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I am writing this fanfic at the request of Flair the demon dragon king. The premise as well the three OCs are his. We will be working on the plot together. This starts after Nunnally's arrival to Area 11 as viceroy. This story will most likely be updated weekly or as we finish chapters since we have to pm and email ideas and chapters back and forth.

The Britannian throne room is empty with the exception of three people. There is a stoic silence felt throughout the room. The emperor is on his throne gazing ominously at his two most trusted knights kneeling before him.

"Arise my knights."

The two knights stand to their feet with their eyes still lowered.

"Bismarck, continue observing the project. We must hurry especially with this most recent occurrence."

"Yes, your majesty."

The Knight of One bows and leaves.

The emperor looks at his other knight, Savmora Bright the Knight of Two.

"What will you have me do, you majesty?"

"I have assigned the new Knight of Seven, Suzaku Kururugi, to observe the situation in Area 11."

"Is that wise, your majesty? Can he be trusted?"

"Is there a reason to distrust someone to whom we have given so much to?"

"Is there a reason to trust someone who has betrayed his own people and his friends?"

The emperor continues to stare at his knight.

"I have also assigned the Knights of Three and Six to Area 11."

Savmora knows this since he is friends with Gino and Anya.

"Your majesty, is Area 11 not important for the completion of our ultimate goal?" Savmora makes sure to add in our instead of the ultimate goal.

"Very well go to Area 11. Act as you see fit. But do not disturb the other observers. The most important thing is securing CC for Ragnarok."

"Yes your majesty."

Savmora leaves the emperor's throne room. He heads over to the Knight's lounge where his two most trusted knights await him. He simply nods, and they nod back. So far everything has gone according to plan. They will head to Area 11, the world's largest source of sakuradite, but also the empire's biggest headache. For almost seven years the area experienced small resistance. In fact they were not resistance or independence fighters but terrorists. Then a little over a year ago someone rose up and disturbed the balance. Zero almost defeated Princess Cornelia and Prince Schniezel, but for some unknown reason abandoned the battle. He was captured by Suzaku Kururugi and brought before the emperor.

Savmora knows the person's name but it meant nothing to him. Until one of his contacts on the outside told him of that person's importance to the grand scheme of things. Now a new Zero has risen. He was within moments of capturing the new viceroy of Area 11. Savmora placed the majority of the blame on Suzaku Kururugi even if others did not.

Savmora orders a drink. Being a Knight of the Round means that he usually gets his way regardless of his age. Savmora and two companions sit there quietly drinking. Eventually the lounge gets a little too crowded for them so they make their exit. Once back at home Savmora relaxes a bit. His home is a very simple manor. He has s few servants to take of the few needs he has. As a personal knight of the emperor he is usually out and about doing the emperor's bidding.

He looks over at his two companions. The younger one, Jacob, seems fidgety about something. Savmora assumes it must because of his age. Savmora isn't much older but has more experience. The older one, Jones, just sits there sipping the tea brought out by the servants.

Savmora begins, "His majesty is sending us to Area 11 to observe the situation there."

Jones responds, "Aren't the Knights of Three, Six, and Seven already there, my lord?"

At the mention of the Knight of Seven Jacob's eyes lights up. Savmora, however, grinds his teeth.

"That bastard doesn't deserve the honor of being a Knight of the Round."

Jones and Jacob have heard this before. They know that their master is not the typical elitist and racist Britannian. His reasons for hating Suzaku Kururugi are much more than that. Neither questions their master. Even though they all trust each other with their lives, there are still certain things that should be kept unsaid. Jacob and Jones trust that their master is not leading them astray.

This time Jacob responds, "I hear that the new viceroy of Area 11 is a friend of Lord Kururugi and has requested that he also be sent to the area."

Savmora knows all of this. He has kept the reason for his hatred of Suzaku hidden from his two friends for several months. He feels that now is the time to reveal to them the truth behind Suzaku's ascension to the rank of Knight of Seven.

The emperor is left alone in his throne room.

"Do you think it is wise to trust someone like that, Charles?"

The emperor smiles, "Someone like that is precisely the type of person we need. He believes that he has outmaneuvered us."

"Why send him to Area 11? Isn't having Lelouch there as Zero already enough of a problem? We are no closer to getting CC. I think that something must be done to Nunnally to draw out Zero."

"Have patience brother. With Savmora there now capturing CC will be much easier."

VV wonders about that statement. He has removed Marianne from the equation. He had hoped to remove her children from it as well. He wonders if the day will come soon when he will have to remove Charles from it. With or without Charles the gods will die.

Savmora yawns and stretches out. He murmurs, "I should have come by boat."

Jones looks at him, "What was that my Lord?"

Savmora waves him off, "Oh nothing. Just remarking about how comfortable this plane is."

Jones frowns, "My lord, you should have taken the bed."

Savmora nods at the older man's advice, "Next time I will."

Jacob comes out of the only cabin aboard the plane, "I should have just slept out here," he plops himself down in a seat, "I knew there was a reason why you rejected the offer to take the cabin and bed," Savmora grins. Jacob closes his eyes, "Why could you have gotten Prince Schniezel to let you borrow one of his airships?"

Savmora shakes his head. In his haste he forgot to secure a more comfortable mode of transportation. Of course he did not forget to get the paperwork in for the movement of his troops. Some have been in place for months while others will arrive shortly along with custom Vincents and if possible Gareths. It also wouldn't be long until Britannia mass produces airships. Savmora will most likely be able to secure a few of those.

