Gillian pulled her car into the Lightman driveway, shutting off the engine and staring at the house. Cal was the only one home; it was his first day out of the hospital, the day after they had saved him from Sevierville. She had promised to bring him food, so a bag of sub sandwiches and a box of French fries were in the bag next to her, probably leaking grease onto the seat, but since Cal' only dietary restriction was excessive red meat, she knew he would love having the fries, even though he would never admit it.

She tucked her keys into her purse and climbed out of the car, pulling the bag of food with her. She knocked on the door and waited. And waited. And waited. "Cal! Open the door, it's Gillian!"

A loud thumping came from the house, followed by the turning of the key. "Sorry, love. Didn't hear you 'till you screamed." He smiled a little, showing four of his teeth like he usually did, making this seem almost normal, but Gillian could see that he was sweating a little, and his voice was strained.

She stepped in the door and shut in behind her, watching as he headed into the kitchen, where she noticed that he was wearing a loose fitting button-up instead of his usual black shirt and that worried her a little. "Are you in pain, Cal?" His lack of a response made her certain that was a yes. "Why aren't you taking your medication? They gave you pain pills."

"Don't want to get addicted to them, love. Those are dangerous." He swung open the door of the fridge. "I've got soda and beer."

"Soda. Diet if you've got it." She sat at the table and pulled out the sandwiches. Ham, turkey, cheese, pickled and mustard for Cal, Tuna and peppers for her. "What did you do with your pills?"

"Flushed 'em. Don't want the bloody things anywhere near me, I'll make do with Tylenol." He sat across from her, giving her an icy Diet Pepsi and grabbing at the French fries, completely ignoring his sandwich. She laughed and rolled her eyes before taking a bite of tuna.

Gillian was clearing away all the paper form lunch, not that it was that difficult. Two wrappers, two cans, and a French fry box weren't exactly hard to get rid of.

"Oi, Gill, I need your help for just a minute, alright?" He came back into the kitchen, unbuttoning his shirt. "I can't get these off by myself, and I've got to change them."

She stared at his stomach and chest, his thick white bandages starting to fray from age, although it didn't look like they were bleeding through them. "Okay, where the package of them the doctor gave you?"

"Upstairs, come on, we'll just change them up there if you don't mind." He turned around and laid the shirt of the back of his couch before starting up the stairs. She followed slowly, trying not to stare at his back as they moved up the stairs.

By the time she got up to his room, he had the package of them sitting on the bed and was trying to peel them off, but was gritting his teeth against the action, his muscles tightening in pain. "Would you mind? I can't bring myself to just jerk them off."

He looked up at her, smiling a little, but grimacing too. She grabbed the corner of the one she was working on. "Hold still." She jerked it all the way off.

"I think you damn near killed me, love." Cal attached the last bandage to his chest, "Thank you though, don't think I could have done that by myself." He stood up and headed to the closet. "It's good to be home, ya' know? Although, Emily bought near drove me nuts last night. She wouldn't leave me alone, afraid someone else would show up. I had to sleep on the couch because she wouldn't let me be in here by myself."

He stuck his head out of the closet and grinned, but seeing Gillian's face, he stopped. He pulled the shirt over his shoulders, but didn't bother to button it, and instead moved to sit next to her on the bed.

"You could have died, Cal." She whispered, not looking at him. "We all thought he would kill you. It was… horrible!

"I'm here, love. I'm all right now, that'll never happen again." She didn't look at him, so he put his hand on the far side of his face. "I'm alright. I'm not leaving."

She didn't move, and he could tell she was crying. "Gill, love, look at me."

She turned a little obviously trying to gain a little bit of composure before she turned all the way around to face him. He just looked at her face for a minute, before he brought up his other hand, brushing away the one tear that had managed to escape the corner of her eye.

The he kissed her.

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