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Summary: In the kingdom of Suna that is ruled by the Akasuna family, the hierarchy is unstable. The civilians rule above everyone else. Any person who possesses chakra has to become a soldier, anyone with a kekkei genkai that isn't considered too dangerous is of a higher military rank, and anyone who possesses a- what is considered to be- "deformity" or is a jinchuuriki is to be killed the second they're born. Even though they were supposed to be killed, there are some of the "deformed"left. They live together and work against the kingdom in hopes that they might one day be accepted into society. After they decided that they had had enough, Deidara is sent off to kidnap the prince, Sasori, and hold him hostage until the king agrees to create a treaty of peace with them. At first Sasori can't stand Deidara and does everything in his power to escape from him and the rest of the "freaks", but what happens when he starts to find that he doesn't really want to leave.

Pairings: Sasori/Deidara, Sasuke/Naruto, Kakashi/Iruka, Kisame/Itachi, Hidan/Kakuzu, Pein/Konan, I've decided that I am not going to pair Orochimaru with anyone but I can't decide whether or not I'm going to pair up Zetsu and Tobi. If you have any other pairing suggestions please leave them in a review and I will be sure to look over them.

Warnings: This story will be slash (If most of the pairings didn't tell you) but extremely mild. There will be cute moments, and some kissing. There will also be some violence later on that has to do with the prejudices against the "deformed freaks", but once again it's very mild. You have been warned. If you don't like it then you don't have to read it.

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C h a p t e r 1

Sasori stared idly out of one of the castle's highest tower windows. The burning desert sun was at its peak, glowing brightly on all of Suna, and Sasori could see several carriages making their way slowly towards the palace. The carriages, Sasori knew, were filled with royals and nobles from other lands that came to Suna in honor of his seventeenth birthday.

A knock at his bedroom door caused Sasori to lose his train of thought. At the sound of the door opening Sasori turned around and met the gaze of his father, King Akasuna no Jaaku(1).

His father's dark brown eyes looked over him for a moment before he spoke with his deep voice, "Sasori, the ball that we are hosting in honor of your birthday will begin in three hours time, when the sun starts to set. I expect you to be on time and dressed appropriately for this occasion."

At his father's words Sasori's lips twitched up in a small smile, "When am I ever not, father?" his voice was soothing, like the wind, but held the undertone of amusement.

Jaaku smiled and held out one arm, inviting his son to hug him, which Sasori proceeded to do almost instantly. After several moments together Sasori pulled away and Jaaku ruffled his son's hair lightly. "Three hours. Don't forget." was all that he said before leaving, closing the door softly behind him.

Sasori glanced back out of the window just in time to see the carriages start to pass through the front gates that surrounded the entire palace. The guests would soon enter the castle and be given rooms where they would then proceed to bathe, change their clothes, and prepare for the ball.

He sighed silently. Unfortunately some of those guests were princesses that their parents would doll up in the hope that they would catch Sasori's eye. It wasn't that the girls annoyed Sasori, he was actually good friends with several of them, it was just that he wasn't quite interested in the female gender yet. Normally he would have been married last year around the time of his sixteenth birthday, but he had yet to find something appealing about the girl's physiques and therefore refrained from entering a relationship with any of them.

Sasori knew that he would have to marry soon in order to produce an heir to the throne, but his father was healthy and he had decided that he could put it off until he felt more at ease with the idea.

After he was finished with those thoughts Sasori turned to his desk and closed his book on philosophy before entering his dressing room through a wooden door in the wall. Having wood furnishings in Suna was a sign of being rich. The desert's lack of trees meant that all wood had to be specially imported from the other kingdoms.

After entering the small room Sasori spotted a girl sitting on the stool in the corner and beckoned her to come to him with a small wave of his hand.

The girl responded immediately, standing up and walking towards him before bowing low to the ground. "What can I do for you my prince?" his personal servant TenTen asked in an even voice, while keeping her eyes towards the floor.

Sasori observed the two brown buns on top of her head before looking across the room at the wall and replying in the same airy tone he used with his father, "The ball that is being held for me is tonight. I need to be changed into that outfit my mother had prepared for me."

TenTen stood up, her head still bowed towards the floor before quickly saying, "Yes! Yes, I will get that for you right away my prince. Do you need a bath drawn for you?" TenTen's hands, Sasori noticed with very mild amusement, fidgeted behind her back shyly as she said those words.

"No, I bathed early this morning and do not require another one." Sasori stood patiently while TenTen grabbed the formal clothes he was to wear. After she had grabbed them, she stripped Sasori of his clothes, and quickly put his new ones on. When she was finished she ran off to find a mirror so that her prince could see his reflection.

