Generator Rex: The Modern Prometheus Final "Judgment Day"

Three and a half hours of grilling not by White Knight but the Committee itself ended with agreement IT would work.

After that Sara Holiday her green hair in a pony tail stood in the lobby of CIA headwaters in Langley Virginia. She was watching a maintenance droid carve into a wall, adding the one hundred and twentieth star to a mural. This was how America memorialized its fallen agents.

"All nanites have at least some level of programming or they couldn't DO anything. Being able to for the first time give any kind of commands directly to the tiny machines myself had made it pretty easy to produce an error. Finding a way to error the nanites to the point where they crash like a cheap windows PC full of viruses wasn't that hard. . . as long as you are someone learning to speak their language. My plan was simple after that. Isolate an area however you can, a magnetic field, physical shielding, or a full on force field like the one in Kiev it didn't matter. Then you send out the right commands to the nanites in that confined area until all the properly function nanites error out and shut down. The remaining active nanites are then collected with a powerful magnet for later study. The result is a nanite free area that as we know from White Knight could be resupplied indefinably."

Next to her a Red haired women in her mid fifties in a U.S. Army NCO's uniform listened.

"Now none of this is quick, easy, or cheap mind you, and putting a human through it will mean no one with anything in their body that magnetism can hurt like a pace maker or a metal pin in a shoulder could do it. But that being said White Knight will no longer be the only nanite free human after this. Slowly humanity will be able to build larger and larger areas without nanites, and for a lucky few the threat of suddenly going EVO will be gone forever. The human race can begin to fight back, and all thanks to what I'd never have learned if not for Rex."

Holiday looked at the ground a bit as the older women spoke.

"No one will ever know, that's the sad part. The governments of the world can not use this to save everyone, just a few think tanks and leaders that they know WILL BE ABLE to figure it out sooner or later. People will still go EVO the war will go on, but in the long run you . . and Rex . . really have given them THE advantage."

Holiday still had trouble wrapping her head around it. The Sargent Major of the US army, its highest ranked NCO was Six's mother. How the hell that got him to being a hired gun that signed on with Providence she would never understand.

"Sargent O'Hara. . .Shana I'm sorry we lost S. . your son, he really was the best of us."

The older women didn't bat an eyelash. Yea this was Six's Mom all right.

"If you want to honor my son Doctor, win this war. He just wasn't into anything esoteric, and if he lived he'd have ended up some place simple filling his days with decent work. His old man ended up a janitor at a high school in Jersey. Spending his after hours keeping the place free of dealers, and mentoring kids all in American sign language."

Holiday made eye contact as Six's mother turned to leave.

"I admit I don't know how to go ahead without him."

If their was a doubt in Holidays mind about how much this woman knew about her OTHER current situation it got put to rest as she left.

"Once upon a time, I knew a bright lieutenant named Falcon. He had some REAL potential, even if he was an ass, and almost got himself drummed out. His older brother pulled a few strings and got him another shot. Take a moment to register that a JOE got another shot, ask your friend Callan what that involves and you'll lose sleep. Falcon ended up getting hooked on smack. Don't ruin your second chance Doctor Holiday, you don't get a third no matter how good you are."

Rex walked into the briefing room five minutes early, wanting to not cause trouble for once. Sara had asked him to play nice till he was back from DC. He found the standard TV screen with Whites face on it, and a dark-haired man in blue-green body armor with a computer console on one arm.

"Rex on time for once, I'd have hired someone to tickle your dick a long time ago if that would do it."

Whites attempted to jab at him bounced off the new more mature Rex.

"That government issue rubber woman you got in their spring a leak again White?"

The head of Providence didn't laugh, but didn't get angry either, and if you looked close enough he might have smiled a little. This was White and Rex now, as long as Rex followed the rules, he got as much leeway White gave anyone.

"Well Special Agent Rex, this is Agent Steel, on loan from N-Tek. I trust you read the briefing?"

Rex nodded.

"I was in combat most of the morning, but I read the report on the flight back from LA. N-Tek had a none self-powering kind of nanite, and you've tried to rebuild what you guys lost since the event right?"

The man smiled a bit, and Rex was getting a creepy feeling as the man introduced himself.

This guy looks like he's eyeballing me WAY to close. White had better do background checks on new hires I swear if he grabs my ass . . .

"Hola Hermono, I'm Max Steel. I've been asked to be one of your handlers for the next few months."

Rex didn't believe him, but went along with it anyway.

"So you are filling in while they look for a replacement for Six?"

Rex knew this was the guy they hired to keep an eye on the pair of EVO's they NEEDED too much.

Sara will defend this guy I know she will, but he is here to watch us I KNOW IT. I'd bet $20 on him giving me " a talk" some time today.

"That's the idea. Mind giving me the grand tour?"

"Well assuming I'm not wrestling with the monster of the week, consider me at your disposal."

Knight chimed in.

