"Well, Is it alright for you to talk about Narnia" Eustace said politely and readily to be kicked out of the room, Well everyone would expect the answer no or yes weakly

"Yes" Susan said

"Is it true that you've loved Caspian before?" Eustace said

"Not love at all, just some sort of Attraction" Susan said

"But if you stayed, Probably you would love him right?" Eustace said

"Sort of" Susan answered

"Ummm… Do you want me to change the subject? You looked sad" Eustace said

"Its up to you" Susan said

"HEY SUSAN WAKE UP! Your pretty lame! Far from the Susan I've known before, An Energetic one The Smart one, The one who always thinks before doing something!" Eustace shouted

"Well, I just Hope I could come back to Narnia, I missed Aslan but…" Susan said

"But what" Eustace said

"Aslan told me and peter we could never get back, And In private he told us that hes in our world,

I journeyed to find him in every ways I could, I ended up Going the other direction

I've been with worldly things that I never should be with, I just can't find Aslan in our world" Susan Said

"well, Aslan said that to us too, Edmund and Lucy can never get back there, And In our world He has another name, He said that was the very reason we're brought to Narnia, We need to know him by then" Eustace said

"You've been to Narnia?" Susan asked

"Just a week ago, that explains the change of my attitude" Eustace said

"Okay, You better go to sleep now" Susan said

"Bye" Eustace said as he shuts the door