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Quote: "Somehowourdevilsareneverquitewhatweexpectwhenwemeetthemfacetoface."

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Last Chapter:

Naruto just took it all in stride, grabbing Sasuke's hand and kissing his cheek lightly, making the Uchiha blush slightly, before dragging him over to a small red-haired teen sitting alone in the corner.

Deidara just sighed; having the prince live here was going to be difficult.

(Sasori POV)

He couldn't believe it. The innocent looking blonde in front of him was the most feared beast in all of the kingdoms' histories. The Kyuubi's ferocious attack on the kingdom of Konoha had only been fifteen years ago and the news of its capture and defeat had been celebrated throughout all of the lands. Sasori had always assumed that the child sacrificed to be the container would have been put out of its misery, but no, it was here right in front of his eyes, as alive as ever.

One quick glance showed that Deidara wasn't the least bit shocked or disgusted while being in the presence of that horrid monster. It was incomprehensible how anyone could live happily, or at all, with the jinchuuriki.

Even after all of his princely training and learning how to never back down from his foes he couldn't help but to lurch back and away from the nine-tails container in fear. The blonde's face lost some of its happiness and his blue eyes dulled as he saw Sasori's reaction to learning the truth. His sudden want for comfort caused him to grab at the Uchiha boy's hand and peck him on the cheek with a feathery kiss, eliciting a blush from both of them, before dragging him off to sit by a lone red head with a large gourd strapped to his back in one of the shady corners.

Sasori suddenly found himself being dragged away roughly by an angry Deidara, who was fuming slightly over Naruto's newfound, well-hidden depression. Together they walked down a wide hallway on the opposite side of the entrance to the main cave and passed be many doors, that had been built out of various easy-to-find materials, which must have lead to all of the cave dweller's rooms.

Some of the doors had various symbols painted on them. One of them had a circle with a triangle in it right next to a dollar sign? That was just weird. Another had a crow and a shark. A large orange door had a fan and a fox on it, which Sasori deduced must have been the room that belonged to Naruto and Sasuke. Finally, after taking a sharp right turn, Deidara stopped in front of a door with only one symbol painted on it, an…explosion? The giant red, yellow, and orange painted scribbles swirling out looked eerily similar to a big ball of fire. Sasori desperately hoped that he didn't have to room with a pyromaniac (A/N: Hehehe).

He watched as Deidara quickly opened the door and stepped inside. His eyes widened as he looked passed the blonde who had walked over to a bed and spotted a very large and open room. The walls were obviously stone, but they had been painstakingly smoothed down and reflected rays of light beautifully around the room. There were two beds, both big enough to fit two people, and covered in colorful blankets that melded easily with the style of the room. A worktable rested against the wall in a corner, covered in carved blocks of clay that was ready to be molded. It was truly an artist's room.

So engrossed was he in the design of the room that he didn't notice the blonde's return to his side, well until he was wacked upside the head anyway.

"Ow!" Sasori yelled out in shock, forgetting that he was supposed to be sophisticated, "What was that for?"

Deidara just scowled lightly, "It was for several things actually. One-" he held up a finger dramatically "You weren't listening to me when I was trying to talk to you, and two-" the second finger went up "You hurt his feelings, un!"

It took a moment for the words to process, but he finally understood, "Hurt his feelings? He's a jinchuuriki, a monster, he has no feelings!" The sad look Sasori received for his words made him want to suddenly take them all back. He didn't understand why he felt so ashamed after yelling them out; after all it was the truth.

Never could he have imagined that the voice of his kidnapper could be so soft and sorrowful, "You're just like everyone else, you know. You just assume and you never try to understand, un. You've already seen him as pleasant and kind, un, but the second you hear that he's a jinchuuriki, you cast him aside and degrade him with cruel names, un. It isn't like he chose to be a container for the beast. The King of Konoha made that decision the day Naruto was born."

A cold feeling submerged his heart in icy sorrow that he had never felt before after hearing Deidara's miserable words. His stomach twisted like hundreds of snakes into angry knots. Sasori felt like the cruelest being in the world at that moment and he struggled to hold back a gag as his body tried to vomit away the pain in his stomach. After standing still for several minutes, neither saying a word, Sasori turned and walked over to the unoccupied bed on the right side of the room, assuming it was his, and lay down to go to sleep. He heard the quiet footsteps of Deidara as he walked over to the other bed and the ruffling of cotton covers as he crawled into bed.

