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Chapter 1

Ryo looked at the clock. It was already 11:00 p.m. He should have gone home 4 hours ago. But he just couldn't bring himself away from the pieces in front of him. Something just didn't fit with this crime. Exhaling a deep breath he leaned back in his chair. Tatsuya knocked and entered Ryo's office.

"What are you still doing here Hasui?"

"Thinking about what to draw on the ceiling to make it worth staring at."

Tatsuya sighed. "You're not thinking of going back again now are you?"

"What a great idea Tatsuya. Let's go." Ryo stood up, grabbed his coat, and walked out.

"You can't be serious. Right now," Tatsuya said in a frustrated tone.

"It was your idea," Ryo called back as he walked out.

They got in the car and drove over to the very first crime scene. This was where Seigo Mutsuura supposedly cursed his first victims. When they arrived Ryo told Tatsuya to stay in the car. He walked into the gruesome scene. Although there were no bodies there you could tell it had been a brutal crime. There was something different about this scene but Ryo just couldn't put his finger on it. He heard someone say "Detective," and turned around just in time to see Seigo Mutsuura coming toward him. His hand covered Ryo's face and he felt himself falling. Falling, he was falling backwards, back through his memories. He remembered a fire, he had to get to someone, someone was calling his name, a flash of an alley, someone was shouting, there was something he had to protect at all costs; the sound of gunshots rang through his mind.

"How sad. So you don't want to go on living. Well, then I can help you rest."

Ryo snapped out of the trance he was in to find Seigo Mutsuura poised over him with a gun. Ryo knocked Seigo's hand that held the gun away saying "Don't touch me." He pulled out his own gun and fired a shot.

"Ho ho, so you can see past death, can you?"

"Shut up."

"But you can't kill me. There's no way you could kill me."

Instantly where Seigo was standing an image of Shouta Mikoshiba appeared. Ryo had to admit he was surprised by this. However, he knew there was no way Shouta could be here. He hadn't seen Shouta since that one dark night, where he had discovered Shouta was now a member of the Tokkei. A smirk appeared on Ryo's face.

"Clearly, you do not know me, or what I am willing to do," Ryo stated.

Seigo backed up a little.

Tatsuya was waiting in the car for Hasui when he heard gunfire. He jumped out of the car and ran into the building. He ran into the room of the murder only to find it empty. Everything was the same as it had been except for two new blood pools on the ground. It was unlikely they had come from the same person. A trail led away from the room. Tatsuya called the night dispatch office, "We have a problem," he stated.

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