"I'm glad your willing to play ball Rex. Keep Agent Steel company until Holiday gets back from the Hill. Max its good they have some of your bugs worked out we've missed you in the field the past few years. I've got a conference call with the old ball and chain I'll tell Rachel you're doing fine without tech support breathing down your neck for once. Rex he's not fully cleared until tomorrow morning, and I will get crap if you let him go anywhere but the can alone. That makes this request for a tour guide an order understand?"

Rex put his hand behind his head a smiled nervously.

"Umm Sure thing!"

The pair left the room, and Rex tried being cool even thinking the guy was here to lecture him.

"Sooo who would have though Knight would have found a women able to stand him?"

Max smiled.

"Me I introduced him to my ex and they hit it off. They are both anal about the rules."

"Yea sooo what do you want to see first the lab or the petting zoo?"

"Ohh defiantly the Zoo."

Holiday hit the shower at a quarter past eleven, her still green hair coming out of braid she had it in all day at last. The trip had been long, and she was sure when she shut down for maintenance it would be three hours of work at least. That was starting to sound like such a long time to be dead to the world.

I've been to a city on the coast so I might have a cold or flu bug to fight off, and that lunch place looked like I should give my stomach the once over. At least I'm not sleeping alone.

She thought with a grin. A looonnng hot shower later Holiday stepped out into her bedroom, and found Rex half asleep in bed waiting for her. Sliding under the covers, Holiday warped her arms around him, and gave him a wake up kiss.

"MMMmm Long day at the office? Where you misbehaving without me around?"

Rex rolled her over on to her back and looked down at her his trap sprung.

"Why would I misbehave without you around to notice?"

She smiled. This I just what she needed.

"Why you little . . ."

In the rooms dim light she noticed deep bruises on his chest and arms. Holiday ran her fingers up his chest with a frown.

"Baby what did they do to you while I was away?"

Rex rolled next to her, the mood ruined for the moment.

"And now you are in DOCTOR MODE!"

The tone in her voice made a shiver go up Rex's spine.

"I'm always in Doctor mode lover, some times you like that, and some times you LIKE THAT."

He blushed as she moved him so he was sitting on the side of the bed.

"Now tell me what happened Rex please."

"A little heavy sparing with my new handler. Guys name is Steel."

Rex heart rate picked up as she kept examining him. Sara was looking at him but not looking AT HIM again.

"Max? The Trans-fasic energy that powers those old nano-probes of his don't react well with the nanites released by the event. I guess they got a shielding of some kind working."

Rex started to sound pissy.

"Yea clever guys over at N-tech, I guess."

She looked up at him, with an arched eye brow, Rex was whining because she stopped playing Doctor to well play Doctor.

"Rex, I am just worried that's all. Nothing I haven't been before. "

"You are going to go all Yoda on me now aren't you?"

Holiday kept her cool.

He's being a baby, again. But then again I'm the one that walked into this with her eyes open. I'm either WITH REX or I'm . . . using him and he's too young to notice. I am not a vampire.

She put her hand under his chin and made him make eye contact.

"Yes I am, but you need to tell me what happened Rex. "

He melted like he always did. As he spoke she thought.

Come on Rex, you better than this, I know it. Don't be so petty.

"He said when he was 18 he had a fling with an agent named Rachel Leeds. She was older and he just woke up one day and said something about "If we ever beat the bad guys we'll have nothing to talk about. ". I mean I get it! He'd have been in deep, but his foster-father N-tech's top guy! She got "Promoted" out-of-the-way, and he got a new partner with babysitter with privileges written all over her. This guy that maybe kissed someone special good-bye and lost her to White Knight of all people, is going to lecture me. He doesn't know me or you, and if not for I don't know YOU I'd have told him to piss off! Maybe that makes you a good influence."

Holiday took a long moment to think.

He did the right thing that's something.

"Rex, Knight could do his job by sticking you in a corner until you learn to cure EVOs, and we learn to do it ourselves by watching. He brought Max here, so you'd have someone to turn to if . . WE didn't work out. Max brings up a lot of baggage for a guy that hasn't been in the room with his wife in 5 years. Knight is being protective, and more than he needs to. Rex tell me you know all this."

He answered her with simple honesty she thought was so endearing.

"I upset you with all this, I'm sorry. It just pissed me off is all. We do things no one else CAN do, and we put everything into saving people. The only thing I ask for is an ounce of freedom and . . you."

Holiday tried to find the words that wouldn't hurt him. If she was wrong and dieing and coming back did make her a little nuts the time let herself be blind to it was over.

If I've fooled myself and you're not ready for this, one day you might hurt someone. God Rex did I hurt you without seeing it?

He spoke again before she could make herself.

"Don't . . .look at me like that I get it OK. If you went all Darth Holiday on me, I wouldn't know any better than to drink a whole bottle of "exploitation NOW". It comes down to this, I've got faith you . . . aren't a bad person. "

Holiday felt a tear from in her one original eye, and she hugged Rex tight, and spoke in a whisper.

"Good boy."

The ever-loving END