"No, Prince Schniezel supports Kururugi, but I wonder if he knows the truth," Savmora stands to stretch out a bit, "Besides you're a Britannian soldier, the best in the world. You're telling me that a measly 18 hour flight is causing you trouble," Savmora pauses and glances over at Jones, "Back in my day we didn't have these fancy horseless carriages or this fancified flying machines. When Wellington ordered us to attack Napoleon's position, we got there on our own too feet."

Jacob begins to laugh, "Did you go to school uphill both ways in the snow?"

Savmora shakes his head, "No, God hadn't invented snow when I was in school."

Jones growls, "Why you little rascals."

The older man tackles of the younger two. He manages to pin Savmora, but Jacob is on top of him.

"Oh my, what is happening back here?"

The three friends look up and standing there is a shocked co-pilot.

Jones answers, "Just teaching this two youngsters to respect their elders."

The co-pilot nods, "Very well just keep it down. We will be landing soon."

The three knights take their seats. Savmora brings out his laptops. He continues to review the situation in Area 11. He clicks on the wrong file by mistake. A series of pictures come on screen.

Jacob looks over and smiles, "Were those taken by?"

Savmora nods, "Yes, they were. It was at some school festival. They say that this Ashford Academy gets pretty wild at times."

Jones grunts but looks at the pictures. There are pictures of several students engaging in activities. One picture catches his eye causing him to slip and fall. Jacob just stares at the pictures.

Jones gathers himself, "Well it seems as if we are going to have to drop by this school."

The other two stare at him.

"Besides Jacob is still 16 so he will most likely have to at least take some classes," Jones grins and looks back at the pictures, "Also isn't the OSI there."

Savmora nods, "Yes, I wonder what they are doing exactly. I wonder who they are following."

Even though he is Knight of Two and is privy to lots of classified information, he is not sure of everything. At the moment Savmora has no idea exactly what the OSI is doing in Area 11 or what Kururugi's role is in it all. He knows that Kururugi captured Zero and turned him in to the emperor. He also knows that Zero was a close friend of Kururugi once. Savmora has other reasons for going to Area 11 besides keep an eye on Kururugi. There are several important people that Savmora wants to see.

Once everything is settled on the ground Jacob and Jones disembark to make sure that it is safe for Savmora even though he is the strongest of the three. Waiting for them below are The Knights of Three, Six, and Seven. There are salutes all around. Suddenly Gino jumps at Savmora.

"Come here little buddy."

Gino towers over everyone there. He locks Savmora in a playful headlock. Savmora manages to get him off.

"Gino, please."

Gino laughs and goes back over to Anya and Suzaku. Savmora walks over to Anya. He is slightly trembling.

"Hi Anya."

It is only perceptible to those that know her, but Anya's face gets a little brighter and the corners of her mouth slightly turn up.

"Hey you."

Savmora puts his arms around her. Once he releases her, Suzaku comes over to shake his hand. Savmora puts his feelings aside and takes Suzaku's hand.

"It is a pleasure to have you here in Area 11. Will you be staying long?"

Savmora straightens, "For as it takes to take care of the issue at hand. The emperor has asked me to analyze your performance and report to him."

It was a half truth, but Savmora was asked by the emperor to keep an eye on things. At the moment Kururugi is in charge of the military in Area 11. Apart from this Zero's business, there is talk that Prince Schniezel may soon take care of the issue with the Chinese Federation.

Suzaku tightens up, "I see. Well Lord Guilford and the others are waiting for us.

Savmora looks around looking for a place to change.

"Excuse me is there somewhere that the three of us can change," Savmora looks down at his clothes, "I like to fly dressed for comfort, but the plane has no room for all three of us to change comfortably."

A private standing behind Suzaku points to a nearby building. Savmora gives thanks, and the three of them head in that direction.

Gilbert G.P. Guilford is waiting with what is left of the Glaston Knights, Edgar, David and Claudio. They are awaiting the arrival of some VIPs. Since it was sudden, they had very little time to prepare. They also had no idea who was coming. Guilford sees the three Knights of the Round coming around the corner. He turns to make sure that the troops are ready to receive their guests.

Guilford blinks when he sees their familiar people. In the front is Savmora Bright with short red hair, hazel eyes, and slightly tanned skin. He is wearing a black version of the Knights of the Round uniform with a red cape. When the cape flaps up Guilford can see a red dragon on the back of the uniform. To his right is Jacob Hudson Short with blond hair, grey eyes and pale skin wears a black uniform with a silver dragon on the back. To his left is Jones Yarberry with messy brown hair, olive green eyes, and dark skin. He has a scar running from his eyebrow though his left eye and down to his cheekbone. He is also wearing a black uniform only with a blue dragon.

There is a slight nodding between them and Guilford. Savmora steps forward and addresses the soldiers gathered to greet him.

"His majesty the emperor has sent me here to help YOU defeat Zero. I promise you this. Zero will be defeated. Peace will be brought to Area 11 at any cost. I guarantee it."

Savmora steps away and glares at Suzaku. The soldiers clap loudly as Guilford leads the others away.

Author's note: When creating an OC like Savmora, there is a tendency to make them all powerful and all knowing. But since he isn't my OC, I will not have that problem. Lelouch will generally do the same things. There will be a few things that change because Savmora's actions. This fanfic will mostly follow around Savmora and his knights. When his actions directly affect Lelouch, Kallen, Suzaku, etc. we will see the results. The main focus of everything will still be Lelouch. Everything will revolve around him. Savmora knows about the Geass Order and a little about Ragnarok. He does not know the true meaning of either.