After several hours of restlessness caused by an overactive brain, Sasori was finally released from the tight grip of insomnia and put to sleep.

oOo SasoDei oOo

(Still Sasori POV)

The light in the room was dim when Sasori finally managed to pry open his tired eyes. As a prince he had always been subjected to early morning wake ups, whether he had slept well or not, to take part in his daily lessons. He groggily blinked away the sleep and burrowed further into the warm cotton covers hoping to…wait! His covers were silk! Sasori bolted up, eyes as wide as saucers, as he looked around him. Spotting the clay worktable and the top of his kidnapper's blonde head jarred his memories and they all came rushing back at once, giving him a giant headache.

He held his head and hissed quietly under his breath in pain as the memories flashed by, first with his crashed birthday before switching to soaring on the back of a massive clay bird, then there was the memory of getting to the cave and meeting all of the freaks andthe jinchuuriki and suddenly ending with Deidara's cold words.

He heededto get away from here!

Sasori quietly climbed out of the bed. After a quick glance he wondered if he should make it before deciding against it, he'd never made a bed anyway and it looked like it would be difficult. As sneakily as he could, he began tiptoeing silently towards the door, flinching whenever his foot made a sound on the floor. Other than releasing a heavy sigh in his sleep, Deidara didn't stir.

When he made it to the door he carefully reached out and opened it slightly before slipping stealthily through the small space and out into the hall. The second he turned around after closing the door he nearly died from shock. The young Uchiha boy, Sasuke, was standing right behind him with his arms crossed and one of his eyebrows raised in an intimidating way.

Sasori tried to talk before getting over his shock, unable to keep the stammer out of his voice, "W-what are y-you doing here?" He questioned stupidly.

Sasuke's second eyebrow went up to join the first when he heard Sasori's nervous words. He looked from the redhead to the door and back again before answering, "Hn, I happen to live here. What are you doing away from your guard?"

The Uchiha's voice was incredibly cold and intimidating. Sasori involuntarily shuddered when he heard it before berating himself for acting weak and scared in front of the enemy. Sasori cleared his voice before speaking again, "He wasn't awake yet and I had nothing to do. I thought I would look around for a little while. I wasn't aware that I was supposed to be watched at all times.

The freezing glare of ebony eyes, a trait that could only be owned by the Uchiha clan, diminished slightly. "You are aware that we can not let you escape, therefore you must be guarded at all times without exception." He quickly turned as if to walk away before adding more, "Deidara likes to sleep in. If you want you can come and eat breakfast with me. The dobe likes to sleep in so it's always quiet in the mornings." The last part was just an uttered addition that Sasuke didn't mean for the kidnapped prince to hear. Not that he really cared; it was just one of those things that wasn't meant to be heard.

It didn't take long for Sasori to come up with an answer, or rather, his stomach, which began growling noisily as a reminder that he hadn't eaten since the party. A light blush powdered his pale cheeks before he turned his head away from the younger Uchiha brother. "Yes, I would like that very much, thank you."

Sasuke smirked slightly after hearing the stomach growl before stalking off in the direction of their kitchen.

Sasori followed behind him, close on his heels so he wouldn't get lost in the winding tunnels of the cave.

Very soon they reached a large, circular room that was lined with cupboards and had various stations set up for ice jutsu, to be used as refrigeration, and fire jutsu, to be used for cooking. There was a giant table with many chairs in the center of the room for the diners to sit at while they are their meal. Currently, no one else was in the room and him and Sasuke were all alone.

Sasuke then reached into one of the icy, square containers and pulled out four eggs.

"We're having eggs and rice for breakfast." The sudden declaration made it feel like his words were set in stone and Sasori didn't dare refuse. Sasuke wandered over to one of the cooking units, setting the eggs down on the counter, and getting in a stance in preparation for a jutsu.

With several hand motions and a deep breath, Sasuke blew fire from his mouth and onto the heating unit, lighting a tiny flame that he placed a frying pan over. He then began preparing their breakfast.

When he was done and the eggs were served over the rice in a small bowl, Sasuke sat down at the table with Sasori across from him. The silence was only broken by the small sound of chopsticks against dishware and the slight sound of chewing as they ate their meal in silence.

'WhydidtheUchiha'sjoinupwiththesepeople',Sasori couldn't help but think to himself, 'Andwasn'tItachitheonlysurvivor?Ithoughtthathemurderedeverybody.' Sasori didn't notice that he had stopped eating and was openly staring at the young Uchiha boy.

