This whole idea started with me hearing Britney's on the radio. Ugh. Anyway, she put to mind sluts...and then I was listening to my Moulin Rouge CD, and I remembered the film...and I started to think: What if Daine never found Onua? What if she went to Criá, and was adopted' by the mistress of a famous, well-to-do, first-class brothel (like Moulin Rouge)? Yes, I know, it's hard to imagine the sweet, friendly Daine as a hooker, but there you go...I have to take a new angle at this entire what-if-thang'.
So be easy with me. I'm hoping this will be a sort of mini-series, but I seriously doubt it will go that far. And this is just the first, rough draft. When I have the entire basis' written, I'll polish it up and you can actually enjoy reading it without shifting through A/N's and other stuff.

Some information:
1. Daine leaves Snowsdale after her family's killed and the villagers drive her out.
2. Numair does manage to escape Sinthya. Yay!!!
3. Uh...Ozorne does not do any lasting' damage to any of our favorite characters.
4. Kitten? Dunno...I'll work something out.
5. Since I'm a terrible poet (and since lyrics to songs are poetry) most of them are taken from REAL songs. I might have changed some of the words in a song (like TV or telephone; get my drift?) but the whole idea of the song stays the same. I don't claim to own the songs; they're too good to be mine.
6. If I unconsciously incorporate someone's ideas, I apologize. I don't think I will - and if I do, cheer up! It's a compliment!
7. Er...oh, yes, the all-famous disclaimer. Tammy's stuff are hers - I claim no one you know before starting this story. So hah. Stay away.

More info: my email (incase you have questions, comments, raves, flamers, death threats, ideas, etc...) is: And my Tortallan website is:


Cast of (Main) Characters

Daine (Veralidaine) Sarrasri: 17 year old Gallan girl. Taken in by Damara at 13 years. Also known as Bedbug.
Damara Janasri: Mistress of the Silver Temple. Formerly the favorite concubine of the King Trystam of Galla. Foster-mother of Daine.
Alanna the Lioness: Hahah. Very funny.
Numair Salmalín: Oh please...(confession: I love him. How can I love a character from a book? I truly am in denial...)
Pichi the Kisser: Daine's friend, an old-timer' 20 year old in the Silver Temple.
Valentina My Valentine: Daine's friend, another old timer' in the Silver Temple. 22 years old.
Juliana Tomeksri: Daine's best friend, 16 yrs old, a trainee' in the Silver Temple.

Okay, if that's it, we can get started¤