Hey guys -

I know you guys might have thought that this is the new chapter, but it's not. It's just to clarify something: when I meant lemon', I mean seperate lemon'. See, I have a short-fic, which is a D/N lemon that takes place immediately after ROTGs. Less than five pages on my screen! ^_^

I'd also like to add that there *will* be SSSs, okay? Remember that Daine's a *prostititute* - and now Ozorne's! *gasp**faint**spasm* But don't worry - nothing graphic, y'know? I dun wanna ruin the story by turning it into somesort of erotica...*shudder* No, that ruins the whole LOTS...

Oh - a billion-trillion thanx to all who've reviewed so far! *tears* I'd like to thank you all personally, but there's just too many of y'all! So, in one combo package:


~ Giovanna xoxo