode well my friends.

Then Butch started whispering in my ear…"ok on three I will un chain you and we attack the others… only don't really harm them… like a play fight." BC said the same to Bomb. Then Bomb and me looked at him with a gleam in his eyes. " one … two… three… NOW!" In the blink of an eye I was out and tackling Blossom… Bomb tackling Brick, Butch on boomer and BC on Bubbles I was hi-fricking-larious.

Then the next thing I know I was in a white room.

I mean like all white, nothing else.

Then Bomb was next to me, and a noise came out of the nothingness.

It was Blossom's voice. 'BC used her powers to make Bomb and you teleport to this room. It is virtually indestructible so don't try to break through the walls. We are on the other side with the key…we will let you out when you are done making nice. Bye! We will teleport in food regularly using BC's powers to control Bomb's teleportation skills. Luck!' then she was gone.

Bullet's POV

It had been 3 hours.

3 damn hours.

I was falling asleep leaning against the wall on one end staring at him. And he at me. He was on the other end. Next thing I know the temperature drops about 10 degrees f. great just fucking great. It started gradually getting colder and colder. 'Blossom is using her ice breath to cool the place down. You two are going to have to get closer if you want Brick to heat up the room. BC out' and with that I fell asleep.

Day 2

It was day 2 of being stuck in here me and Bomb where bored out of our minds. Give in to the fact that we only had two things in common that I knew of we needed to get out of this cell. Why did the others lock us in here? Suddenly some Japanese man with glasses and a short blonde girl that looked like a Barbie popped into the room. Then the man spoke "Hello my friends I am Hiro Nakamora master of time and space. This is cheerleader Claire she can regrow limbs and never die."

Bomb and me just stared at each other, then Hiro and Claire, then each other again. "Wow…just wow… why are you two here? And more importantly can you get us out of this box-type-thing whatever this thing is?"

"Yes I can. More importantly will you help us save the world? And ever more importantly can I use your bath room?" Hiro asked.

"Sure knock yourself out," Bomb answered.

When we got out of the white room we didn't see anyone. Not even a trace of Blossom, whom I will guess ordered some people like Brick or Butch or Buttercup to watch in case we escaped. Instead a note drifted down to the floor… I took a look at it and saw it was written in someone's blood.

The note read:

If you ever want to see your dear family again you have 48 hours to find me and take them back…. If not I kill them all…. trust me even if you are 1 second late I will kill them…. and I would know since I fix watches for a living-Sylar

Ps. your grandfather clock was off by 8 seconds. No worries I fixed it.

As Claire and Hiro finished reading it they gasped "we need help killing him to save the world…and he has my power along with telekinesis, electric voltage hands, shape-shifting, and he is able to control you by lifting his hands like a puppet." Claire said. Great this was going to be very hard since he can't die like Claire and has all those powers I thought. "Lets go find this Sylar bozo and kick his ass" Bomb yelled. MEN I thought, obviously he didn't understand the problem here.

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