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Where is He?

A new day had just begun at Kadic Junior High School and most of its students traveled to the cafeteria, and four out of the five Lyoko warriors were no exception. Once they had all grabbed a tray of food they walked to a table that was near the windows but still far in the back of the room where they could still have some privacy. Ulrich sat on the end of the left side of the table and Yumi sat next to him and across from them Aelita and Odd sat. Picking up their forks they began to eat their food as they waited for their last member named, Jeremie Belpois. A comfortable silence fell over the group as they ate but once fifteen minutes had passed it became concerning as the young Einstein had not arrived yet. Aelita's face became one of concern when the boy she liked didn't show up when he had promised the night before that he would.

"Where could he be? Didn't he tell you last night that he was going to be here Aelita?" Yumi asked the pink haired girl who sat across from her in her dark pink dress and boots.

"Yeah he did, I'll call him and see what is taking so long." Aelita took out her mobile and dialed the first number that was in her contacts list which was none other than her crush. It rang five times until she got the voice answering machine and she left a message for him to call her. "He's not picking up his phone. I don't understand, he always answers my calls unless it's during a Xana attack and he's in the middle of it. Something must be wrong." The three other teens agreed and decided to go up to his room and see if he was there. Standing up the warriors took their trays of eaten food and dumped the remains into the garbage and placed the trays on top of the containers.

"Maybe he over slept or is working on something for Lyoko." Ulrich suggested to the group as they walked to the boy's dorms and passed some students that were just getting to the cafeteria.

"Those wouldn't keep him from a promise he made to me." Aelita replied as they stopped in front of Jeremy's dorm room's door. She knocked on the wooden surface three times and no response came; knocking twice more and still not receiving an answer she decided to see if the door was unlocked. Grabbing the knob the young pink haired teen turned it and notice that it was indeed unlocked and opened the door. A low creek was heard as the door moved so the four teens could see inside the small dorm room. Inside was a desk that had a large computer on top of it and a computer chair was facing the computer screen. On the left side of the room was Jeremy's bed and above it was a poster of Einstein was shown; the bed was neatly made and did not even appear to have been slept in recently.

On the right was a closet that housed the young man's clothing and other belongings. In retrospect the room didn't have much character but the same could not be said for the boy who normally resided inside it. All three young adults entered the room with disappointed expressions on their face, but no one was more disappointed then Aelita. She had really hoped that he would be in his room and not doing anything dangerous or in danger. For all they knew he could be out there somewhere being attacked by Xana or anyone who liked to hurt others. Some of the new students at the school were very violent and often got into trouble for pounding on the other students.

"If he's not here then where is he?" Odd asked who was at the back of their little group.

"I'm not sure but I'm going to see if Xana activated a tower just to make sure he's not in danger." After Aelita replied to his question she walked over to Jeremy's computer and sat in the short but comfortable chair and pulled up a program that would tell them of the last time Xana attacked. It took a couple of minutes but eventually the screen showed the record of Xana's attacks. Turning around in the chair to face her friends she wore a large frown and had a very worried glance in her eyes. The other three Lyoko warriors looked at her giving them their full attention. "The last time Xana attacked was . . . last night."


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