When TenTen came back she was holding a two-foot mirror, which she promptly placed in front of him. Sasori's eyes widened slightly at his reflection. He now had long black pants that were made of a thick but comfortable material that he couldn't identify, a dark blood red tunic that matched the shade of his hair and brought out the crimson sheen in his brown eyes, and a white hooded cloak that fastened at the top and fell to the floor. After turning slightly to get a view of his back Sasori noticed that there was a red scorpion emblazoned on the cloak, which caused his lips to twitch into another small smile.

TenTen stood awkwardly for a moment before asking in a timid voice, "Are you pleased Prince Sasori?"

Without taking his eyes off of his reflection Sasori replied with a quiet yes and then dismissed TenTen for the night before leaving the room and heading out to meet with his father.


A guard with brown hair that was pulled up into a high ponytail observed the nobility that entered into the ballroom with cautious eyes. King Jaaku had more guards then necessary posted around the palace, particularly the ballroom. The brown-haired guard turned his head to the right when he sensed the presence of another guard, exposing a long scar he had across his nose to the light.

"Yo, Iruka." The new silver-haired guard said as he walked towards him, his mask and hair making it hard to see his face.

Iruka allowed a small smile to form on his face, "Hello Kakashi." Iruka quickly did a small bow of greeting to his childhood friend Hatake Kakashi before turning back to scan the crowd. The musicians had started playing their lively music and the guests were drinking wine and conversing loudly with one another.

"It's sort of strange that the king ordered so many guards to be on duty in the castle tonight, don't you think Iruka?" Kakashi asked, his eye also scanning the people. "I heard from another guard that it is because the king is afraid of a jinchuuriki attack, or something along those lines." Kakashi finished when it looked like Iruka wasn't going to respond.

The scantily clad belly dancers entered the room in a line, twirling their long skirts and scarves in unison and in harmony with the music. "Yes, well, you can never be to-" Iruka's eyes widened slightly as he saw one of the dancers towards the end of the line. This dancer had long golden hair that fell a few inches below the shoulders, and bright, glittering blue eyes. The dancer was moving in sync with the others, but retained a gracefulness that seemed otherworldly. "-Too careful." Iruka quickly amended, stumbling over his last couple of words.

Kakashi gave him a strange look, "You don't like any of them do you?" he asked before having a cat-like grin spread across his face, "You think they're hot, don't you? Is that it?" Suddenly Kakashi was pouting which, like the smile, was impossible to see because it was under his mask, but Iruka had known Kakashi long enough to know that it was there, "Are you going to leave me for one of them." At this point Kakashi inserted a fake sniffle into his small dramatic speech, "I hear that they're very pretentious you know."

Iruka swung one of his arms over Kakashi's shoulders, "No, I promise you that I won't leave you anytime soon Kakashi…I just have a bad feeling, that's all. It must be because of the high security measures or something like that."

Kakashi suddenly grew serious, "Right, well I have to get back to my post. See you later Iruka." Kakashi waved before jogging out of the doors of the ballroom and into the hall where his post was located.

Iruka sighed before glancing up at the blond-haired dancer one more time.


Deidara had been meticulously planning this for weeks. He had managed to watch the dancers to learn their routine in a few days time and kidnap one of them to steal her clothes for the performance.

As he spun sexily through the room of nobility his azure eyes caught onto the chocolate orbs of a guard, a very familiar guard. Deidara held back a frown at that. Iruka had always had a way to make Deidara feel guilty about his actions.

As Deidara arched his arms up gracefully he noticed that all of the ladies in the room were conveniently looking anywhere but at the dancers, and then he noticed that most of the men in the room were watching them intently. Deidara found it disgusting, to be eyed like a piece of meat by a starving dog.

Sweeping his eyes once more across the room Deidara carefully noted where every guard in the room was positioned. He curled up his slender fingers before having his hand mouths, which were concealed behind a silken scarf, release many tiny clay spiders with orders to latch onto the guards and not let go, excluding Iruka of course.

As the spiders left to do his bidding the dancers ceased their movements in the front of the room and all of the music stopped. Deidara along with the other dancers got on their knees and bowed to King Jaaku, his beautiful wife Queen Shizuka(2), and the handsome red-haired prince, Sasori.

Just as the king rose to his feet to make a speech on behalf of his son Deidara whispered the deadly command.



Jaaku means evil. He seems nice now (I don't want him to be nice! Really!), but in reality he's just like his namesake.

Shizuka means calm, or quiet. It fits what I want for her personality.

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