Unexpected Escort

Snowy River: A McGregor Fanfic

Set: Season 1: Episode 8 Stepping Out

Summary: Based on the TV series 'Snowy River: The McGregor Saga'. Oliver is bored at the dance he is hosting while Danni failed to get a partner. What happens when the two notice one another in a new and unexpected way? Oneshot.

Oliver Blackwood stood at the edge of the dance floor and watched his guests twirling each other around to the rhythm of the music. He felt slightly bored until he spotted a particular couple at the opposite end of the room.

Colin McGregor and his sister Danni were dancing and laughing together. Danni McGregor, Oliver had never taken much notice of the youngest of the McGregors. After all she was just a girl, why should he? Tonight, however, he noticed that she didn't seem like a fourteen year old. No, as her elegant white dress flowed about her while she danced, she seemed much older, more like a woman than a girl.

Wait a minute, what was he thinking? This was Matt's daughter; she was still in school for crying out loud. He pulled his gaze from her and tried to distract himself by checking his watch. Damn, it was still quite early. He took a swig of his drink as the song ended and several couples broke apart, some taking a rest while others changed partners.

Once again he found himself watching Danni, as her and Colin left the dance floor together. He noticed that Colin took Emily's hand and they returned to the floor together while Matt and Kathleen joined them. Rob was still with Victoria, Oliver's daughter, this would have bothered him usually but right now he had other things on his mind.

The band struck up another tune and the dancers began to move about. Before Oliver knew what he was doing he was making his way towards Danni who was now sitting alone watching the others dance. He was suddenly standing in front of her gazing down at her. She looked up, a little uncertain, but smiled at him anyway. Why had he never taken noticed of her beautiful smile?

"Was there something you needed Mr Blackwood?" she asked.

"Only the honour of a dance," he replied before he knew what he was saying.

"Oh," she said evidently surprised by his request.

He knew he should have revoked it but instead he offered his hand.

She looked at it for a moment as he held it suspended in front of her. Then, she reached out and took it, as she stood up.

He smiled at her and she blushed under his gaze.

Oliver led Danni onto the dance floor and they joined the other couples. She blushed again when he put his hand on her waist.

They began to dance, unnoticed by the other pairs, neither speaking as they shared a meaningful look.

As the song came to an end, Oliver led Danni off the dance floor and taking her hand pressed his lips gently to it.

"Thank you, Danni," he said.

"You're welcome," she breathed as he smiled and turned to leave.

He'd only been outside for a moment when he heard footsteps behind him. He didn't turn around, he knew who it was.

Danni came up and stopped beside him as he gazed out into the darkening night. He waited until she turned to face him before he finally looked down at her.

"It's cold out here," he commented. "You should go back inside."

He said it because he knew he should, not because he wanted to.

"I don't feel very cold, Mr Blackwood," returned Danni looking up at him.

"Please call me Oliver," he said leaning closer to her.

"Oliver," she whispered as she leaned closer.

Their lips met and Oliver knew he'd passed the point of no return.

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