Author's note: Hey look, a new fic by me! And it's not FrUk for once lul. Okay so I ship England/Germany pretty hard (not as hard as FrUK but pretty close) and I was sad to notice not a lot of fanfics of them (though the ones I have read are amazing and are what inspired me) and so I got this idea to do an AU slice-of-life type fic following their relationship through everyday stuff. This was the first chapter I wrote. There will be mostly fluff in this fic but there will be some sexual moments. I'm sorry if they both seem a little OOC, I took some liberties with how I perceived Germany's personality and since I'm starting this while the two of them are kind of a new couple, I figured their nervousness would be pretty normal. There will be background chapters and stuff explaining a lot of things so hopefully everything will make sense eventually.

Blah. I should just let you guys read lol Just note that none of these chapters were written in any kind of order. Whatever idea came to me, I fit it into their timeline c: Also, just so you all know, they're in their late 20s in most of the chapters. Anyway, enjoy!

Chapter 1: Waiting Up

Arthur was curled up on the couch asleep when he came home from work. Ludwig smiled in spite of himself as he hung up his coat and softly walked over to his sleeping boyfriend. Had he tried to wait up for him? He brushed some of Arthur's bangs away from his forehead and bent down to lay a kiss there.

Arthur moaned and his eyes fluttered open. It took him a moment to be able to see clearly again. "Lud…?" he asked.

Ludwig nodded. "I just got in."

"Oh…" Arthur's cheeks were pink. "I must have dozed off."

"Were you waiting up for me?"

"Maybe," he said softly. Ludwig sat down beside him on the couch and instantly Arthur curled into his side, resting his head on his shoulder. "I always seem to be asleep when you get home," he mumbled. "That's why I tried to stay up this time."

Ludwig smiled slightly. "You didn't have to, Arthur."

"I wanted to."

Ludwig wrapped an arm around him, welcoming the heat from Arthur's body. His British boyfriend always seemed to amaze or confuse him at one time or another. When he expected something, Arthur would turn around and do something completely different. The fact that he obviously cared so much as to stay up and wait for him and risk losing sleep touched Ludwig deeply.

"Thank you," he whispered.

Arthur looked up at him through lidded green eyes. "For what?"

"For caring." He bent his head down and their lips met in a gentle kiss. Ludwig wished they could have done more, but it was late and they were both tired.

They were both blushing after the kiss and Ludwig felt like he was a young teenager again. The two of them had never really gotten over the awkwardness of going from friends to lovers and were still adjusting, but he hoped in time they could kiss each other without feeling nervous and awkward.

Arthur yawned then, prompting Ludwig to do the same shortly after. "I think it's time we went to bed," he said as he stood up from the couch.

The Brit seemed reluctant to move, so Ludwig wrapped an arm around his back and under his legs and lifted him up. "W-What are you doing?" he cried, eyes suddenly wide.

"Taking you to bed." Ludwig tried to hide his smile as Arthur grumbled and blushed furiously.

"I can walk perfectly fine, Ludwig."

"I know."

It seemed all of Arthur's fight was gone by the time they entered the bedroom. He was barely awake as Ludwig carefully laid him down on the bed, bringing the covers up around him. Arthur turned, blinking his bleary eyes at him. "I love you," he whispered, and if Ludwig hadn't been so close, he wouldn't have heard him. His cheeks flushed pink as he tucked Arthur in.

Then he bent down and kissed his forehead. When he pulled back, he caressed Arthur's cheek and allowed the corners of his mouth to lift into a smile. "Ich liebe dich auch," he said and Arthur smiled back at him.

Ludwig quietly changed into his pajama bottoms and then slid under the covers where Arthur immediately rolled over to rest his head on his chest and wrap his arm around him. Ludwig felt his heart swell happily. Closing his eyes, he turned on his side so that he could wrap his arms around Arthur, letting sleep overtake him.


Ich liebe dich auch = I love you too. I almost had him say it in English but I thought the German might be a little more meaningful for Arthur.