Sasuke, on the other hand, did notice and he wasn't too comfortable being stared at. "What?" He hissed out irritably before setting down his chopsticks calmly. "Why are you staring?"

Sasori, startled out of his thoughts, jerked back in surprise before gathering his nerves to ask his questions. "Why…" he froze momentarily before beginning again, "Why aren't you dead?"

Sasuke looked at him like he had two heads. "Why aren't I dead?" He didn't understand what Sasori was awkwardly trying to get at.

"I thought that Itachi killed everyone." It was blunt and Sasori knew it, but it got the point across so he didn't bother trying to elaborate.

Black eyes widened before narrowing into a dangerous look. "That is none of your business!"

"I was just curious. Our records say that every Uchiha was dead. To find another alive was a big shock to me." To say that Sasori was tactless while talking to Sasuke was an understatement.

Silence once again reigned over the room. Sasuke looked at his own lap sadly as he contemplated telling their temporary prisoner the answer to his oh-so-complicated question. After several minutes of intense thinking and awkward silence his lips parted to speak, "He did it to save me."

Those words were definitely not the ones that Sasori had been expecting.

"He killed them so that they couldn't kill me. He said it wasn't my fault and that they were terrible for thinking that it was."

"Why would people want to kill you?" Sasuke's vague answer only brought more questions.

"When I was younger a man by the name of Orochimaru kidnapped me. He managed to sneak in and drag me out of the Uchiha division camp. He was quite fond of experimenting on people. His greatest interest was in discovering what caused the powerful mutations in people so he tried to give me some of my own."

Sasori was shocked beyond words. What kind of sick person experimented with those genes on young children? Darker thoughts wandered through the back of his head, wondering if the experiments had worked. Well, obviously they had if the Uchiha was living here with the others.

"He was hoping to find a way to gain immortality through experimentation, but first he needed to understand the basics of the genes before he could begin self experimenting. He gave me something we call a cursed seal." Sasuke didn't continue further on the subject of Orochimaru. "I managed to escape and get back to the division, but once the others realized that I now carried the genetics for freaks they tried to kill me. Itachi was the only one who understood that it wasn't my fault, and he killed them. We managed to find some other outcasts and they let us live with them here."

Sympathy and the urge to reach out and hug the young, cursed boy gripped Sasori's heart like an iron glove. There was no way it was his fault and he shouldn't have been blamed. Realization hit him like a boulder; it wasn't Naruto's fault either. Neither of them had a choice to become like they were. Sasori slowly but surely was beginning to lose his acceptance of killing off those born defective to protect others. He understood now that it was those others who needed the protecting.

Neither Sasuke or Sasori knew that Naruto and Itachi were standing outside of the door and had listened to the entire conversation.

oOo SasoDei oOo

(Iruka POV)

The chaos that rampaged through the kingdom after the kidnapping gave him the perfect opportunity to sneak away from the palace. After his stealthy maneuvering to escape the city, he had to walk across the freezing desert all night while trying to make it to the cave.

Iruka nearly cried for joy when he saw the outline of the small mountain in the distance and began running towards it. He had visited Naruto and the others enough times in the past to know where the entrance was hidden, so after making his hawk noise and waiting a moment he entered.

Quickly jogging down the long tunnels, Iruka was making great time. Normally it took a while to thoroughly navigate through the cave, but he knew it like the back of his hand. Naruto had made sure of it.

His current priority though, was finding out if the Prince had arrived safely and to make sure he was being treated nicely. Iruka doubted that they would do anything to harm him, but there were those few who were just naturally angry, unstable, and lusted for blood that Iruka was sure could snap at any moment if they weren't carefully watched.

As he entered the main room he saw only a few of the inhabitants milling around. It was still really early and not everyone was awake yet. He waved and smiled to Hidan, who was heading towards the training room, and Kisame, who waved and smiled back.

Iruka knew that Prince Sasori was an early riser after years of working for him and decided to check the kitchen. He noticed that Naruto and Itachi were frowning slightly outside of the door and began to grow worried. As carefully as he could he pushed passed them and into the kitchen, the door hitting the stone wall with a light thud.

The redheaded Prince's eyes snapped up towards the sudden intruder, widening in shock before he opened his mouth and gasped out his name, "Iruka?"


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