Disclaimer: Star Wars belongs to George Lucas. Thank goodness for that, because I'm fairly certain he will save all the characters from anything like what goes on here ...

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Don't Get Cocky

"Master, please, I -"

"Unnh. See what the Force can do for you, my young apprentice?"

"Ye-yes. Oooohhhh. Master, so -"

"Don't get greedy. Patience."

"Yes, Master."


"Yes, my Master."

"Very good. Now open ... yes, yes ... wrap your tongue around my ... unnnghh, like that ... What - oh, yes ... faster ... faster ... ahhhh!"

"Like that, Master?"

"That was ... very good, for a first time."

"I am a slow learner, Master. I may require a great deal of practice. Perhaps ..."

"Unnhhh ... not now."

"I can do it!"

"Don't get cocky, Lord Vader."