*Beep Beep!*

Cars would always make that sound as Lucy crosses the streets at Cambridge

Feeling happy with Edmund and Eustace and Everyone, But she just misses her brother and sister

Peter, And Susan

Of course also sadness came through her as she remembered that all four of them would not be coming back to Narnia

When she came home, there came a letter to them

"Edmund, Eustace! You better go see this one" Lucy shouted

"Who's it from?" Edmund asked

"It's from Susan, As usual, Peter never wrote letters to us" Lucy said

"What's it says?" Eustace asked

"Lets know it" Lucy answered

" Dear Lucy and Edmund," Lucy said as she began to read

" SHE FORGOT ME OMG!" Eustace said

" Shhh! Shut up!" Edmund said

"I am enjoying here in America, Yet there is something still empty to me,

At first I did not know it, But then I realized, Beside all this Parties, Invitations

Beside all of this vanities, I miss you both, I also miss Peter,

Because of that I am coming there on Saturday, I bet I'll stay there for 2 years

Truly yours,

Susan" Lucy Sigh with excitement after she read the letter

"So Susan's coming back, I bet shes bored there in America aaha!" Edmund said as he Laughed

"Well, Isn't what we wanted, for her to come back" Lucy said

"WHATTA bout Peter?" Eustace said

" I don't know" Edmund answered

" But whats important is that Susan will stay with us for 2 years here" Lucy Said

The three of them was always full of excitement

And Finally its Friday, They received a Phone call from Peter

"Hello?" Lucy said as she picked up the Phone

" It's me, Peter" Peter said