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The blaring of her alarm woke Quinn out of her deep slumber with a start, and she sat up, arms patting the bed for Santana to shake her awake. After searching the bed for a few seconds and coming up with thin air, she realized that Santana was no longer with her. She must have taken off sometime during the night for her own home.

Frowning, Quinn glanced at the clock. She didn't have much time, and she needed to be at practice in less than an hour. She quickly showered, pulled on a clean uniform and pulled her hair back into her characteristic tight ponytail. She made it to the field with just a few minutes to spare, thanking whatever gods that existed that she wasn't late because of last night's escapade. The thought of seeing Santana made bile rise in her throat, finding herself a lot less trusting of her than she'd been last night.

When she saw the brunette walking onto the grass a few minutes later, arm linked with Brittany's as the pair made their way over to her, Quinn stood up straighter and held her chin higher. She was relieved to see Santana smiling, so she musn't have left upset. She thought that maybe falling asleep after sex wasn't something that Santana was into, but if her present state was any indication, Santana was in a great humor.

"Hey Quinn!" Santana called cheerfully, and Brittany jumped up and down at the sight of her friend. They were both in an usually good mood for five am, but Quinn took it in stride.

"Hey guys," Quinn said, greeting them with a grin and a wave of her arm. They immediately fell into their places, stretching before the other girls arrived. Santana was helping Quinn with a quad stretch when the blonde felt it was time to strike up a conversation, especially before the others arrived.

"So, when did you leave last night? I woke up and you were gone."

Santana rose a single eyebrow at Quinn and snorted, tossing her ponytail a bit.

"Uh, I dropped you off, and then went home. So..."

Quinn stared at her, the stretch long forgotten as she tried to make sense of what Santana was saying.

"What do you mean? You stayed over at my house," Quinn insisted, her hands resting on her hips as she tilted her head in Santana's direction. Santana shared a look with Brittany, who was just as confused as the other two, if not naturally moreso.

"Is this like the time that girl had sex with that invisible bird?" Brittany asked innocently, looking between her two friends thoughtfully.

Quinn's eyes widened, and Santana picked up on the smell of fear automatically. She shifted her gaze from Brittany to Quinn and after getting a good look at the horror on the shorter blonde's face she burst out laughing.

"Life imitating art?" she teased, poking Quinn in the ribs playfully. "You were really into that movie last night, weren't you?" Brittany laughed too, although it was probably at the mental image of Quinn having sex with an invisible bird.

Quinn put her hands over her face, not believing what had just happened. It just seemed so real... It sure felt real, even this morning, her muscles were sore and there was a dull ache in her core. But here Santana was, laughing and teasing her for having a stupid wet dream about her.

"Oh my God," Quinn said, giving a little cry of anguish. "I can't believe this crap..."

"Don't worry, I kind of dig it," Santana went on, laughing more. "Remind me to never take you to see Swan Lake live though; who knows what would happen!" Her own joke sent Santana into a fit of giggles, and Brittany joined in just because it looked like fun.

Quinn was finding nothing funny, and her face was turning redder and redder by the second. Santana noticed, stopping herself mid laugh and coughing to clear her throat. She turned to Brittany and pointed towards the school.

"Hey, Britt, why don't you go check the gym for stragglers?" Santana suggested, and Brittany took off at a sprint on her task.

Quinn turned away from Santana, too embarrassed to look her in the face.

"Quinn, it's okay. I'm sure this type of thing happens to tons of people in this school. It's kind of flattering," Santana said cockily, though she was trying to make Quinn feel better.

It didn't work, Quinn feeling more foolish than she ever had in her life. Who the hell has a wet dream about their friggin' frenemy? And then basically tells them they had one? She felt Santana's hand on her shoulder and turned around.

Taking a deep breath, she quickly regained her composure.

"Just promise me you won't tell anyone," she said, keeping her tone just shy of begging. Santana seemed to ponder this for a few seconds before she nodded her head.

"Not a soul," she promised, a smile playing on her lips.

Quinn's face went stark white, and her eyes widened at the brunette, her mouth hanging open. Santana chuckled and leaned forward, her eyes twinkling with mischief as she winked at Quinn.

"Besides. I make you feel perfect, right?"

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